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Could the killing of Dr. Riek Machar be the end of suffering in South Sudan or the beginning?

BY Lino Yobwan,

South Sudan's Opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, being evacuated from the border town in DR Congo by the United Nations(Photo: file/nyamilepedia)
South Sudan’s Opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, being evacuated from the border town in DR Congo by the United Nations(Photo: file/nyamilepedia)

Sept 12, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The good-hearted man is always rewarded by his Almighty and for “40 days of walking in the wilderness toward the Congolese border without water and food is a miracle from God;” for Riek Machar to accomplish his mission once and for all as he did with the self-determination which brought South Sudan as an independent nation.

What does that mean? Is there any religion that would conclude something about his journey of the 40 days and relate it to something from the past?

Dr. Riek Machar became the lasting hope for millions of South Sudanese especially the suffering class with the exception of a few who are milking the government by applying the cattle camp mentality by squeezing its nipple harder in order to finish it.

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It took Moses 40 years of wanderings in the desert through the wilderness en route to the Promised Land which finally he accomplished through his man Joshua who he sent to explore the land of Canaan. After the death of Moses, Joshua led the Israelite tribes in the conquest of Canaan, and allocated the land to the tribes.

It remains in the history for generations to learn from it as a leader can struggle to get it people out of danger which applied to South Sudan where the entire populations are suffering. Dr. Riek Machar can represent both for now as Moses as well as Joshua to get South Sudanese people out of the danger of tribal government oppressing the people who gave them South Sudan on golden plate which represent democratic process.

The grabbing land in Equatoria and in particular Juba can be of that similar of the story of the Israelite tribe as the land of the poor indigenous tribes of the Equatoria taken by the government tribal men, politicians and the SPLA army. The indigenous and the poor tribes are waiting for a person of Moses or later Joshua to allocate their land back to them.

Jesus Christ fasted and prayed for 40 days to prepare for the ministry God assigned to him. In the New Testament, the gospel of Luke, Mark Mathew has passages that refer to Jesus stay in the wilderness.

For Jonah it was three days in the belly of a huge fish. In December of 2013, Dr. Riek Machar disappeared for three days but was on the run for his life until he reappeared in the Upper Nile as he survived the assassination by the tribal government in Juba.

Later when he hit back on the corrupted government in Juba and across the country, they agreed for peace negotiation as they feared for their lives. When the heat were close to the cold city as they were ready to fly because they couldn’t afford to fight due to the lack of morale.

Later the country becomes dry from dollars as well as food shortages became the factor in the newest nation as the war continues. Dr. Riek Machar at the time became the only remaining hope of the millions starving to death including the government themselves in South Sudan at home and aboard as their pockets as well as their stomach were affected by uncalculated decision by those who run the system.

Those at home are the people who were blocked from leaving by the government to the neighboring countries especially those in the UNMISS protection camps. While those in aboard whom are in critical conditions in the refugee camps are willing for returning home.

Millions in South Sudan view Dr. Riek Machar as “Moses to Joshua” to make sure the people get fair share of the sovereignty which has been occupied by few tribal clans, misusing it as their private property and whoever, spoken against it has been killed or been chased out of the country.

Isaiah Ding Abraham Chan Awuol is an example for those who were killed, and Dr. Luka Biong Deng, Dr. Lam Akol and many more are examples of those been chased out of the country.

For those who believe that the killing of Dr. Riek Machar will be the end of the rebellions and violence are misleading the public but in fact it will be the beginning of authoritarian and dictatorial regime in South Sudan just like the Sudan which was the main reason for South Sudan to separate from it.

Therefore, there will be no leaders who can bring the armed groups and militias across the bushes of South Sudan which make South Sudan the perfect environment for rebellions.

However, as Dr. Machar was able to do so in the past by uniting them together and accepting every blame conspired against him by the government, therefore the result will be like the case of Somalia after the killing of Mohamed Siad Barre which Somalia remained in chaos for 25 years without proper government until and the country failed totally as Somalia was run by guns and bombs from far neighboring countries to peacekeeping.

Unknown gunmen and roads robberies in South Sudan are example of Somalisation in the making without denial.

It is now reflecting in South Sudan where gun is the only language spoken in the country. In the modern world, the sound of guns chases investors and prevents foreigners and tourists from entering the country. Even South Sudanese who are aboard they are not willing to enter into South Sudan fear for their lives from their own people.

Can someone think of what had happened to Somalia for the past 25 years, or Eritrea for the past 23 years, or Northern Uganda for the past 30 years, or Sudan for the past 22 years before South Sudan spilt, DRC for the past 19 years, CAR in the recent years and finally South Sudan for the past 11 years including 5 years in the Government of National Unity (GoNU) with Sudan?

Look at South Africa in the past 22 years of gaining their independent from the white men, today it is the only top economy in Africa, peaceful and democratic. Should the rest learn from how they coexist?

Another example from assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi resulted into Rwanda Genocide of 1994. It was one the bloodiest events of the late 20th century because of greed of power.

Also we have seen and witnessed the First Congo war of 1996-1997 as foreign invasion of Zaire led by Rwanda that replaced Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko with the rebel leaders Laurent Desire Kabila and later by his son, Joseph Kabila as a revenge for what had happened in Rwanda.

What had happened in Juba in December of 2013 where the government soldiers massacred many Nuer tribes-people through set up of road blocks across Juba and divided it into zones creating insecurity up to date?

Destabilization in South Sudan resulting from the Juba massacres can be view as similar to the Rwanda Genocide was the final factor that caused numerous internal and external factors to align against the corrupt government in the national capital Kigali, so do Juba?

Lino Yobwan is a concerned citizen of South Sudanese. He can be reached at lino.yobwan@gmail.com

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