A poem by
Kam lony lueng to commemorate the 15th dec 2013 massacre
Flee swiftly thou God fearing peers
Stay lest you will be slain for tonight descended Lucifer
Make haste and make wild snake, lion, tiger thy friends
Howl and roar with them for the jungle shall be your Mansion prepared to host thee for a season and a season.
Abandon thy luxurious beds for leaves as thy mattress and stone thy pillow.
Dead dry date leaves thy umbrella shall be.
Flee for tonight shall happened the most abominable crime never seen before.
Unadulterated evil shall it description fitfully be.
By the road side lay dead a roasted damsel brutally gang rapped
Seen bizarrely protruding out is a two metres rough wooden staff stabbed through her genital organ. Her spirit rests in the cold and hovers in the air. “Wake me up no more into the world of hatred, hopelessness, and helplessness” saith her spirit.
Her scream was like a music to the rapists.
Finally came the brutal ruthless murderer to soothe her with a dozen of bullets into her head. What an Unadulterated evil!
Oh poor child!
Will she ever wake up again?
She is no longer the loving mummy you used to know
Look she has turned into a brittle charcoal.
She was not laughing neither was she entertaining you as you were laughably watching her run here and yonder.
Breath now oh poor helpless abandoned orphan infant for thou shall soon join her.
Hear wolves howl, hyenas giggle in laughers. Until sunset shall thy skin be tore apart by them.
Thy death more brutal then thy mummy’s shall be.
His scream was like a children bed time story to the merciless soldier who set his mummy on fire.  Finally came the ruthless and chase unhurt the wolves and dissect the infant to soothe him.
What an unadulterated evil!
Oh gloomy bullet lit outskirts room!
How did you accommodate the 300 souls mysteriously led into thee innocently as sheep to slaughter house?
Into thee laid 250 lads like they are going to wake up in the morrow.
A heavy down pour of bullets rained cats and dogs on them from thy windows and doors oh gloomy bullets lit outskirts room.
They screamed not but chanted bravely their war songs.
They sadly all succumb to their irresistible wounds.
“What an unadulterated evil!”, grumbled and groaned the remnant.
Run Ye oh Christmas lovers!
Flee the city and desert the country
Leave the city for scavenging vultures.
How thinkth Ye celebrate among corpses?
Do not ask where the weird smell come from.
it’s from thy neighbors’ compound.
All were cold bloodily slew while ye were asleep and his gate closed like he ran for a refuge.
Come out of thy compound carefully for lay outside the body of thy best friend whose head is thrown afar off.
Scream not lest thou become partakers in the wrath of brutality just poured out on the innocents infants, breastfeeding mothers and lads. “What an unadulterated evil!”, grumbled and groaned the remnant.
Oh dark rocky bottomless pit!
Whose spoons were strange looking corpse loaded trucks.
The world named thee mass grave but I prefer calling ye an unsatisfied bottomless pit.
You swallowed the once charming groomed damsels, once physically caring parents, once well nursed and nurtured children and most of our brave and energetic young men and never vomited any out in satisfaction.
More bodies were poured into thee but was never full.
Garbage pit get full, Toilet too does, yet thou have kept opening thyself up to take in more and more. “What a unadulterated evil!”,grumbled and groaned the remnant.
Listen oh my fellows remnants ;
go on wailing, grumbling , groaning for I will not ask ,why thou weepth so bitterly.
For this gloomy day has never happened before and the abominable things done there in.
Go on, mourn for them whom Ye have loved yet cannot sustain.
Be not dismayed though, for it is the Lord thy maker who correcting thee.
It is the Lord pruning thee with a pruning hooks.
It is him cutting down thy prigs.
He is come to prune not destroy.
For thy new branches shall soon spring up bearing flawless fruits
Yes the saws and hooks have cut deeper.
The clubs have stroke harder.
The spears and swords have stabbed to the bone marrow.
These were not His intentions.
Surely the clubs, saws, hooks, spears and swords are swollen with pride.
Because they have evils thoughts against thee oh my beloved their punishment is imminent.
Thou quoted the bible when thou saith; “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this country, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.
Thou hath been wise by soon forgetting thy afflictions.
By unbelievably sparing thine oppressors seeds.
By mercifully declaring no evil for evil.
Unadulterated evil remains the term for thine afflictions Ye suffered and still facing.
“What a abominable unadulterated evil!”, grumbled and groaned the remnant.
, the farmer prunes with but only one intention; yielding of healthy abundance fruits.
So doeth Adonai the Lord who was and who is now pruning thee.
This shall the end of thine afflictions be,
never shall our damsel be scorned in rape
never shall our mothers be roasted like barbeque meat
never shall our young men be rained upon by bullets drops,
never shall ground open up  as our mass grave.
15th December shall always remain a dark red scar to mark a ruthless massacre yet with rattling sound of gracious forgiveness.
A south Sudanese residing in Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur)
And can be reached through

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