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Collo Community Council In Khartoum Writes To Dr Riek Machar to Address Its Grievances

Chollo in Malakal
Chollo Community in UNMISS in Malakal marched in rejecting Kiir’s 28 Staes as JMEC Chairman Festus G Mogae vested Malakal for the first time (Photo: supplied).

Jan 13, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- Collo Community Council Addresses Its Grievances to Dr Riek Machar On Presidential Order No 36/2015 AD And The Selection Of National Assembly Members and The Ministers To The Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) in Juba

Your Excellency,

We, The Collo Community Council, are pleased with your position on the Presidential Order No 36/2015 AD which was issued by President Salva Kiir on 2nd October 2015 for the creation of 28 states in South Sudan and the appointment of 28 State Governors.

We were briefed by Collo representatives who came back to Khartoum recently from Pagak about your position in this regards. They narrated to us about good meetings you had with all the representatives who were sent to Pagak from different places including Chollo representatives.

Besides, they told us about your concern and determination to make sure that the Presidential Order no 36/2015 must be revoked before the formation of transitional Government of National Unity.

In fact, Collo Community has already rejected and condemned that Order because it has taken the land of other tribes/communities and annexed them to the Dinka community, particularly, the land of Chollo community along Sobat and the White Nile Rivers on the eastern bank in Upper Nile State. The Chollo Council will fully co-operate with whoever is repealing of this unjust Presidential Order.

In addition, the Chollo representatives who came to Khartoum from Pagak told us about people who were nominated to participate in National Assembly and Transitional Government of national Unity in Juba. Unfortunately, the representation of Chollo is unfair.

We the Chollo Council are raising the concern on this unfair representation. Therefore, we urge you to review and reconsider this unfair disproportional representation of Chollo in these two national institutions.

Finally, the members of Chollo community Council have been informed about the large number of Chollo daughters and women who were taken from Malakal town by SPLM-IO forces in 2013 to Nuerland and remained there up to now. We also urge you to have the returned to their families as soon as possible.

Thanks in anticipation, may God reward your services with his richest blessings.

Best wishes,

Signed: Samson Oyay Awin

Chairman of Collo Community Council in Khartoum, Sudan

Cc: His Majesty Reth Kongo, Reth of Chollo Kingdom

Cc: Chollo Intellecuals, Juba – South Sudan

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 14, 2016 at 1:09 am

Great move CHOLO COMMUNITY, no any non dinka accepts our country t be divided into pieces NEVER. The solution for all these mess is the establishment of the FEDERAL RULE. The country want changes and we are determine to see federal rule as soon as AFTER ELECTION

Thon DJ Machar January 14, 2016 at 8:00 pm

You the so Called Colo/Shilluk need to get your heads off your asses and enjoy the smell of fresh atmospheric air and the freedom of the Republic of South Sudan. You are bunches of blood thirst Evils. You have started all this so called tribal border issues. I have never heard any thing concerning border issues in the whole South Sudan before not even from the big tribes like Dinka or Nuer. We have always love and consider South Sudan belong to every citizen. No any single tribe in the pass has ever had issues of land that I know existed. There has never been any land issues between the Nuer and the Dinka. Their issues have always been over the Cattle rustling because these two tribe are never greedy about the land grab. This is true of Eastern Nuer resettlement in the land of Dinka 2 hundred years ago when Lajor migrated from the west to the East. The Same Padang Jieng welcomed the Nuer to settle were the Latjor States still lived today. The Dinka have never complained about that no land because they know that South Sudan is a black people land and anyone has a right to build a hut, a house or a mountain anywhere they choses to. So the border was never an issue, you are the only tribe that have been running your mouth about the land. Your neighbors know you very well that you are the last people to share, you are the most dark hearted tribe and the most selfish tribe in the whole republic of South Sudan and that is why a smart man like Lam Akol Ajawin Will die with out obtaining anything due to the same gene of selfishness he has inherited from you the Shilluk. Lam would have been the President now, but your attitudes will never grant you life. Your king (Mak) keep telling you to get your heads off your asses, be patience and learn like other citizens. He and the Shilluk elders also keep telling you the fact that your land is the west bank of the Nile, but the Eastern Nile Bank on the other side of the Nile belong to Shilluk, but the Shilluk who live on the Eastern Nile bank is Either the Shilluk their mom’s being bang by the Dinkas or a friend who was called to learn how sharing is the life. You keep talking about the border, have you resolve your border with the Arab? or is that’s why you are in Khartoum? You have been looking for it, but you are going to regret it this time. Just remember that you keep it up again with your stupid dump ass Johnson Olony will suck my deck this time. You have been advocating for it, but the secret thing you do not know is that, the dream of Dr. John Garang is dead with him if you watches the news in Juba. That mean there is no human right. You will regret once Padang loos it on you. Don’t bet on Nuer because you have nothing in common and you will never tolerate them either. If you want a good life with your neighbor it could be build. However, you got to get your heads off your asses first because fucking with Padang Jieng will get you in trouble this time. They are your people, you need them, you have blood with them more then anyone out there, so come back to them and apologize please. Let’s hope to resolve every senseless war in the South. Johnson Olony drowned all the Shilluk in the water due to his stupid tactics you want another anther death? what are you going to gain from it? Don’t forget Padang Jieng has a border with the Arab too in the West and the East. If you are Young then I would ask you to consult with your grant father about what Padang does to people when they mad. Otherwise, Just don’t sell your moms to Nuers or Arabs, just live your live, you do not know what Nuers want OK.

Wise Fox January 15, 2016 at 4:45 am

The so called Thon Dog or Jong Macher
Who the hell are you to insulting the Peace loving people? Are you out of mind to disrespect the Chollo Kingdom? So if you are afraid of Mighty Chollo to kick your asses out of their ancestral Land, why don’t you use the same mean to defend what you called your land, why do you dogs crying like ladies, this time Chollo freedom fighters will not give shit to what so called IGAD and UN. Just wait for the third round in 2 weeks’ time, to see if there will be a single Jieng dog remaining on the Eastern bank of the Nile and along the Sobat River, starting from Renk County to Wonthaw in Baliet County. The Mighty Agwelek forces will soon clean the parasites out of Renk, Maluth, Akoko, and Baliet after that we demarcate our boundaries with our new neighbours of Maban and Lajor State.
Chol Thon Bolauq, Stephen Dieu, Thon Mum, Yor Akiej Yor and others Padang Parasites, this is to you to pack up and quickly run to Bar El Gazel before Agwelek Mighty get Palioch

AMEN January 15, 2016 at 10:41 pm

Hahaha…… look at the way the so call stipud Chollo write a comment, are you still talking of Agwelek forces where are they now? i want to tell you if you want the whole chollo community to stay in peace in western side of the river nile please don,t fire a bullet to Apadang Dinka at eastern Nile. you will be in Exile forever, you are useless community in south sudan


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