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Power is a variable

By Yien Lam,


US President-elect, Donald John Trump, during election campaign(photo: file)
US President-elect, Donald John Trump, during election campaign(photo: file)

Nov 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As an America election has it, who would have thought that Donald J trump could win this election in America?  I think Nobody would have imagined such a thing to happen. Almost all media pundits erase him on the election circle during the debate as well as after it before the FBI outburst.

And makes no mistake, all liberal media and polls counts Donald trump out of the radar. But he remains determine to win the election and he did. In this world as we speak, one needs not to take off his/her own eyes on the ball. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind on it. It may be hard fought as it always been the case since Adam and Eve were kicked out from the Garden of Eden by God.  From there till now, Things became hard to obtain unless one is really working hard for it. Believe that if you’re optimistic person who wait for think to happen by themselves. Things are made to happen no other way around bear that in mind. You cannot change if you don’t want to change.

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In this matter, Donald J Trump is a sole example of hard working person in the history of the America politics. He was not a politician rather than the reality TV show as well as a business man. Not only that, Donald J Trump is an outsider who is not accepted by the Republican establishment.  For that case, he has dauntlessly run a successful campaign outside the republican elite without help from them rather than the ordinary American citizens.

However, as the south Sudanese who are being victimized by our own president, we must remain determine to struggle for our God giving rights until we are free. Change is an inevitable and will come anytime now than it used to be. I am now more certain and optimistic than ever because I believe in Republican party than Donald J trump alone. This is so, because if one can recall the past, you will certainly know things will change for the better.

For instance, in 2005, CPA was signed through Bush administration which is republican party. On that matter, we got our independent without firing a shot. But Sudan did not premeditatedly kill our civilians as Kiir government did to the innocent south Sudanese on the nights of December 15-18 2013. Imagine that, what would happen to somebody who killed his own citizens as he wishes and called them flies? Be the judge of your own words not me and kiir regime must be careful with the kidnapping and hitman strategies that it has deployed now.

To compare with above administration, Rwanda Genocide in 1994 was committed on the watches of Bill Clinton. Where by 800,000 ethnic Tutsi minority were killed by the ethnic Hutu Majority from April to July in Capital Kigali and beyond. Which party was in power if you can refresh your memory? Democratic party right!

On December 15,2013 in Juba South Sudan, more than 20,000 ethnic Nuers Minority were killed by not only extremists as it may have been the case in Rwanda but by the government of Dinka majority.  Which party was in power? I guess if your memory is not being impaired by your likes if you happen to be, you may be automatically know it is the Democratic party.

If that is the case as those facts may delineate, what would make any sane person not to believe in republican leadership?  I think there will be no reason for a misjudgment of the history if you’re not involve on the issue of insanity that may need an attention of psychiatrist. These are the solid facts that need not to be negotiated by anyone rather than the moron dude of Neanderthal in which I think you are not.

For that regard, believe it, change is foreseeable in the whole world leave alone South Sudan. Republican party is not leading and will never lead behind as it may have been the case for Democratic party for the last eight years.

This is a reality and believe it for certain, Democratic party is always strong on the domestic issues like economic etc. not on the foreign policy as that may be the case for republican. In this case, I bet one who may not agree with me in the First 100 days of President Trump that the world will look different than it is now.

In reality, there will be no joke as it has been the case for the last eight years where the red line was drawn on the sand and nothing was done about it when violated. The living example was the chemical that was used by the Al-Assad regime. Do you think that will be the case for president Trump? Man! Nothing like that will ever happen in trump presidency believe me.

Regimes like kiir will not be allowed to kill innocent human beings on president trump watches. American civilians and aids workers should and would never ever be killed and raped by the regime with impunity. Believe it or not, Things will definitely be different than they are today.

Finally, power is changeable and I strongly believe things will change with the Republican leadership in Washington. A regime that has only been known to kill, rape and kidnap its own people for its own interest rather than the interest of the nations must not be allowed to be a viable government of all and for all. Therefore, I strongly believe the change in America will not stay in Washington rather than traveling to the whole world where truth and justice are badly needed to reveal

The author is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at Lam981@hotmail.com

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