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Entwined dynamics of South Sudan’s resumed civil war: An analysis of why the world must look beyond Kiir and Machar!

By Biel Boutros Biel,

President Salva Kiir, FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny, VP Wani Igga, Amb. Lol Gatkuoth and Gen. Alfred Lado Gore at State House(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir, FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny, VP Wani Igga, Amb. Lol Gatkuoth and Gen. Alfred Lado Gore at State House during the fighting on July 8th (Photo: file)

September 6, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Internalising various assumptions of the world leaders and institutions in regard to 2013 and 2016 civil war in South Sudan, it must be noted from outset that the international community and regional bodies would continue wasting resources including time on South Sudan until they part with the pretentious statements. These theorist-constructed versions have mainly continued to centre on President Salva Kiir and First Vice-President Riek Machar. These statements are without any much impact on the wasted lives of the ordinary South Sudanese people.

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In this article, I simply throw to light the forces fuelling violence and I argue that without digging deeper to understand the dynamics and drivers of South Sudan’s raging war and the inbuilt-trajectories in order to take drastic measures, efforts to stamp off violence and thwart planned second civil war would remain a farfetched dogma. The article calls upon the international community to humbly reinvent itself to be consistent and feels the abuse of human dignity mostly the suffering children, women and girls constantly being raped and abused by the warring parties. This article will analyse the cause of July 2016 violence in South Sudan.


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Lual Agor September 6, 2016 at 9:20 pm

Excellent analysis.
The quest for impariality by the internatiobal community is good. But when the result is that the agressor and victim get equally blaimed, then this is no longer impartiality. It is turning a blind eye to atrocities.
Like condeming the child rape victim with equal force as the ten rapists.

Lomuchie September 7, 2016 at 9:28 am

This is a commendable effort and you must be appreciated by all South Sudanese. By way of emphasis, and slight addition, I would advance the following:

1. South Sudanese are sick and tired of hearing blanket condemnation of the two sides to the conflict. Justice among the people of South Sudanese demands apportioning of blames as a way of starting healing after conflict. Those who continue to hide behind this ambiguous use of language are guilty of continuing the death of our people, as impunity goes unpunished;

2. Paul Malong is a monster that has got out of hand. Kiir allowed Malong to create own militias ostensibly to protect Kiir. But now, Malong uses the militias to even threaten Kiir. There is a group of Malong’s supporters among the Jieng who actually want Kiir out of the way. The J1 incidence was meant to kill both Kiir and Machar. The close protection guards of Kiir were aware of this wider aim, and hence they proceeded to prevent exchange of fire close to the two leaders;

3. The influence of a key regional player is at the root of constant attempts on Machar’s life. This player believes in the killing of leaders in the region as a tool to implement his foreign policy. Examples of this purpose can be seen from the deaths of the Rwandan’s presidents Habyarimana, the DR Congo’s Laurent Kabila, and the demise of Dr John Garang. As long as the player lives, Machar will never be safe in South Sudan under a shared power arrangement;

4. UNMISS or any other third force will not save Machar from harm nor will they die in fights to save South Sudanese as recent evidence has shown. What is required now is the removal of the Kiir regime that has defied all pleas even those from the UNSC. This can be achieved if the Troika and other countries will support the various opposition groups in South Sudan with firepower. Only after the monster regime has been changed can there be a lasting peace and development in South Sudan.

Beek September 7, 2016 at 1:08 pm

It is not at our Rural areas.


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