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SPLA-IO slams self-proclaimed chairman, Duer Tut Duer for “an impulsive decision”

July 10, 2021 — Respond to June 1st, 2021 press statement that was read out on social media by Duer Tut Duer two days ago, the SPLA-IO  spokesman,  Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng, cautions supporters that Duer Tut Duer’s statement was not official and not endorsed by the military

SPLA-IO deputy spokesman Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng (Photo credit: supplied)
SPLA-IO deputy spokesman Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng (Photo credit: supplied)

“It serves to inform all SPLA (IO) Sectors, Divisions, Brigades, and Battalions, also the entire population of South Sudan, especially the diehard supporters, sympathizers of the people’s movement that, the statement you might have seen floating on social media which declared the endorsement of Lt.General Duer Tut Duer, as the Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A (IO) is neither official nor has it been discussed on the table.” Brig. Gen. Gatjiath wrote.

According to the SPLA-IO statement, Gen. Duer made a unilateral decision that lacks legitimacy or support.

“Hence, this must be regarded as a one man decision and also a weak and an impulsive decision which lacks credibility because comrade Lt. General Duer Tut Duer, in the first place, should have consulted the top Leadership of the SPLM/A (IO) and also should be an unanimous decision to serves the interest of the entire People’s movement rather than to monopolize the decision.” Gatjiath said.

Before responding to Gen. Duer, the SPLM/A-IO  leadership met in Magenis to deliberated on the subject but after finding no relevant substance, they disregarded it.

“Moreover, the military leadership of the SPLA (IO) has today held a meeting at Magenis, and the decision was made to disregard such imposed decision.” William Gatjiath wrote.

Although the SPLA-IO military leadership admits that some of the concerns raised by Duer were legitimate, they called on their supporters to remain calm while the matters are being resolved.

“In this decision, we realized that the SPLM/A (IO) as a movement has for sure experienced and suffered an inevitable maladministration and chaotic system which let everybody decides and claims leadership by his own. We therefore, asked all to remain calm and wait for valuable and an ingredient news that will impress the movement.” Part of the statement reads.

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