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Garang Boys: An Overpriced and Riskier Venture, Which Didn’t Attain Its Projected Profits. G10

Members of Garang boys signing a document at Dr. Garang's memorial ground in Juba after their return to resume their positions(Photo: file)
Members of Garang boys signing a document at Dr. Garang’s memorial ground in Juba after their return to resume their positions(Photo: file)

July 14, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — John Garang de Mabior, a visionary leader who spent most of his political lifespan leading a guerrilla movement, also invested his treasureable knowledge and time developing future leaders. The so called Garang boys were once very promising and talented South Sudanese leaders, with well-defined ideologies toward the freedom and expansion of the New Sudan vision. Their exceptional determination to unshackle the marginalized people of our nation earned them the reputation and admiration of an entire generation. However, our hero and idealistic leader made an overpriced and riskier investment, which certainly didn’t attain its projected profit at the end of its maturity. Sadly indeed he didn’t breathe long enough to witness their fiasco in the deliverance of our collective efforts.

During the CPA, and in the initial phase of the establishment of the Republic of South Sudan, our young leaders derailed from the conventional means in the national building process, supposedly to embody and accommodate the interests of the grieving people of our nation. They embarked in the disgraceful boat by misusing their political influences, illegal enrichment and obviously accomplishing their innermost childhood desires, dishonoring outstanding reputations.

The G10 aka “Garang Boys” failed miserable, they tarnished the vision of our liberator icon and the SPLM/A brand in a pivotal moment in the history, when our society was expecting more from the incumbents. Unquestionably, they disowned the substantial ethical principles by making astonishing gains corrupting our national treasury. To many of us, who once had idolized them, their downfall is a heartbreak failure to our entire generation, having in consideration the energy and efforts invested in their formation. Also the countless human lives lost throughout our heroic struggle under a vain and pessimistic leadership of these elements. We can simply exclaim that South Sudan had lost a treasureable gift by inappropriately intrusting joint interests and security in erroneous hands.

As a great country, we will triumph and master our aims by correcting our mistakes in constructive manners without prejudice or favoritism. Members of the G10 instigated the fight for democratic reform, a positive and applauding move which in latter days they abandoned. Causing catastrophic damages to a fragile democracy, today they’re claiming blamelessness. Despite your politeness, and great disingenuous efforts to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict, the people of South Sudan will always categorize you as the masterminded and responsible of the nastiest genocide in the history of the modern era.

“Hurt not others in a ways you yourself, would find hurtful” Buddhism: The unprincipled political atmosphere in South Sudan has always been harmful and hostile against the defenseless citizens. This old-fashioned scrupulousness mindset has continuously pulverized the poorest people, and immorally benefited the one in the leading positions.

As the former president of the United State of America stated “You are either with us or against us” whatsoever the G6-4 had legitimacy and rewarded Kiir dictatorship tendency. Abandoning the fight for democratic reforms in South Sudan unfinished, this move will endlessly term your commitment and determination of delivering quality outcomes. Public positioning is measured by the capacity to serve and fulfill duties and commitments; G6-4 emptied our financial institutions “Central Bank” and created an outrageous humanitarian disaster.

The author, Moses Jal Elijah, can be reached at mjelijah@yahoo.ca

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AGUMUT July 14, 2015 at 11:51 pm

Garang Boys never thought that John Garang one day will leave our wonderful world. They were elites and lying,while most soldiers were barefooted. Some people among G10 are victims and some were Garang’s pseudonyms.

Lat Kuem July 15, 2015 at 1:58 am

I thinks human being are not permanent in all level, whoever saw his vision must also acknowledge and asked who is God before you. As per today Kiir supporters also does it and time will came for everyone in the teams nor than permanent notice.

Lat Kuem July 15, 2015 at 2:28 am

G10 are most interested personal in of grievances, they bypassed the case of detained them to Machar because of money. Since you have join kiir still no more value on you neither community nor government.
Am quiet sure Mr killer will jailed them and no claim from Machar

tutu July 15, 2015 at 6:17 pm

I knew pagan will come back full of shame,Dinka made you to be the person you are right now, without the push that was made by Garang, you would not been the person that is a secretary today. you had bitten the finger that fed you, now you do have to behave or else,


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