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South Sudan says rejects AU and UN calls for inclusive National Dialogue

Salva Kiir in a gloomy face after a peace talk in Addis Ababa on May 26th, 2014(Photo: file)
Salva Kiir in a gloomy face after a peace talk in Addis Ababa on May 26th, 2014(Photo: file)

03, January 2017 (Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan government has rejected calls for an inclusive National Dialogue process, saying it will not accept any calls from the International Community or any other organisations or even individuals for an inclusive National Dialogue or an inclusive peace process, saying it was interference in the Country’s affairs.

Speaking to media in Juba, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Martin Elia Lomoro, said the government would not accept any interference from any International individuals or organisations in South Sudan affairs.

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In a joint statement released at the sidelines of the recent African Union summit in Ethiopia, the International community which included the African Union, IGAD and United Nations have called for a permanent ceasefire in South Sudan, warning that the two warring factions must cease hostilities.

To end the conflict, they also called for all parties to participate in a fully inclusive National Dialogue and inclusive implementation of the peace process.

However the calls by the International community for an inclusive National Dialogue and inclusive peace process has not gone well with the President Silva Kiri’s government in Juba which immediately responded to the call through its Minister of Cabinet affairs who said they would not allow any party or organisation to be involved in the process which is under the leadership of President Salva Kiir and his faction alone.

“The National Dialogue is a national initiative, it is not subject to any criticism, it is not subject to review, it’s not subject to be used up by (anyone), by any individuals or organisations” Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia Lomoro told reports.

It is not clear how the government, which is just a faction of the divided SPLA and SPLM, would reconsider the country but reports on the ground clearly shows that South Sudan conflict has intensified and more people are being displaced since July 2016.

President Salva Kiir initiated the National Dialogue saying it was the best way to end South Sudan’s civil war but failed to include all political groups and the main armed opposition in the process. Instead he appointed close colleagues and individuals within Juba to participate in the dialogue excluding a large majority of the country’s key parties.

50 African organisational and civil society groups have written to the African Union urging for an inclusive political process in South Sudan in order to avert genocide that could occur if the war is allowed to continue.

Martin Elia blasted the Troika countries (US, UK, Norway) for calling for an inclusive political process, saying they were interfering in the country’s affairs and it was not within their mandate to make such demands or calls.

“I think the EU or the members of the Troika (US, UK and Norway) should stick to their diplomatic mandate and ….should (only) deal with South Sudan on bilateral basis, political interference will not help our relationship” Martin Elia warned EU and Troika countries

The EU and Troika had released a statement this week backing the position taken by the international community at the AU summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by the AU, IGAD and the UN for an inclusive National Dialogue and an inclusive peace process in order to bring the crisis in South Sudan to an end.

South Sudan’s armed opposition led by Riek Machar has accepted the new calls by the International Community for an inclusive Dialogue and peace implementation.

The SPLM/SPLA-IO said it would cooperate as long as it was an inclusive process that is independently led by the African Union High Representative and the International community to resuscitate the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

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Cienzhiel February 5, 2017 at 7:53 am

hahahaahahah SPLA IO vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you fear machar as God than what next iron fist

Beek February 7, 2017 at 12:19 pm

You are mad,Machar had been chased away.

garak1520 February 13, 2017 at 2:21 pm

It is really pitiful that we, as Africans don’t have the balls to relate the facts as they are. The regime in Juba is not for the people, it will never be on the side of the people, that being the reason of not going for national dialogue. How can you refuse National Dialogue when you want peace back. Time has come to isolate Juba regime, and I mean all neighboring countries including Uganda of Moseweni to stop advising the folks in Juba. They do not deserve recognition as long as they keep on killing their own people.


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