Can Peace Be Achieved With Salva Kiir In Power?

Do you think peace will be accomplished while kiir still in charge of the Country or will that be a recipe of more disaster?

By Yien Lam,


Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit wearing military uniforms afte announcing that he just foiled a coup. Four months later the coup allegation flatered and the politicians arrested were all released due to lack of evidence. The coup campaign died down until last week when Jok Madut ignited it although he lacks evidence(Photo: TVC)
Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit wearing military uniforms afte announcing that he just foiled a coup. Four months later the coup allegation flatered and the politicians arrested were all released due to lack of evidence. The coup campaign died down until last week when Jok Madut ignited it although he lacks evidence(Photo: TVC)

Feb 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — As the concerned citizen of this great nation, serenity will not even be suggested leave alone talking it out. I believe so and anyone who may erroneously think as such may indeed compromise his/her natural rights to exist on earth.  To say at least, it will be the invitation of more disastrous to occur. As the matter of peace, I am always disputed anybody who is thirst for it without having a good reasoning behind his/her thinking. For the peace to come in south Sudan, the following must be made first to give it a short.

First to be sincere though, for the peace to yield edible fruits in our country, UPDF must leave the territory of south Sudan as soon as possible. Talking peace within the existence of Uganda army is the threat to the Peace itself. A viable Peace cannot be achieved in the country while the regime has been backed by the outsiders. How would that be possible for it to achieve while the president has what it takes not to compromise with logic of bringing peace into the country? In other word, how would you negotiate with someone who had been given all the mean in term of military support? Should a person as such hears the voices of peace in the country?

Of course not, unless you are a goofy individual who lives in the rustic dwellers. This is a very simple because he has all it takes to protect himself in order to stay in power for ever. That is a fact. Believe it or not an amicable peace must only be achieved when the Uganda is out of the south Sudan land. Keeping it as it has been the case, will not bring peace in south Sudan. This is in fact, sharpening kiir’s horn to stay in power as long as M7 still in charge of Uganda. In that matter, kiir has nothing to lose and will never listen to the voices of peace because M7 is the main pool that supporting the whole house. For the serenity to be in our country, Uganda must be pressured to withdraw its troops in South Sudan territory.

Without such a thing to happen, Peace will never be reached in my view because M7 is prolonging what could have been a shorter war for the 193th nations on earth. He intended to do so and now becomes the most important threat ever for the south Sudan peace.He  intruded himself in the country in order to stay there for many years to come in which I sincerely doubt. He had done that in Congo and wants  to do it again in south Sudan. This is his habits and intends to continue in south Sudan as we all see. But M7 must know one thing, south Sudanese are not Congolese. They are different in so many ways in which he will not mess up with south Sudanese as he did to Congolese. His soldiers must be withdrawn from south Sudan territory in order for peace to come in the country.Keeping them in the country while making peace is the invitation of more killings  because they are the kiir’s protection. This is obvious and everybody knows it and one cannot  play with  fire knowingly as such.

Secondly, an IGAD must be ejected as the mediator in my view. It is not up to tusk expected of it. So far, it has signed seven fangless agreements if I am not mistaken since January 23, 2014.Till now, nothing has been done for the benefit of south Sudanese rather than the benefit of IGAD itself. How would that be? Why the peace benefit the IGAD than the people of south Sudan? Can anyone answer my question? To me, an IGAD is indeed an impotent organization that only does its business on expense of south Sudanese. This is a fact and I think nobody will be able to negate it. IGAD should not be trusted in this matter because Uganda soldiers on the ground are IGAD once. If so as most have known, how would you invest your confidence on the organization that committed to fight together with South Sudan army under the great lake political scheme to be a successful facilitator? Are we rational here? If we do, how could that not be the factor that obstructs the peace process in Addis Ababa? If one looks at it with curiosity, odds are obvious for the peace to be worked out by the organization whose member states played the card of gaining whatever it takes in the nation like that? Would anyone naively thinks that such an organization will attain peace?   In my view, that would be complete baloney. It will be a worthless for anyone to believe that because interest has done its portion in this peace process in which most may not know. If that is the case, what would kiir and his tutor do in such a situation? Evaluate it!  If I were you, would you not unconditionally question the validity of this Organization that played the interest of some within rather than being responsible one?

Unquestionably, an IGAD is in fact, the ones thwarting the peace process in South Sudan if not endangering it .Kiir has no ability to neither garaging the peace nor breaking the cessation of hostility in first place. To be precise though, kiir did none of the above rather than the Uganda president. Kiir could have not asserted to refuse peace frequently as he did ever because he does not have any Army of his own that he can count on rather than Museveni’s. So, anybody who repudiates the involvement of IGAD as hurdle in this crisis must seek doctor for help if not already have an intellectual disability. It is clear and simple as such. If we know it as it has been, how does an organization as such could make peace while its member states with its knowledge extremely aided one side than the other? For instance, Uganda with Army and Kenya with business which became hub of not passing the sanctions in south Sudan.

Does anyone think such a peace will be achieved while the organization severely involved helping one side for the sake of its business? I was limpid and prognosticated this since the beginning of negotiation that it would not be the case. Realistically, Peace cannot be negotiated with organization that lacks impartiality and governed by dictators in my view. People as such buddies themselves up most of the time. This is the reason why I prepared UN to be the lead mediator. Mediator likes an IGAD is surely be like fighting with people whose hands are tied up. Considerably, since the starting of this man made catastrophe, An IGAD was the problem. Therefore, I excluded an IGAD and should no longer be considered as the peace mediator. If it likes to be in south Sudanese peace, it should continue as a peace negotiator than its original portfolio.

Thirdly, if the peace is going to be achieved in south Sudan, UN must be the lead mediator. It will be so because one cannot mediate with interest on the pocket. Therefore, in my view, I prepare the UN to be the one who will put south Sudan house in order because you cannot have a negotiation without finding the root cause of the problem. What would that negotiation base on?  This is preposterous. What in the world is going on with IGAD? So, in my assessment, UN must be the solutional mediator that could bring practical peace within South Sudan because it has no interest of any kind.  Therefore, Its interest always  rely on  saving lives of all citizens  around the world which is not the case in country of south Sudan since the signing of ceasefire on January 23 2014 because it did not involve directly.

If United Nations is to save the people’s lives as I know, I would like it to take the custody of it and speed up its effort to resolve kiir made crisis. The preoccupied by interest organization known as IGAD has been subjugated by business dealers. For this regard, I urge the international community to act as swiftly as possible to bring peace in south Sudan. IGAD has revealed its colors as not only partial also inactive institute whose member states have already encroached in the country affair. For That matter, it cannot be trusted to bring amicable  peace agreement. This is a very vital message to the world’s body to act as soon as possible. Otherwise, South Sudan will be a proxy field for east Africans countries who have heavy invested  their interest in the country.

Therefore, in my view, UN is the right organization for the job and needs to work collectively as pass as it possible could to rescue the newly nation on earth from disintegration. It should act as rapidly as possible because it is the only organization that I can think off to bring peace in south Sudan. This would be so because Uganda disposition will never change and respect anyone in the world and remain to drag this war on forever due to its interest in the country. As the matter of fact, this was the purpose why it thwarted the world condemnation of its troop’s withdrawal from the south Sudan land. If Uganda defies troika, European Union and so forth as we all know, who else does the world think Uganda will respect? IGAD that it is the member off!  NOT at all! This makes no sense to me. You cannot trust pig than hippo when it comes to fight. If you trust pig than Hippo, what should the pig do when the hippo is not being respected?  In other word, If Uganda did not revere the world’s power for whatever reason, who else in the world should it respect? In my opinion, that would only be the collective of all, that is the reason why I suggested United Nations is the right body to put its feet in this issue. There is no other organization that I can contemplate would fit to that category to solve and bring back calmness into South Sudan ever.Leaving IGAD as the peace mediator is the invitation of more killings in my view.

Fourthly, kiir has to step down as the South Sudan president. This will be the fastest highway for the peace to return back into our country. This will however end all endless negotiations that are being done in Ethiopia Capital Addis Ababa as well as Arusha, Tanzania. This would be the fastest way  to achieve peace in the country because Kiir was the one who initiated the problem by killing innocent civilians without a cause. If he steps down as the president, that would be the conclusion of all chats around the world. No more or less. Keeping himself as the leader of the country that he badly wounded as he usually says, will never solve the problem of this great nation.

I believe kiir has short his right foot with his own pistol by killing innocent civilians in Juba on December 15 to 19 2013. If things are designed to be reversed, I think kiir would reverse it because now is a pain in neck  for the regime because their relatives will never ever accept kiir as the president. Trust my words. This won’t be the case at all in the future unless the regime is stepping down or force out. In this situation however, if an initial plan to kill innocent Nuer people in the first place as the reality then, what would prevent him to kill more this time? Drop it people to think about peace deal with kiir in power. It will be seen as hooey by many if not most people who had experienced the regime. Drop or carry it, it will be up to your digestion of it.  But in reality, I am telling you the truth. It will be impossible for the families of 15 to 19 victims to sit comfortable with kiir and his Gogrial boys that he had trained to kill their relatives. This would be a nightmare to accommodate people as such. Therefore, the only way for the peace to come in south Sudan is for him as the president to step aside. This would mitigate the intensity of the situation because the victims’ families will know that he is no longer the president.  This in my view will be the safer way for him to opt out and become the solution of this man made crisis

However, in this civil war, if you still hesitate as I have seen some doing exactly that, when are you going to think rationally about your own mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers? What would be your legacy as human beings while the mentioned relatives are being killed by the regime that supposed to protect them? What government are you thinking off? Should you live in your own country as the second citizen as this has been the case for the last 55 years? People, you should think judiciously about the future of the generations to come.you cannot be slave of your own brothers. If one does not think critically about this matter, you may be one of the dumbest human being ever live. Death of the Nuer civilians on December 15 2013 should not be betrayed by anyone with his/her own personal gain. In addition, you cannot be a good dancer while your siblings are not. In other word, you cannot be a good person while your people are categorically being vilified and demonized simply because of their ethnicity. How can you be a good person while the rest of your kinds are not? This is not how we should be the leaders of the future generations ever. It is absurd and pointless to do such a thing.

In this regard, we went to Bilpam for the purpose to liberate ourselves from our enemy. This was the sole motive for us all.  The goal was that, my relatives and yours will be freed from any sort of discrimination. If that was so then, what about if your own comrade became the boss and turned himself to kill the very relatives that you were thinking of liberating? What should you do about that? Should you surrender to them or should you fight on? Believe it for certain brothers if you are so ambivalent about this crisis, revitalize your thoughts. This crisis got into the nerves of other because there should be no reason for me or you to be enslaved by our own comrades. This is not and will never be the case in the near future. Kiir must be forced out if he does not want to step down peacefully. Doing either one will trace our country to its original principle of democratic. To tell you the reality though, democratic is not a gift as some may be thinking. It needs a fist fight in order for it to be genuine. You cannot be a democratic nation without facing similar situation that our county is facing now. But the different is, the regime single out only one ethnic group as the main problem for the country. Therefore, the regime does not fit to be in power due to what it has  done and continue to do.Kiir must step down or risk to be forced out.

Finally, if human beings are thinking seriously about bringing peace in the country we all call home, Uganda, IGAD, Kiir must give it all up and allow UN to be the lead mediator in this matter for the peace to be in south Sudan. Otherwise, South Sudan will lose its intactness as the nation in the months to come if not years.

The author is maverick that can be reached at lam981@hotmail.com

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Kerjok February 22, 2015 at 2:57 am

Ref: Lam’s article.
It is clear that South Sudan will not gain any little rest with Kiir in power! i can mention this why, Kiir is backed by a very poor Countries and this block of Countries will not accept peace to prevail in the Country for their individual benefit. while they are consuming all resources.
the only way Kiir must step down.

MrUniteUs February 22, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Sure peace can be achieved any day of he week.


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