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UN New York High Level Team visits Juba Central Prison Vocation Training centre

JUBA, South Sudan.

Mr Robert Pulver and Ms Helen with DG Prisons at the VTC in Juba(Photo Credits: Nyamilepedia)
Mr Robert Pulver and Ms Helen with DG Prisons at the VTC in Juba(Photo Credits: Nyamilepedia)

Oct 04, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —-– The UN High Level Team from UN Headquarters New York accompanied by the UNMISS visitation to the National Prisons Service Vocational Training Centre in Juba Central Prison on Friday.

The team was briefed by the Director General of Prisons, Gen Henry Aguar and Deputy Director General Service Lt Gen Sameer Sulieman.

“The main objective of this workshop is to impart skills to the inmates so that once they are released they are able to support their families without resorting to criminal activities” remarked Gen Henry while the team took a round of the well-equipped facility.

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The team was highly appreciative of the initiative and congratulated the Prison service and the UNDP for the excellent work being done to help the inmates in becoming responsible citizens once they are released. They interacted with the supervisors and trainees undergoing various courses in eight faculties in the VTC.

“We have eight faculties which include carpentry, masonry, electrical installation, vehicle repairs, metal works, agriculture, tailoring, hairdressing and beauty therapy. The curriculum is aligned to the Ministry of Education syllabi. All the instructors are highly qualified and experienced and fulfil all the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Education. Our training willbe at par with any similar training impartedby any technical training institution in the country” explained Engineer Samuel Sabuni, the Head Supervisor.

“This was a very old and dirty place which has been extensively renovated and equipped by the UNDP through their continuous support over the last two years. We really appreciate the hard work being done by the UNDP team , who are with us regularly, even during the crisis”, remarked the Director General.

The high level UN team from UN Headquarters and UNMISS, led by Mr Robert Pulver included, Ms Helen, Mr Oscar and Mr Michael. Mr Pulver congratulated the DG and his team and UNDP for their efforts to enhance rehabilitation opportunities for the inmates once they are released.

“We are very appreciative of the UNDP team who have made conscious attempts to ensure that the initiative enhances indigenous capacity and promotes sustainability. All instructors employed are South Sudanese. The curriculum has been developed in close coordination with the Ministry of education and the Ministry of Labour. As suggested by them, we have got the workshop registered with the Government to work as a commercial company so that it can bid for work which can be undertaken by the workshop. The resources so generated will be utilised to sustain the workshop and improve the facilities for the inmates”, said Lt Gen Sameer, Deputy Director General.

Inmates undergoing training in agriculture are given practical training in farming.The Prison Production Department is being encouraged to cultivate the land available in the Prison farms to promote food security.

The VTC was inaugurated in Feb 2016 and has trained the first batch of 225 inmates and prison staff in eight subjects. The second batch of 140 inmates is currently under training. It is supported by the Government of Netherlands through UNDP. The Vocational Training Centre has been set up by the Prison service with support from UNDP

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