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Eye Witness: Gen. Malong Awan Evacuated, Fearing Dau Atorjong!

Listen to this very funny story;

By Puoch Riek Deng,

The former commander of division 6, Gen Dau Atorjong(photo: supplied)
The former commander of division 6, Gen Dau Atorjong the game changer(photo: supplied)

June 04, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On Sunday evening, we received General Dau Atorjong Nyuol at the Bole International Airport along with two comrades accompanying him. He was cleared at immigration visa section because he was carrying special passport.

The two comrades remain behind so that we process their visas with Ethiopian authorities. We brought General Dau to the hotel and we check him in. While we were sitting at the lobby, with him taking tea, another General from Kiir regime appeared from nowhere, and met us at the lobby.

He was surprise to see general Dau sitting with us. He went upstairs. After him, General Dau went to his room and we remain at the lobby taking our teas. Not long after, the killer Paul Malong Awan came down from upstairs with his men, went outside and drove away.

We started to talk among ourselves; is it safe to keep General Dau here since this Killer is an arch enemy of General Dau?. We said, let us just instruct the hotel management to keep this killer away from General Dau. We went to the airport to receive the chairman coming from Nairobi. 

While we were there, General Dau came down to check on his comrades who remain behind at the airport because of visa issue.

He asked the receptionist, did my people come? The receptionist did not bother to ask their names. The receptionist [assumed] and just dialed the room number of killer Malong Awan and gave the phone to General Dau. The killer Malong picked up the phone and said, hello, who is this? General Dau answered, I am Dau Atorjong! The guy [Malong] paused for a while and just hang up the phone. He was immediately evacuated that night to another hotel fearing that, his life was in danger. It was just coincident.

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Marial Peter Wol June 5, 2014 at 3:15 am

This story is one sided. Where on earth have the two warring parties being accommodated in one hotel? Such pieces are created to create by politicians just to disgrace their opponents.


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