Torit Church Minister Urges Public To Forgive, Reconcile

Torit, South Sudan.


Oct 04, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — Reverend Peter sundry, a local church minister based in Torit urged public to forgive and reconcile one other for peace to prevail in the country.

He said it is not difficult for south Sudanese to return back to Jesus, the difficult part is if south Sudanese refused to return to God, “I fear only maybe this month we will experience difficulties in all levels, unless we remove the bad habits that we had borrowed from others we will have peace in our areas.”

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He encourages Christians to look for God as their creator for them to get solution;

“Everyone one in the state here now lacks peace, though others may say they owned business, or have daily income, or have enough money this is not enough my dear, because will not help you, and even will not solve your security problem to protect your properties unless we come to God and asked for forgiveness on behave of ourselves and others to realize peace and unity of our people, if this crisis made by us should be us to forgive and reconcile ourselves”. Reverend Peter sundry stressed.

Peter said in South Sudan the word sorry is not valued, people don’t want even to hear it, but he said that’s why south Sudanese are failing and preventing themselves from growth, saying if this current situation continued many will not live or none will even like to stay in south Sudan.

In Message to all Nyamile press readers or subscribers that he called on all country men and women to preach love and eschew hatred amongst south Sudanese communities. “It is the only tool to address this current situation in the whole nation, but to others it may look difficult unless they return to God and look for the Holy Spirit to guide them” he said.

He prayed to the entire nation that, “God forgive us from our sin, we recognized that we are weak, we are unable to solve our problems, help us to do things rightly, we have failed our self, God protect us from our enemy the devil who don’t wants us develop, whose plan to kill and distraction, as you love us direct us in your ways, for those who are carrying guns in bushes on the roads God forgive them for their sin and cultivate to them the spirit of peace, we call on our leadership in all levels to be encouraged and do right things with wisdom of god not of human to govern our people according to your ways, for those who don’t want to go to the church Lord change that thinking from them and nurture your spirit to them know you and recognized your love for us”.

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