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Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council in UNMISS Apologies To The Following Six (6) Members!

Press Release,
Juba, Republic of South Sudan,
Lou-Nuer Community commemorate the one year anniversary in UNMISS camps across the country(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Lou-Nuer Community commemorate the one year anniversary in UNMISS camps across the country(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dec 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council in UNMISS/PoCs is hereby expressing regrets to the following compatriots whose names were mistakenly listed in the traitors’ database generated and released by the Lou Nuer Community Leadership Council a few weeks ago.  The names and identities of these collaborators  appeared on several social Medias a couple of days ago.

In reference to the preliminary Press Release that publicized the list of these betrayers, who allied to Kiir’s genocidal government in Juba, Lou-Nuer Community Leadership Council /UNMISS/PoCs, whilst in a continual release of the names of our community members who chose money in expense of the lives of their mothers; we are apologizing to a few members whose names appeared among the wide-range of these carefully marked elements. Without further hesitation, we admit having wrongly included their names among the sold-out that are currently being disowned by the greater Lou-Nuer community.

However, the deed was not an original intention of the board of LNLC/UNMISS/PoCs to mess-up their names and identities with those identified blood-suckers.

We do not have any intention to spoil the images of those beloved gentlemen nor do we be set to undermine their unlimited contribution in the revolution struggle. In the meantime, in cognizant of the fact that, these individuals personalities are victims, here are

  1. Mr. Kot Martin ( Kot Mirich Teny)
  2. Mr. Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang
  3. Mr. Kim Gach Ruea
  4. Mr. Gatwech Peter Gatkuoth Gual
  5. Mr. Reath Jock Koang Lham
  6. Mr. Gatreak Dak Wuor
  7. Mr. Taban Kun Lham

The following compatriots were victims of the current conflict as well as freedom fighters. In the meantime, we say sorry to them as the LNLC/UNMISS/PoCs board and, we would like to clarify the error to our dear readers that, the mistake was not intended.

Nevertheless, our utmost admission of guilt  goes to  (1) Mr. Kot Martin ( Kot Mirich Teny) of being refer to as conspirator by mistake whilst the turncoat stand for his younger brother  Mr. Chuol Martin ( Chuol Mirich Teny) who is currently functioning as Salva Kiir’s Director for Down Stream in the Ministry of Petroleum (2) Mr. Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang instead of his daughter Mrs. Nyajap Peter Gatkuoth  Mathiang and 1st, Lt. Chuol Peter Gatkuoth Mathiang who are a 1st Lieutenant with Kiir’s National Security Service (3)  Mr. Kim Gai Ruea instead of his younger brother, the 2nd Lieutenant Gathoth Gai Ruae who is a Finance Officer for SPLA-Juba based in Nasir County (4)  Mr. Reath Jock Kong instead of Capt. Rial Jock Kong who is in Juba-based Criminal Investigation Department ( CID)  (5)   Mr,  Gatwech Perter Gatkuoth Gual, (6) Taban Kun Lham and (7) Mr. Gatreak Dak Wuor who are all knight in shining armor.

Those fellows’ individuals’ members of the Lou-Community are compatriots and serving with the Revolutionaries movement in Pagak and others fronts. We are sorry for the deed and would like to instruct all that might have came across the documents to ignore their names amongst the previous list of vampires.

Notice: The list will continues and as such, we would still need your comments and continually put correction and adds if you have them.

And Thanks
Mr. Nyuon Kuol Deang.
The Chairman
Mr. Dak Dhieyier Wat
The Secretary General
Juba, Republic of South Sudan

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Editorial Team

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Editorial Team.


AMEN December 10, 2015 at 8:24 am

Look at the way Nuer Rebels behave how come for them to accusse their brothers without eveidence, Nuer rebels got no different with flies a fly can jump into something which it doesn,t know whether it can harm it or not, that is why their FAKE rebellion will NOT NOT NOT success completely.Please come out from UNmiss and go direct to your FAKE leader Riek machar, Riek machar will led you into total darkness.

AMEN December 10, 2015 at 8:42 am

when you come out from unmiss don,t stay in juba again it will be better than that one of 2013 you claim.

Gat.darwich December 10, 2015 at 3:25 pm


Thank you for publicly admitting and extracting the mistake you made.

Truth, will, and shall set you free brethren.

Good luck BorChar sons and daughters !


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