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By Bona Machar Nyak,


Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in forests of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in forests of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

Dec 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Tomorrow the 15th December, 2014 will mark the first anniversary of the Juba massacred from the Government of South Sudan. 20,000 and above South Sudanese were killed mostly from one ethnic community (NUER).

I want to take this opportunity to once again condone the families of the bereaved including my own family. On the above date our family lost a great young man, with a bright future, energetic, a man who dedicated his life to serve his nation from the time he was only 10 years old, his life was taken by the government he served as a young officer. We were not able to burry you nor were we allowed to see your body; they dumped your remains as if you had no family. KAZUK BIEL NYAK, brother we had missed you and we pray wherever you are rest in eternal peace. At this juncture, I want to assure you that we shall pursue those who killed you and the best promise we could give to you and others innocent civilians who were victims of the same is to pursue justice for you, because justice can never be comprise but rather denied.

The 15th December, will always linger in the minds of peace loving people in the Federal republic of South Sudan. If our diversity is a blessing, then it always remain unanswered why would a government who claims to represent the interest of all citizens decided to selectively killed thousands from one ethnic community?, this a wrong precedent set by the presidency of our federal republic, we must never relent or surrender to devil forces and the struggle must continue…………

The Juba massacred is leading us to our second liberation for DEMOCRACY, EQUITY AND THE RULE OF LAW, these values are important in order to avoid any other massacre in future, our citizens cannot allow themselves to be rule with dictatorship tendencies and intimidation, all South Sudanese have right to enjoy all services offered by the government. Kiir and his government should know South Sudanese contributed immensely for the liberation of our country from the North and therefore, equity in public opportunities should be the formula instead of rewarding his own Warrap cohorts. As much as they are qualified every South Sudanese is also qualified. These are all the symptoms of leadership failure Mr President.

Once again, let me urge my fellow South Sudanese that we should not advocate for negative stereotyping as I always believe that not every Dinka is happy for what happened in Juba last year which is why in the SPLM-IO we have those of Mabior Garang, Dhieu Mathok, Jesus deng, Gen Dau Arturjoung just to mentioned a few, it was a planned perpetuated by the government and its agents. The Nuer community in particular must make and announce this day as a ‘’MOURNING DAY’’ yearly.

As we seek to find a peaceful solution to the current problem in our country, we should never and never comprise justice to gain unbaked peace. These citizens who were massacred were not interested in the SPLM politics; others were in different political parties, therefore, the route cause which will lead us the perpetuators, financiers, commanders of killings so that justice is achieved for all these people. Their ethnicity is not a crime and whoever is not happy in South Sudan for the present of NUER COMMUNITY must hang himself/herself.




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