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The Real War starting, Bhar El-Ghazel in its own turmoil and Dictator Kiir bewilder what to do!!!!!!!!!!

By Mak Banguot Go,


SPLA soldiers matching in Malakal earlier this year(Photo: file)

Sept 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — IGAD failed to rescue Salva Kiir’s faltered government through peace and negotiation despite all the efforts throughout the nine months of the conflict.  Notwithstanding the eight months negotiation in Addis Ababa, the long awaited result has displayed the immaturity of the so-called IGAD block.   Instead of accepting the bounced attempt they made to mediate a regional matter,  a country like Uganda which governs by one-man decision has found it difficult to informs president Museveni of what world sees as thoughtlessness for a president of a poor country to hauled deprived a vulnerable people of Ugandan to prizefight a contest which they won’t wins whatsoever.

They involved without calculating the end of their invasion in South Sudan. Museveni did so with varieties of interests against Khartoum’s sitting regime and $millions of South Sudanese oil money using UPDF as mercenaries to fights proxy war against the Nuer people in support of the Dinka’s genocidal government which killed over 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians in Juba.

Salva Kiir received offer by the so-called IGAD heads of States. That offer was an absolute powers bestowed upon him (Salva) in the course of the anticipated formation of a Transitional Government of National Unity in South Sudan. With varieties of interests on the matter by the so-called IGAD members States, a president whose wishes are to keeps in a power which he already abused and unable to delivers has accepted the proposal with no astuteness of what are the comforts behindhand the pitch that wished-for him a luck of heading  the projected Transitional Government of National Unity after thousands acquitted lives of  civilians exterminated and,  still famishing of his ( Salva) own made political miscalculation and inept.

IGAD is a botched entity ranged from its principle and fuelled by the current leadership styled which is too conservative unlike other regional and intercontinental organizations with similar objectives. IGAD leadership is restricted to the so-called head of the members States. Any tyranny sitting on his country’s government has privileges to head the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD). All its policies are being manipulates by individual criminal who getting away with all kind of the human rights abuses to their own countries’ citizens.   Which make it always bias and impartial when trying to negotiate between the victims and either of their contemporaries who is spoiling a particular nation in the name of the States and brand of being elected.

I can stretches reference as that, after the armistice miscarried (peace failure) in Addis Ababa, the so-called IGAD Head of States, in immunity of Museveni who insisted to be keeping his force in South Sudan to fights alongside the dictator, have returned back to their countries and left the signed document in Addis Ababa. It is now kept as an archive for future reference. All the five head of IGAD States and their subordinates who counterfeit and sneak in that indecent document seem to be adieu. Not ready of what to do next whilst the rebel and International activists and governments objected and described the conclusion by IGAD as ‘’ bias and conceit’’ toward the dictator.

The world which is inspecting the process has been even alarmed of the unfortunate offer imposed on to the people of South Sudan by the so-called IGAD. None of the significant nations have condemned the demurral of the snobbish paper of the so-called IGAD by the rebel leader, Dr. Machar, nor there do any voices reproachful to the stances by the rebellious as it was clearly advocated for the root cause of the conflict to be addressed before jumping into by-gone conclusion.

Meanwhile, real peace in South Sudan would probably prevail once alterations ranged from national security, defense, public service; judiciary, finance and the legislature. Etc.  And, all these are to be made under an auspice of new governance system, president and brand institutions to carrying on the national duties of reconciliation and so on. Without proper addressing the cause of the deadliest conflict in the young nation, the issue of over 20,000 thousands unarmed Nuer ethnic community in Juba at the edge of the fighting in December, 2013, the Dinka genocidal government in Juba put to dust bine and, people of South Sudan decides what type of governance best for their young nation.

Because of these and many others explanations,  Salva Kiir left in vacuity with no route or, what is the next phase after pampered the peace method that could only bring to an end the carnage and anguish of the people of South Sudan. He knew every well that, the Nuer-lead revolution against the Dinka-led government could not be handle only of buying mercenaries and paying of $million South Sudanese oil money to the foreign governments in exchanges of soldiers and equipment

Mak Banguot Gok can be reached at makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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Angelo Akech Dengdit September 18, 2014 at 11:16 pm

your master Dr Riekbaai has no power to instabilise Bahr el ghazal,Your SPLM/INNEED OF OPPORTUNITY led by former fired corrupt thieves will be deleted on earth by mighty SPLA soon since they have resume violation of cease fire agreement

David Shang (@DavidShang2) September 19, 2014 at 2:58 am

Angelo Akech Dengdit, idiot! What a gainsay and denial? Which Bahr el Ghazal region are you talking about? A War torn Lake State were even animals run-out of patience against dictatorial tendencies of Salva Kiir’s brutal regime and his puppet dictator Matur Chut Dhuol, or anarchy State of Warap were civilians are taking laws into their own hands by widely practicing cattle rustlings, or trouble Northern Bahr el Ghazal under two Dictator Malong Awan and current Care Taker Governor Akuer Kuel Akuer whereby civilians wantonly killings themselves base on clan dimension or Western Bahr el Ghazal whose civil population -the Greater Fertiit were massacred by your Sultan Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual in 2012? Whose can have gut to delete Nuer warriors in South Sudan map, Museveni’s bananas soldiers of UPDF or Gelweng militias whom feel proud when seeing Nuer unarmed civilians and fee when seeing well equipped Nuer White Army? Non right?


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