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The Leader of Opposition Party, Dr. Lam Akol, In A Frying Pan, Again!

Updated at 11:10Am, July 19, 2014(Pacific Time)

Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, the chairman of SPLM-DC(photo: supplied)
Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, the chairman of SPLM-DC(photo: supplied)

July 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest report, obtained by Nyamilepedia, alleges that the leader of SPLM-DC, Dr. Lam Akol, is at a loggerhead with the government. Lam is believed to be switching sides as he attempts to leave the country.

The source claims that Dr. Lam was prevented from leaving the country by the national security.  He further reveals that Dr. Lam has evacuated a hotel room where he was accommodated.

“Dr. Lam sense the threat, he wanted to leave the country but prevented from traveling by security, he moved out of the Hotel where he was being accommodated.” the insider report reads.

According to the report, Dr. Lam has been managing a loose coalition with the government, at least for the last 7 months. He alleges the government is suspicious that Lam is abandoning the government delegation and plans to lead a fourth block, comprising of political parties and stakeholders, in the IGAD-led peace process in Addis Ababa.

“Dr. Lam switching side, from a member of government delegation to a leader of political parties in the peace talks in Addis, Dr. Lam started putting some blames on both parties the government and rebels” the insider reports.

If verified, this will not be the first time Dr. Lam vilifies the government. Weeks ago, Lam insisted that the political parties are in coalition with the government. He believes he is representing the political parties in the country within the government delegation saying:

“It was on the basis of this understanding that SPLM-DC and USAP represented the political parties in the delegation of the Republic of South Sudan (call it the government’s delegation if you like). The participation had nothing to do with supporting or otherwise the idea of federation, because that simply did not arise.” Lam said in June.

Sources believe it is this conflict of interests that fits Dr. Lam against the government. The regional Mediators and TROIKA(US, UK and Normay) encourage stakeholders to take part in the mediation process to neutralize the warring factions.

Dr. Lam has secured some seats during the selection process last month, and now wants to lead the multiparties in the next rounds of mediation.

“With the 9th of May agreement that combined the two stages together, SPLM-DC and the other registered political parties (a total of 18) were represented on their own and came to Addis Ababa for the symposium. Now, they have selected seven as demanded by IGAD to go to the next round of talks. SPLM-DC is leading the seven. This separate representation is totally in line with our agenda as above.” Dr. Lam stated in his federalism article.

The source has also confirms that Dr. Lam supports federalism, which to Salva Kiir is a “kokora” or divides the “internal front”, and therefore can’t be tolerated. Handling this, the insider believes, has opened up old wounds between the former rivals.

“Than the issue of Federalism came in, even though Dr. Lam favor Parliamentary Federalism this has worsen the situation more, but the most difficult one is the situation in Upper Nile the issue of land between the Dinkas and Shilluk, and the hidden hands of Dr. Lam on the militia Johnson Olony.” the insider report continues.

In the past, Salva Kiir government has accused Dr. Lam of funding or backing the South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM), through Sudan government, to destabilize the South. The SSDM, led by a Collo son, Jonson Ulony, has cited marginalization and land alienation as their main grievances.

Gen. Ulony has fought the government for nearly the same period of time that Lam has been in exile, however, the rebels and Dr. Lam were “pardoned” when the political temperatures within the SPLM party reached its boiling point.

Dr. Lam and the rebels were expected to deliver for the government, however, the SSDM army under Ogat, the deputy commander, has defected to SPLM/A(in opposition) when Ulony was shot in Malakal in Mid February.

The two Collo military wings, the Collo Resistant Front (CRF) and SSDM, have joined the SPLM/A under Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership. Other prominent Collo sons like Professor Adwok Nyaba, Pagan Amum and Oyai Deng Ajak have abandoned the government.

Collo community pledges to support Dr. Riek Machar who has recently proposed new states, of which Fashoda with its capitals in Malakal would  be dominated by the Collo ethnic group. This leaves Dr. Lam in a politically disadvantaged position.

The insider further claims that some government officials are arming and inciting the youth to attack Shilluck land in pretext to fit the Collo community against the rebels and to lure their support back to Juba.

“With the land being contested and the capital Malakal, those of Stephen Dhieu the minister petroleum buying guns and arming dinkas youth to attack Shilluk land” the insider alleged.

“All these let to the government not to be happy with Dr. Lam, leading to some military confrontation and tension in Kodok and Malakal.” the report concludes.

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