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OPP disagrees on the allocation of political positions

Jan 5, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — A member of Other Political Parties has accused minister Peter Mayen of working alone in regards to the distribution of three positions of the deputy governor.

Peter Mayen Majongdit, the opposition leader who went missing for days in Juba, in a past photo with Salva Kiir (Photo: Sharp Voice/Nyamilepedia)

Kornelio Kon Ngu, the leader of the national alliance of political parties and a leading member of the grouping, Other Political Parties (OPP) admitted that there is a group within the group as the minister acted alone without the consensus of the other signatories to the group when he submitted a list for political nominees.

“There is a problem in our group of the Other Political Parties (OPP). We have a minister (Peter Mayen Majongdit) from the group who wants to work alone without input and consensus from the rest of the members of the group. As signatories, we are six. We as a group decided that the six of us will agree on the distribution of the positions allocated to us so that there is balance and harmony. The minister decided by himself and with other people who are not part of us and came up with his own list,” Kon said.  

“And he acted unilaterally and said he is the head of the group. Our group consists of the National Alliance, there is Umbrella, African National Congress, there is USAP, etc. there are six parties. So he decided to come up with a list outside of and without consulting the group and submitted his list for appointments,” Kon added.

Kornelio said the incident created an impasse and delays because the main group also came up with and submitted a list and this has created confusion. 

He said that Kornelio acted as if he was the leader of the wrong group but he is hoping the six signatories will have a sit down to resolve the issue between today and tomorrow.

The national alliance of political parties also claimed that the minister is reluctant of attending the meeting to resolve the issue.

“Yes he submitted his list and we had requested that he come to a meeting to resolve the problem but he was reluctant. Yesterday I talked to him and asked him to come today at 9 am so that we sit down and resolve the issue. So I am sure if we do not solve the problem today then we will tomorrow.” Kon said that he does not know where the minister got his list from.

“He is the one who knows, maybe these are people with him. We do not know. This peace agreement now has its dynamics so he might have people who support him who tell him what to do. Some of these people might not want peace so it is not clear.” Kon said the government should work with the group.

“We sat down and agreed on how to divide the positions. There are three positions, there is a minister, deputy minister and there is the head of the assembly,” Kon explained. 

“So the three positions will go to different parties with the group of parties. Equally, in the states, the three positions of the deputy governors will also be distributed fairly among the parties. So every party will get a position. So the minister went and did his things and this led to the delay” he added.

Asked who the head of their group is, Kon said, “The Other Political Parties (OPP) has no head. There are representatives from the different parties who meet, agree, and go and brief their respective parties.”

Calls to the minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, Peter Mayen went unanswered.

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