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Unity State Youth condemns barbaric attack in Mayom

April 4, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — Responding to the latest attack on Buode cattle camp of Mayom county, a youth organization known as the “Lich Youth Union Worldwide” condemns what it terms as a barbaric attack in the strongest terms possible.

Victims of the recent attack in Buode cattle camp of Mayom county, Unity State. The attack was carried by heavily armed youth from Warrap State on April 3, 2021(Photo: supplied)
Victims of the recent attack in Buode cattle camp of Mayom county, Unity State. The attack was carried by heavily armed youth from Warrap State on April 3, 2021(Photo: supplied)

The raid was conducted on Saturday morning by a heavily armed group, who are believed to be from the neighboring Warrap State.

In the attack at least 35 civilians were killed and many others were wounded.

According to the youth organization from Unity State, the youth stands in solidarity with the victims.

“The Liech Youth Union issued this statement in condemnation of a barbaric attack that targeted innocent civilians in Unity State.” Part of the statement reads.

“In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, heavily armed bandits and militia, alias Tuektuek from the neighboring Warrap State stormed Buode Cattle camp in Mayom County, Killing 35 people and wounding several others.” the Lich Youth Union Worldwide added.

“The Liech Youth Union Worldwide stand in full solidarity with the victims and strongly condemn the heinous act in the strongest term possible.” they further pledged.

According to the Youth organization, the same perpetrators launched numerous attacks on civilians in May 2020 in different locations across Unity State;

24th May 2020 – They launched attack on Gamthang cattle camp in Mayom County killing dozens of people and taking away hundreds of head of cattle.” part of the statement reads.

25th May 2020 – Joined Militias from Warrap and Lake State launched attack in Madol Payam and Mayom Payam of Mayiendit and Payinjiar County respectively but were repulsed by the local youth.” the statement further added.

Lich Youth Union Worldwide believes that these attacks were and are being organized with the knowledge of the goverbment  and as such the Liech Youth Union urge the local civil defense forces to be vigilant and respond in self-defense if they are attacked.

“The Liech Youth Union notes with concern that all the attacks are premeditated, government-backed and are characterized by indiscriminate killings of people.” Said Mr. Dak Bol, the chairman of the Liech Youth Union.

“The leadership of Liech Youth Union therefore urge the local civil defense forces to be vigilant and respond to any kind of aggression that targets civilians accordingly. Enough is enough for the criminals and any act of terror shall not tolerated anymore!” Dak continued.                            

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Bol Deng April 5, 2021 at 8:14 am

“Unity State Youth condemns barbaric attack in Mayom”

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Your Riek Machar ran ‘with no shoes and surrendered himself into Malakal and to Khartoum,.

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Dr. John Garang told us to come back to Southern Sudan. Abeshas (so-called ethiopians) don’t know how to fight wars. We are going to bomb the vermins/parasites back with Djibouti and the land the vermins/parasites are currently on

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