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The Leadership Gift To South Sudan People on Christmas Eve.

” other man food is other man poison” English proverb

By Gatweach Naath.

Salva Kiir begins campaigns for the next election, 2018, calling on all citizens to vote for him(photo: supplied)
Salva Kiir begins campaigns for the next election, 2018, calling on all citizens to vote for him(photo: supplied)

Jan 14, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Knowing to give is a big human inciting which is also a big gift to the human kind by the almighty God. The gift(s) is always good and deserves many thanks, when it is not asked by the receiver. According to me, it is also good when given to you as your request, in this position it is only a demand which given to you according to your request.

Concerning the second fatal gift of south Sudan leadership to the citizens of south on Christmas Eve, one can say it may be good to some people who will accept it as a good gift to them as a presidential gift, because they requested it. To some who did not request this social time bomb gift, Iam sure, they will lament the circumstances which led to the state in which the presidency became kind enough to give its precious gift to the people of south Sudan.

Frankly speaking, this leadership gift is imposed to those who did not request it. It may be good also, because in any society or community, a father or an elder can give a gift or gifts to the members of a society or community without taking their permission. In this situation it can be acceptable since it is from the father or community elder.

In the case of a nation, this is not logical and acceptable, because even if anybody is full of milk of human kindness, one cannot give this time bomb gift which can explode sooner or later. Let as suppose that, we are all working for peace and nothing but peace, and we also need and will work for forgiveness and social reconciliation among the brothers in our beloved country. How can we achieve this in some parts which lands are affected geographically by this presidential gift to the people in the whole country?

For example take the self-explanatory case of Unity state of making a tribal zone by making a tribal state for Dinka tribe by combining the far away counties of Abimnom and Parieng to form a tribal state. What about those who are between and separating these two Dinka counties? To me the answer is because of oil and the border with the northern Sudan for trading. So, this presidential gift may create a situation of no recognition by those who did not request it given the fact that the mentality of the giver- the Dinka council of elders, and the mentality of the cheated people in western Nuer region is the same. You can guest the consequences that may trigger the situation to the point of no return in social ties among the inhabitants of this area, due to this fatal presidential gift to the people of unity state.

The same leadership gift is not acceptable to all citizens of the Upper Nile state. The first victim of this gift is the newly appointed governor of the newly created Western Nile state of Chollo kingdom; this is because his Village Anakdiar is annexed to the created state of Eastern Bank state of Dinka Padang. In this situation he has no right of citizenship to govern in this new state of Chollo because he has no village there. We have also another good example of Western Bei state which is Fanjak which is also annexed to the newly created Eastern Bank state of Dinka Padang. The question is, will the Western Bei governor operate inside the Eastern Bank state Padang Dinka?

The third unsuccessful and most fatal example is annexation of some parts of Latjor state to the newly so called, Eastern Bank state of Dinka Padang. This new state is suddenly created in the expense of others lands in the well known colonial Upper Nile state. The lands which are annexed to this new Dinka Padang state comprised from (6) six villages which belong to Latjor state. In details they are:

1-Nyayien and 2-Thuk Chak of Cieng Kueth -Ulang county of Latjor state.

3-Kiech Kun and 4- Dicin of Cieng Yoal – Nasir county of Latjor state.

5- Mangok and 6- Guelgok of Cieng Nyajanni -Longashuk county of Latjor state.

It is worst and worth mentioning that the advance team of Dinka new settlers went to (4) four villages immediately after 24 December 2013. Frankly speaking some of our relatives from Dinka Ngok came to Nyayin, Bong and Doma in spite of the presence of the white army in the whole area these relatives are known to us preferred to stay with us up to now peacefully as brothers and sisters. In 2o14 and 2015, another groups of Dinka Ngok, went to Thuk Chak Dicin and Kich Kun. These groups refused to go to Maluth and Paloj.

They are now with us in these areas as real citizens. By the annexation of these areas to the newly created Padang state of Eastern Bank state, what will be their fate? I think they will face a problem with the real inhabitants of these villages. The villagers will unfortunately see them as occupants of their lands. It will seem that, the leadership is making a sort of resettling the Dinka in others lands. This will be impossible for the new comers to remain peacefully again with the land owners. What about their known ancestor’s lands? The answer left to be answered by Aldo Ajuo Deng of the Jieng elder’s disgraceful council. To the presidency and disgraceful Jieng Elders Council, the annexation of these peaceful villages (6) six villages will not happen during your life time, and if happens, these villages will eventually be a no man zone since the actual inhabitant are still alive. My advice to the Dinka leadership is to see another land for Dinka nomads.

This is a peace time because we need peace all of us. It is not a time for annexing others lands to the new state of Eastern Bank of Dinka Padang. So, brothers keep away from our ancestor’s lands before it could be too late for the new Dinka nomads to be forced by the villagers to run away from Latjor state villages. Nobody, will accept this, except your stooges the so called Nuer politicians and ministers in the Dinka government who are called by Dinka: Nuer wieu (Nuer of money), because they stood with Dinka government and refused to do anything else despite the intended killing of their brothers before their eyes.

In spite of the side effect of this unexpected poisonous drug of the presidency which divided the peaceful Upper Nile into tribal state, the still a chance to resettle the situation right in the state by taking one the following solutions:

  • Revision of this division by asking the entire citizens of the Upper Nile state to take their opinion concerning the division of their state to many tribal states.
  • leave this case to the government partner in peace making which is the SPLM- IO which is tasked to administer two states in the greater Upper Nile Region as stated in the compromise agreement.

We also thank the gift giver our wise leader who apologized publicly to his people south for what took place in our country. He got a point there when he told the newly appointed governors of the Unity and Upper Nile that your states belong to the SPLM/A –IO and me may call you back to center when necessary.

This presidency official alert to new governors is enough to solve the problem of new borders in the newly created states of the Upper Nile state.

The author, Garweach Naath, can be reached at stehpenpuoch@gmail.com 

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Mikimike January 16, 2016 at 10:28 am

Hi all, What does SPLM stand for?.. I thought we liberated our self already from the North ( SUDAN) and we have nothing to do with the name SPLM. Please, the ruling party should change the name. Don’t confuse the people of South Sudan.
We are not Sudan. We are South Sudan.
So, Sudan People Libration movement is not for us. it used to be, but now…no.


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