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Nuerwew Collaborators Conspire To Dispose Dr. Riek Machar From SPLM/SPLA-IO Leadership

By Paul Deng Gai,

Members of loyal Nuer officials decrorating themselves in Juba in anticipation of Nuer led Pagak SPLM-IO conference when some of their seats in Upper Nile are in great danger(Photo Credits: Nuer Wew)
Members of loyal Nuer officials decrorating themselves in Juba in anticipation of Nuer led Pagak SPLM-IO conference when some of their seats in Upper Nile are in great danger(Photo Credits: Nuer Wew)

July 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– In their meeting as a self styled Nuer community(Council) to advance Kiir’s policy of divide and rule in the failed state of South Sudan ,most of them were blaming Dr Riek Machar and asked for his removal from the Nuer leadership as if he was elected by them.

Our well placed source said it was only James Kok and Timothy Taban who spoke against the motion.This motion of his removal from the leadership was raised by a semi-literate and an uncultured Makuac Teny.

As we all know, Makuac graduated from one of the evening schools in Omdurman raw but Dr Riek elevated him to the extent of becoming a minister in many occasions including a State Minister during those days in 1998 .

He said the Adok Community would sue and prosecute Dr Riek for finishing their boys.He speaks broken English and neither does he know Arabic.Dr Riek Machar was just favouring him because charity begins at home(An English adage).He has no qualifications whatsoever to argue with Dr Riek or questions or challenge his decisions.Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth was complaining to Tut Keaw that he brought and dumped them in the hotels.He was more concerned about what to get than the wlefare of his community.

Lam Both called for repatriation of the IDPS to Upper Nile.He and Gai Yoach, lambasted the government for always targeting the Nuer while Dr Riek does not target his dinka loyalists. Lam Both went on to say that those who attacked and forced Bol Kong to UNMISS are Dinka Bor and those who attacked us are Padang Dinka.The Western Nuer officials were attacked by the Dinka Panaru.This is an open secret.

What boggles my mind is because the defacto Governor of the controversial Latjor said he had given Dr Riek Machar a week to report as if he was appointed by him.That was absurd of him! Dr John Gai who was the organizer of the meeting said they would ask the government as to why they are being attacked and killed despite their allegiance.The University Professor, who himself, was rescued by Bior Ajang and went to seek protection in the house of Tut kew took anybody by surprise as to who he should still be loyal to a rogue regime which was about to finish him.

He siad if Dr Riek does not come in two days,they would ask the President to appoint a replacement of their choice to take up the post of the FVP.This made me to remember the words of my University Physics who told me in an informal conversation with him that those who studied sciences are wiser and sharper than the arts students.Riek Gai,the MSC holder in Pharmaceutical Chemistry,did not attend ,I was told.

That is charavteristic of him.He always waits to see which side wins in any political wrangle.He was busy concocting stories to compile and commission his reports about the Wau incidents.They did not find anything justifiable apart from the fact that it was the SPLA who was massacring the Fertit and the Jur in Wau.

However,he and his team are working out ambiguous equations to please President Kiir,the tyrannt.While these greedy and concieted polticians were busy praising Kiir for killing them,the Dinka militias of their boss went to checkpoint and raped the Nuer women who came out of UNMISS camps to buy food commodities that the mathiang anyoor looted from UN warhouse and Jebel Markets.Nobody said anything.

Despite the ceasefire declared by both sides,Malong Awan ordered tanks and gunships to go and attack the IO positions in the bushes of Equatoria where they went and camped in respect of the ceasefire.He ordered his SPLA to fight the intervention forces agreed by AU and IGAD to the last drop of their blood.

In a heated parade at Bilpaam, his prefab military Headquarters and addressing the army in a broken Arabic mixed with poor English,Gen Malong was rudely insulting the Tiger battalion for looting the town and running away from only 1000 soldiers with light weapons.He swore that he is left with nothing but to shoot any indisciplined soldier or officer dead in this battalion.It is goes without saying that Kiir lives or rules under the mercy of the polygamous Dinka Malual army chief.

It was in fact an undeniable fact that had Dr Riek’s men were as coward as his, Kiir would have beheaded him.The dinka conspiracy with the help of some disgruntled and useless Nuer politicians is to kill Dr Riek and appoint a weak leader.This explains why Taban Deng is now grooming himself for that.Appointing Taban ot anybody else without the consent of the Nuer around the globe will be a declaration of an all-out war.Those who mislead Salva,who has not had a formal education would in the end wish they knew! Implement the agreement ya Salva.Those Nuer politicians are digging your grave.I am afraid most of them will not be there to attend your burial (God Forbids).The author is an insider and lives in Malakal POC.

The author is reachable at pauldeng2016@ymail.com

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Balaban July 19, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Stop the silly infighting. Stay the course to create peace. Now definitelt not the right time to be greedy fir power or money.
You are risking the lives of all of those wanting peace.
Useless twats.

dut July 19, 2016 at 8:24 pm

Peace. Preach peace instead of war, for it is peace that your people need.

Concerned person July 20, 2016 at 1:16 am

Hi Nuers, just give the country and the world another Nuer leader, everyone has lost faith in this one.we’ve been reading through his history, it’s mucky.

Io partner July 20, 2016 at 1:09 pm

Even the ward written upon them. WEW .. south Sudan money re for us all south Sudanese …how can some body self himseft for own his resources ..shame on them….all their claims are nouncent ….let them defined word wew in Dinka ..

Dr. Waxman July 21, 2016 at 1:16 pm

The writer is boasting command of the English language but in essence he is too deficient and the very Malong Awan that lacks formal education is superiorly better. Broken English though.


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