Massacred Nuer in December 15-18, 2013 in Juba, South Sudan Their Statistics and How to Mourn Them

By Puot Jock,


Thousands killed in Juba as president SaLVA Kiir turned against his opponents. (Photo: file)
Thousands killed in Juba as president SaLVA Kiir turned against his opponents. (Photo: file)

December 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is country that its peoples live in peace and harmony without any problems, due to the poor governance and misuse of power by Salva Kiir, that lets country came in to escalated conflict.

The mass massacre of Nuer that happen in Juba was Salva Kiir plane to target Nuer in his government, which costs lives of  thousands  Nuer,  that  brought instability in South Sudan.    Salva Kiir and his friend Yuwere had planned to kills and finish Nuer tribes for at least three days and they could stops it’s for short times, but the Nuer resist this mass massacre  to defense  themselves from this brutal killing deed by the two dictator leaders.

The Way Nuer Were Massacred In Juba

The massacre was carried without living any Nuer men, women, and children who are civilian  alive in Juba by shooting, hanging women by splitting their legs, burning people, and forcing their relatives  or any Nuer to eats the dead flesh or bodies, and raping children under ages and women too. Theses all mentioned cases were happen in Juba which is the crimes against humanity.

Current Statistics of Massacred Nuer

The massacre was carried out to target Nuer only for the need of Kiir to remain in power without hearing any sounds of Nuer. The current statistics of the massacred people were 47,000 bodies were found from different areas:  some bodies were found from graves, some were found from Juba River, and some were collected on the street and the Nuer resident areas in Juba. The responsible bodies for these dead bodies’ statistics were UN and Human Right watch agency during the end of massacre in Juba. For this deed we appreciate UN, and Human Right agents for charging their responsibilities to counts the dead bodies to know the statistic of massacred Nuer in December 15-18, 2013 Juba, South Sudan , for the rest of dead body that are unknown will be under progress to be counted.

Messages to the Nuer Betrayals

For our Nuer peoples that denies our massacred peoples like Hoth Mai, Gach Yoao, Marial Bejamin , Nguen Mounytuil, Koong Nyuon, Kun Puoch, Gony Biliew, and the others moneys and position lovers that are not mentioned we have these words for you:

  1. The bloodshed of Nuer men, women, and children will be on you together with your leader Salva Kiir.
  2. Do not dreams any acceptance from Nuer community, you are excluded
  3. No more acceptance this time for any one of you to apologize to we Nuer community.
  4. You are under Nuer community red line.

Things we can to do in order to mourns our people

  1. Everyone can wear black cloths or designed T-Shirt where ever you are , starting from December 15-18.
  2. Any ones is not allows to eats any meats starting from December 15-18, because it is black day for us, which is the day that we lost our beloved people.
  3. You should gather your selves in church praying, and also in forms of groups or association where ever you are if you are alone no matter you should remember it from these consecutive days.

For every south Sudanese this mourning days does not belong to the  Nuer who are victims alone , but for all south Sudanese because some tribes were killed in Juba for hiding or protecting Nuer in their residents, for this case lets us all gives condolence message   to our beloved people to rest in peace.

The author can be reached at puot.jock@gmail.com

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Michael Mayang Gatwech December 15, 2014 at 1:58 am

my heart is not happy with this celebration for us nuer massacre made by poor /polish president recently in Dec/15-18,2013.by no end even now a day he still continues mass killing nuer civilians in their territory,where ever the government forces reaches,and now they are trying to control Pangak /pom ,canal,& khorpulous,toward Lou nuer land & ulang county, they prepares them selves to be control Lou nuer Land Areas this is the Only strong places that remain; but the SPLM/SPLA-IO has repel back series sly. Now they were in balliet county & Doleb hill! they are trying to destroy our celebration day but I don’t thing that they would Succeed! Let we do it properly no thing will happen till the End of fourth days of this celebration God will guide us in all this five days.

puot jock (@puot123) December 15, 2014 at 3:55 am

Sure, this is asad day for us , that we losts our beloved people its need every one of us to remember/commemorate our massacred people in Juba which mean it is not a happy celebration for us , but amemorization of our beloveed ones that we lost, even thought the war or fights going on our territory.

Khor Gony December 5, 2015 at 3:57 pm

I appreciate the work you guys do as a news agency outlet, however you must take your job very serious and proofread all your articles before posting, or publishing them. There are a lot of grammatical errors which makes it very hard to read and fully comprehend what the author is emphasizing. I am currently using this website for school research and I changed my mind because the professors must check all sources of information. I don’t want my professor to come on here and finds this many errors; especially if he has a PhD in literature. I hope you can see this as a positive criticism instead of negative criticism. The truth is I think and believe you guys have a future, and I have personally benefited from all of work as well as many Southern Sudanese. This is to inform you that there other people in this world who judges us by the work of one person, we must do our best individually to make sure that, the result of that judging is a positive one. I hope this comments serves more as an encouragement, instead of discourage. Continue the work as always and we are all in this together.


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