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Concerned Madi Citizens Responds To Governor Lobong And Condemns His Existential Threats Against The Madi People

By David Aju Kanyara

The Ma'di people of South Sudan demonstrating their cultural dance(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
The Ma’di people of South Sudan demonstrating their cultural dance(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Disappointed and outraged over the provocative and desperate speech of the governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lejero, in his unannounced visit to Pageri and Mugali in the weekend [of 28 November]. We the Ma’di youth and law abiding citizens, who gave 99.5 percent of our votes to send Lobong into the office of the top state job, are sorely disappointed with the careless and dangerous selections of words uttered by the governor of EES in particular his threats to our very core existences.

It has become crystal clear that Lobong’s position and feeling towards the Ma’di people is to be treated as “antagonistic, betrayal and hostile”.

We advised Lobong’s that his loyalties first must be with the people who gave him his job rather than paying blind loyalties to Kiir in the expenses of endangering the Ma’di in their native land, we cautioned the governor that his unfortunate selection of words amounts to instigation of ethnic cleansing by the Dinka tribal army of south Sudan against the unarmed Ma’di civilians.

Now he has clearly confirmed his stands as far as Ma’di issues are concerned, we have nowhere to turn with our grievances, both the Head of the nation and the state have declared open hostilities to our Ma’di nations with a clear intent for genocides. With this in mind, we sound the “Kelemete” and call upon the able bodies to rise and not sit in their houses and wait for sudden death to strike them.

In this “Kelemete” “a call to duty” of all the able bodies to be on full alert and unyielding watchfulness and to do absolutely anything and everything that will promote our survival as a people; we guarantee this much, we shall not stand and wait for our annihilations.

It is an absolute disgust when the angry Lobong expressed his animalistic raw emotions, first of all the man sounded desperate and anguished about his stomach, with the recent development and growing number of rebellions in his backyard right in Ikoto, and Idolu just 35 km away from his bedroom, he knew with growing number of rebellions, this will lead to loss of his job.

He fears Kiir more than those who voted for him, knowing if he cannot contain the rapid expansions of rebel activities in his state, Kiir will not spare him, hence Lobong who was visibly angry claimed he was send by Salva Kiir to warn the Ma’di people about the repercussions of supporting rebels, and he warned the Ma’di by supporting rebels they are now all rebels, and next time if there is any eruptions of gunfire the people of Ma’di will bear the brunt of government’s furors.

He went on saying “by giving food and harboring rebels” the Ma’di people have now become “prime target” for the now specialized genocidal army of Kiir.

Mr. Lobong as a head of state you don’t threatened your electorates but supports them and guides them and motivates them into right paths but instead we must assure you, that you have officially alienated we the Ma’di people. We are tired of you and we have had it with you.

From the Killing of Ajugo to the humiliations of our youths and leaders, you did nothing to protect your people but always worrying more about your position than lives of those your govern. You have never, not even once stood for the Ma’di people in all the tortures we have faced under this tribal government. All in all because it was you who is running to Juba with fallacy of information, oh Ma’di people have done this and that, why can you handle issue of family like a man? In your capacity as a governor, if the word governor is uphold to its standard and true meaning, you are supposed to be an executive person with the spirit of consultations and good choices of words of maturity and wisdom, not words of accusation and threats.

What benefit would you get by accusing the Ma’di; by the way some of these people you have accused of being rebels are your children’s direct uncles, because your wife is a Ma’di, which makes her a rebels too and your children half rebels!! You too are harboring rebels in your house Mr. no so Wiseman.

Lobong we would like to remind you here again, in our previous articles directed to you after you have murdered the paramount chief of Nimule two years ago, we wrote, reminding you about the “curse and bad omen” you will bring on your children born out of your relationship between you and your wife Natalina Tarakpwe.

Mr. Lobong you have lost trust among our people today, it is very disturbing to hear those utter nonsense coming from your mouth, when will you mature?

Mr. Lobong you have enough of everything both wealth and politics but yet you are not satisfied. You said Ma’di people should be happy and satisfied yet we have nothing to be satisfied about, instead you should be satisfied because you robbed us from the benefit of 2% from custom revenue collection from Nimule. Since you become a governor in 2010, you keep roaming between Nimule-Torit and Juba looking for more satisfactions by accusing people falsely, we remind you Mr. Lobong, this false accusation of the innocent in which some people ended up dead, be reminded the blood of those innocent will follow you to your grave and you will have no peace even in your final resting place, hopefully hell.

While speaking to few people in Mugali the treacherous or disloyal governor made it plain that he will not tolerate the Ma’di people, he added that the Ma’di people should be satisfied and happy, but he fell short in giving clear examples of why should the deprived Ma’di people whose lands are invaded by Jiengs under his very nose, whose youth have dropped out of schools due to insecurities, ordinary people subjected to daily unbearable intimidations, repressions, extortions, tortures, threatened with terror of Kiir’s killing machines, be happy and satisfied, this you said Mr. Bright?

Yes we would have been better off today if our land is not invaded and if our people are not subjected to harsh and hard living environment.

Additionally the likes of Lobong and Kiir expect Ma’di people to be happy because of Juba-Nimule highway, Mr Lobong, the highway which become a curse and epicenter of death for our people have not benefited any household of our community, this so called highway has killed more than 100 of our people since its inauguration in 2012, and will continues to kill because its construction lacks safety and above all the highway is not meant to benefit the Ma’di people, but rather the highway has enriched some government officials and the Jiengs in particular including yourself, because the employees along the Juba-Nimule highway, including at Nimule border crossing are no other ethnic groups but Jieng.

This highway is here because it has to be here simply because it has been there for more than 100 years and simply because it is the closest region to reach Uganda, not because we the Ma’di asked the government for it and it has been constructed in response to our request and not because the government did it with favors to the Ma’di people.

We can assure you this much, if there is another way to connect Uganda from Rumbek or Awail, Bor or Bahr el Ghazal directly, we are sure the jieng would deprived the people of Ma’di if there would be other alternative to divert this road so that it would bypass Ma’di region Kiir and the JCE would have done it in a heartbeat.

Our Call to Ma’di youth and to all those who are still undecided, now you have heard directly from the mouth piece of Kiir, do you still want to sit and say this government is your government? Today Martin Kenyi has brought to us the golden opportunity to free ourselves from the lion’s den but if you want to sit and wait for Lobong to come and finish you, the choices are yours, now the official stand is clear from Torit, you are all labeled rebels and next time there is any gunfire eruptions, you will not be spared as they will send helicopter gunship to terrorize us which they have already done in western Equatoria and here in Magwi county.

So my people it is better to die in active duty than to be kill in the houses while there will be no words to mark your grave with, when you died in action, you will be held a hero and a liberator of your people.

They sing peace with their toothless mouths and pursue wars and death! IGAD is quiet and they know not how many of our people are tortured and killed all over the Equatoria land and Nuerland! They started the killings in South Sudan and they have not laid down their arms yet and Lobong has given ours sons to die in the front land in greater Upper Nile now he comes to threaten us.

Gunfight are sure to erupt because Kiir’s dogs are roaming everywhere in Madiland even in the bushes, they are fooling the nation and the international communities; they have no interests in Peace. As We write, they are torturing civilians all over the Ma’diland and the so Called IGAD-Plus only recognizes Jieng in this country and they are quiet about the tortures of our people are facing, So we must defend ourselves until they show they are serious about true peace and leave us alone, not performing lip services while killing us day and night.

Lobong can Kill but will not be able to break our backs, today because we are stronger than few years ago, and if they could not do that to handful and thinner tribe of Murle, how could they do that to the people with long history of liberations, our forefathers fought and defeated the Tuku-Tuku, they fought the British with their bare hands and the defeat them, they lead the war against the Jalabas and made the lucky ones run dripping with blood while they the Mundukurus, shouted allahhuabar, who is Lobong?

Now that the man declared a genocidal intent against us, forgetting, had it not been your vote he would have not become a governor. In our view we have no more options left other than that of self-defense, he wants our heads, let this man’s head become a trophy. Why would he visit our land unannounced if he thinks he is able and capable to inflict death on us, why address his anger towards civilians and children?

Our guess is because he knows we have men and we shall not go down silently, we all can bleed, we have not gone to rob other people’s land, The “Lemi”is in our site as we fight for our universal right, we have to sacrifice next time brothers, when this evil and traitor makes unannounced visit in our land insulting and calling us names such as rebels, while we are still sitting in our houses without guns. We know there is only one road from Mugali to Torit, so the moment he utters those unschooled words, let “Jomboloko” and Mount Gordon shallow him alive and teach him unforgettable lessons.

Now with this new threat against Ma’di people coming from their worthless son in law who also stand accused by vast majority of sons and daughters of Equatorians for implicating and falsely accusing his former two colleagues, governors Wani and Bakosoro, Lonbong was directly believed to have leaked the secret documents of the three Equatorian governors which eventual led to the dismissal of the two governors outstanding sons of Equatoria who have eloquently spoken openly about issues of Equatoria including issue of federalism.

Since he is a favored slave of Kiir as he is also believed to be not only loyalist to Kiir but rather born by Dinka mother, Lobong and Kiir have biological blood relation, it is also credibly now revealed in the case of governor of Central Equatoria state Juma Ali Malou who is half Dinka and Jema Nuna Kumba who is half Dinka Wau.

It is crystal clear that now Equatoria is govern by Dinka Nephews and niece, those individuals will always threaten the peaceful people of Equatoria to benefit their uncles and in return they will not be remove from their posts, if you think we lying have you have seen Jema NunaV out of job since since 2005?

Only she was moved from one ministerial post to the other even though her performance bears no good record of excellence.

My fellow Equatorian, the Dinkas have encircled us and it is up to us to free ourselves. Our people say, “Kodra sa Kodra kasira.”.No matter how many dies, there shall always be survivors! There shall always be South Sudan and there shall always be Equatroian.. And Ma’di people will not bow to intimidation designed to force us to relinquish our God given ancestral land; we shall shed the last drop of blood to save this land.

VIVA Madiland and Equatoria viva!!

David Aju Kanyara, On behalves of concerned Madi, “A voice of voiceless”, can be reached at davidajuk@gmail.com

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Log December 10, 2015 at 6:40 am

Let Lobong be reminded that when Dinkas came to Equatoria because of insecurity in their land and settled in Nimule, it was you same Lobong who told the Madi they were IDP and will return to their land, when the time come. Lobong we want to assure you that we have lost trust on you and your leadership. In the next months you will see people uprising against your regime all across Eastern Equatoria region, till you go to join Kirrs Dinkas thugs, who are corrupt, and murderous. Long live brothers and Sisters of Equatoria. The struggle continues.

Beek December 10, 2015 at 2:33 pm

You are very stupid,actually which part of your damned South who is insecurity while it is you who is insecurity yourself through greed rebellion,i think you need to come down otherwise your going to be bars for life and nobody care. Your people need investment because you can not survived without government.

AMEN December 10, 2015 at 8:06 am

there is no where in the world of which you found that rebels told the truth,

Loberito December 10, 2015 at 9:39 am

David, well said. Your points are well taken. A human being cannot be treated poorly but always he or she can overcome the obstacles and suffering. The Arabs have tried to dominant South Sudanese for centuries but at the end of the day, South Sudanese people overcame such suffering by sacrificing their blood to cement the path to freedom which Salva Kiir has taken for granted.

It is just the matter of time that Equatorians shall overcome such sufferings from the hands of Dinka’s government. The Equatorians are now reaching to fight against those who inflicted suffering on them. It does not take a rocket scientist for Equatorians to defend themselves. They will just stand for what is right for them. Equatorians’ men have two testicles like Salva Kiir and his likes so there is nothing super about them.

Equatorians did not go and cause a problem out of their ancestral lands. Lunatics and gluttons come to cause this suffering. It has been a while that Equatorians are put in a position where they have to choose between the two options to rebel or bear suffering. Salva Kiir expects them to be loyal to his Dinka’s government while the government security is abusing their loyalty. Equatorians have the brains so they have a will to choose what they truly believe is central to their lives.

A lunatic cannot dictate them to choose what he thinks is good for them. This kind of primitive behavior must be eliminated from Equatorians’s ancestral lands. Do not worry about Lobong, he is just a stooge for Salva Kiir. Very soon, he will loss his loyalty from his grandfather Salva Kiir because Equatorians will no longer tolerate the suffering under Lobong. No human being who stays in power forever. Long live Martin Kenyi. Equatoria is our God given land, we shall defend it by all means possible. The spirit of our ancestors will guide us from Tombura to Mogila. Our ancestors will not leave us to suffer. Equatoria Oyee. We will fight until the last woman

Joi charles December 10, 2015 at 10:35 am

who are the rebels in this case? can a rebel sit at home without guns, is that your definition of a rebel? you must be related to Lobong or Michael Makuei, well good time will come for your uncle Lobong to be force to linguist his power plus the wealth he has stolen from the people.

Loberito December 10, 2015 at 3:15 pm


Are you trying to say that SPLA/M lied as a rebel movement?

Joi charles December 11, 2015 at 11:01 am

who lie most, the professional liars are Michael Makuei, Philip Aguer, Elia Lomoro, Brig Gen Malak Ayuen, Kiir, Wani Igga, these are all professional liars. plus the mother liar SSTV. so tell me which part of the article has carried lies?

wedjuba December 10, 2015 at 3:31 pm

Lobong is a disgusting puppet, an idiot, a tool for the Dinkas.

Speaking of Dinkas, strictly spoken they are not South Sudanese. They are not by any means related to us Equatorians or rest of the tribes in South Sudan. Originally they are from Northern Sudan, Omdurman, Khartoum, Dongola, Wadi Halfa and so forth, yes you name it, Central, North to North West of the present Sudan, these were their areas. They begun their massive cattle migrations to the South around midst 1875 – 1905 during the Arab invasions in the northern territories of the present Sudan. They were displaced since then.

Through decades they were brutally persecuted and enslaved by the arabs and mercilessly deprived from their homelands. These facts, everybody can clearly convinced himself with, in precolonial era “Sudans History”online or in libraries around the globe. Even until 1995 they were used as slaves, forced to hard labour. They crushed and carried heavy stones, were used as robots to build most high buildings in the north. This was their punishment.

Now the Jieng Council of Evil (JCE) trys to confuse us by annexing their persecution history to that of Israel, as of we are the “chosen tribe” now comes the Jieng Kingdom in South Sudan…., Shut that!!!, that’s pathetic and will never happen.

A Psychologist wouldn’t farfetch the mystery of anomalies in their behaviours given the fact that what they have gone through now comes out uncontrolled on indigenous tribes of South Sudan. So Dinkas genetically are dilapidated, traumatised and need psychological help.

We helped them benevolently through the heavy times of the liberation Movement ’83 to 2005. Thinking these are our fellow Christians who need help against the arabs, and all South Sudanese unconditionally joined the struggle, with a clear vision of defeating the arabs, which succeeded. But we never expected that they will one day stab us in the back, kill or loot us in our own backyards.

Now we can see Dinkas as occupiers and oppressors. They will never succeed in South Sudan. Just like the Belgians, Turks, Anglo-Egyptians and Arabs, who once used force to assume powers in this country, they will fail. Ma’di land will always remain Ma’di land, Equatoria will always remain Equatoria. LEMI is here!!!

In war times, there are snitches and Judas like Lobong, the worthless governor, the idiot. He knows he’s wrong. He will one day torment in hell for betraying our people. Trust me, all these people will one day vanish and loose power just as history has proven.

We must educate our offsprings about Jiengs nature’s, so that we don’t genetically come into contact with them.

Log December 11, 2015 at 9:55 am

labong and the so called V.P will soon join the warrap DInka kingdom

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 12, 2015 at 4:19 pm

beeek/baaaak/biiik, amen and lotio

please mind your own business and leave GREATER EQUATORIA alone. You need to fix your missing teeth before thinking of our problems, fix your cattle raiding, fix your animal understanding firs. you must think about the imprisonment of all jenge leaders who committed atrocities in Juba. Follow the news and find out what the senators in USA told your wounded faces diplomats in US.

you cows……………….when will you really learn. I know you are already feeling the danger which is waiting for you. It is true that donkeys understand late. If I were you, by now I could have known spent most of my time finding out why all people hate me and try to adjust myself not because of me but because of my next generation. People hate you for real and we who point out your mistakes, we are too kind to you.


you are the most idiot and stupid arian jenge i never met. Just because you said there is no where in the world of which you find that rebels tell lies. Before independant of this country we were rebel against Khartoum, were we telling lies……………..please support your sentences with evidence if you want to reach to the equatorian level of telling fact all the time. I do not blame you because you are both donky and human, 99% cow or donkey and only 1% human.

An information to you and take it very serious: This country will never be the same as you wish, it will be as all sons and daughters of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN wish. Get me right and keep this in your dumb mind. My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ means only time will explain. Right now the time is revealing all your evil and the hot feeling you get now is because of your sins. You do need to repent because it is already too late and any good words from you will never mend you relationship with EQUATORIANS, SHILLUK and NUER.

Beek December 13, 2015 at 12:21 pm

You are Arab type and insulting Muezzin and bla bla bla.


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