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By Wesley Kosa,

Members of Jieng Council of Elders form a new political party, the Republican party of South Sudan(Photo: file)
Members of Jieng Council of Elders form a new political party, the Republican party of South Sudan(Photo: file)

March 22, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — The path to South Sudan Freedom began right after the Independence of the Sudan when the Southerners realized that the regime in Khartoum had unilaterally  planned the future of the Sudan and decided to  control all the executive powers, security, resources and economy of the Country. The expectations of Southerners were that, after the Independence of Sudan, Sudanese societies should engage in the process of defining and deciding the Country’s future and deriving the appropriate system that will promote and safeguard the aspirations of the Sudanese people. The elites in Khartoum were supposed to address the issue of Citizenship and build national unity based on the Sudanese commonalities and diversity. The policy of divide and rule undermined both the commonalities and diversity of Sudan and worked as an opposing force against national unity. As southerners realized that their northern countrymen were not interested in establishing a genuine unified Sudan, they never stopped demanding for equality and even requesting for a federal system of governance to save the unity of the Sudan. To silence such national voices and intimidate Southerners from expressing their views and participate in national issues, the northern elite introduced the divisive notorious Islamic Sharia followed by the intimidating policy of extermination, extrajudicial killings, unwarranted arrest, and forced disappearance. This did not stop or scare the Southerners from demanding for justice, Equality and freedom.

The successive government in Khartoum did everything to silence and disrupt and disable the view of Southern Sudanese to demand for Justice, Equality and Freedom. Justice, Equality and Freed are the main ingredient for building a stable and vibrant nation. Those demands were ignored by the respective regimes in Khartoum and it regenerated in each and every Southerner the spirit of Separation which became impossible to contain. This spirit was finally witnessed in 2011, when the Southern Sudanese overwhelmingly voted for Independence. These cruel treatment of Southern Sudanese coupled with the harsh Arab-Islamic oriented policies pushed them to their limit to say enough is enough. The Independence of South Sudan, came as a result of Khartoum’s policies that undermined the unity of Sudan, a policy that clearly segregated and categorized citizen’s into first and second-class citizens.

The International Community welcomed the Independence of South Sudan with great jubilation because it marked the end to the longest human suffering and opened a new page of hope to all South Sudanese in particular and Africa at large. For South Sudanese, the long and difficult path to freedom was over and now it was time to rebuild their lives and enjoy the nationhood that they had been deprived of for decades. The International Community did what needed to be done so that South Sudan would start off with a strong economy to enable it to kick-off the most needed developmental program and lay the foundation of economic growth and nation building. Instead of prioritizing justice, equality and freedom as bases of nation building, JCE quickly forgot that while yesterday they fought against injustice, inequality and dictatorship they had become the very people oppressing their own fellow citizens who fought side-in-side with them so that South Sudan could be free. They forgot that yesterday the vultures and wild animals were feeding on our corpses and the northerners were entertaining themselves with such spectacles.

Unfortunately the Independence of South Sudan, yet created an opportunity for the birth of JCE who are the regeneration of the notorious National Congress Party. The birth of JCE has re-imposed another brutal challenge on the innocent people of South Sudan, they quickly forgot what the people of South Sudan fought against for decades and over two million people perished during the long and difficult journey to freedom. Instead they introduced the divisive spirit of born to rule which is the actual spirit of born to ruin, ignoring the beauty of our diversity by encouraging tribalism, nepotism, corruption, and depriving other South Sudanese from their natural citizenship rights to participate in the national issues. They attempted to rewrite the history of our struggle and have deliberately turned their deaf ears to the voices of reasoning. To silence the people of South Sudan from demanding justice, equality and freedom, the JCE unleashed their notorious National Security Services (NSS) to carry out deadly attacks on press, politicians, and individuals through forced disappearance, unwarranted arrests, and extrajudicial killings. The extrajudicial killings are always blamed on the government sponsored unknown gun-men by the government, but to this day, there is no single arrest of the perpetrators of such criminal acts.

The JCE have stepped up their invasion policies through land grabbing by the heavily armed Dinka pastoralists to intimidate and forcefully push out communities from their ancestral land. This is carried out in broad daylight with the full knowledge and backing of the government. It is one of the worst situations which southern Sudanese did not experience during the long years of the struggle for freedom. The most dishonorable thing is that the JCE has already divided the Country, unfortunately they continue to talk about national unity, justice, equality and freedom. Who are they fooling? Unity and division are a total contrast just as light and darkness, where there is light there is no darkness and the absence of light the darkness takes over for light and darkness never shares a space.

Recently the members of the notorious self-proclaimed and self-imposed JCE tried to turn the table around and leveled the blame of the state of lawlessness and total collapse of the country squarely on President Kiir but yet they are the very people orchestrating and advising the President to implement those destructive policies. The JCE’s attempt to mislead the people of South Sudan, also exposed their dangerous and evil intentions, they can talk about reasons for the failure of Kiir administration but deliberately avoid to mention negative impact of tribalism because this is what they all believe and agreed to implement to keep them in power indefinitely. Even the call for President Kiir to step down shows a complete display of tribalism. South Sudan has five Vice Presidents, something that the World has ever witnessed, yet the JCE’s choice of Kiir’s replacement has to be a Dinka. Such a clandestine maneuver will not save our Country from the unexpected instant and ultimate collapse. Because a divided nation will never stand.

This is a clear indication that though Dr. Machar is the first Vice President, if for any other reason President Kiir’s ability to lead is jeopardized, the JCE will do everything in their evil capacity to stop Dr. Machar or any other non Dinka from leading the Country. If their political argument is that Dr. Machar is an opposition figure, what about Vice President James Wani Igga who is an SPLM member? For JCE, the President should be a Dinka from a specific Dinka clan. This is where the real problem of South Sudan is, no matter what JCE may portray themselves to be, they are the thorns in the eyes of South Sudanese. JCE is the main root cause of the conflict in South Sudan because the state of lawlessness and anarchy enables them to implement their dirty agendas. The people of South Sudan will never experience and enjoy peace and tranquility as long as JCE lives because they are angels of hell who enjoy the suffering of South Sudanese people and they are here to torment them.

The author is a concerned South Sudan, who can be reached through his email at wbkosa@hotmail.com.

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