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Investigative: American bio labs in Africa, do they really exist?

By Moussa Cherif,

Oct 08, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The world faces a pandemic of COVID-19 that shows the world can be easily thrown into chaos by a virus that people can’t defeat. The world has also acknowledged that viruses can affect the world economy much more heavily than any war or military conflict. 

Within all this mess over coronavirus the international community now has eyes on organizations of all types connected to biological research. Among such facilities are the American ones that work on a vaccine against COVID-19. However, their activities are often seriously criticized as the US keeps in secret all the information about them despite the fact that similar biological laboratories of other countries work much more openly. 

Such shady research centers of the United States operate in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and in Africa. Certain experts even stated that the Ebola disease outbreak was caused by the American specialists

Meanwhile, according to US laws any biological research conducted by any American laboratory must be only for civilian purposes and safe for the locals. Therefore I’ve decided to try to find out the truth, what is really happening in US-funded biological laboratories in Africa. 

American bio labs and epidemics in Africa

First US laboratories were established in Africa in the late 90s to fight AIDS and malaria. However, the number of these facilities increased in years and now Washington has over 400 units which true missions remain unclear. 

Dr. Cyril Broderick…

Many experts draw connections between the number of American laboratories, their locations, and epidemic outbreaks in certain parts of Africa. 

Liberian Observer, the largest newspaper in Liberia published articles by Dr. Cyril Broderick, an infections and microbiological diseases expert who condemned the United States over creating and spreading Ebola fever pathogens. He found out that epidemic outbreaks happen in the regions where the American biological laboratories are located. 

Dr. Broderick stated that secret operations of the US are aimed at creating and spreading the deadly virus. He also said that Ebola and AIDS were genetically modified organisms developed by military organizations in North America as biological weapons and specially delivered to Africa for testing. 

Alternative version of Ebola outbreak and biological materials trade

Other versions of Ebola virus spreading were also published in mass media. A number of American alternative resources reported about an emergency in Kenema city’s state hospital, Sierra Leone, when an Ebola virus outbreak killed over 13,000 people. In this very hospital there was an American laboratory funded by George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations

These bio labs pose a really big threat and any little failure of any system may lead to terrible consequences not only for one certain country, but for the whole world. At the same time, it would be very hard to find out and prove that it was a biological weapon that went out of control and killed thousands of people. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would be able to prove that American foundations were behind the catastrophe. In this case any emergency in the laboratory will be easily covered by numerous statements about unexpected outbreak of any well-known epidemic and may be posing no serious threat. 

It’s worth mentioning that during the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa mostly European and American specialists have been operating at the scene. They also gathered over 250,000 blood samples and took them to their countries for studies without agreements of their patients. This unlawful move allowed the European and American pharmaceutical corporations to use blood of the African people who didn’t agree to become donors for free thus saving billions of dollars while creating a vaccine. For example, a blood sample of a woman from Guinea, one of those patients, has code C15. Ebola virus extracted from her blood is demonstrated on the website of the European Virus Archive, Germany’s Bernhard Hocht Institute for tropical Medicine sells it for 3,637 euros for 0.5 ml, that is 170 times more expensive than gold. 

The exact number of blood samples taken from the African people can’t be found out as the American and European medics refuse to disclose any information, saying it’s an issue of national security. One of the women from Guinea that suffered Ebola fever and survived told me that she had been treated in one of the field hospitals by doctors from the United States. They took her blood samples a few times for further analysis. She was very much surprised and angered after I told her that a blood sample of a person suffering Ebola fever costs thousands of euros. She told me she would like to officially agree on medical intervention and receive some monetary reward for it. 

Despite the fact that blood samples were taken from thousands of citizens of African countries, scientists from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea have still no access to them to conduct their own research.

American biological laboratories in Africa: how they operate

There is a large-scale network of medical research centers in Africa which conduct a number of special tasks, such as discovering, selection, studying, classification of natural pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, and mushrooms), choosing the most dangerous ones, conducting research of their genomes and mutations, developing a vaccine, testing a vaccine, creating a vaccine, and conservation of this vaccine. 

American biological laboratories operating cycle….

The US State Department announced that the American biological laboratories cooperate with African local authorities in discovering new cases of diseases, controlling epidemiologic situations, and investigating infections outbreaks. Notably, there are at least 30 American bio labs in Africa.

US State Department disclosed new American laboratories (via Twitter)
US State Department disclosed new American laboratories(Source: via Twitter)

These labs officially have a mission to prevent and counter any biohazard and protect the local population. However, they are directly subordinate to the Pentagon. They provide the full range of preparations for studies of diseases and taking materials and info from the local population and collecting the DNA of African people. This data is then sent to the Pentagon-controlled Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

DTRA is a key body of the whole defensive system of the United States that is responsible for chemical and biological defense research and controls all the American bio labs all over the world. 

DTRA has created a large-scale network of medical facilities in more than 25 countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, African states, etc.).

It’s no surprise that a number of these medical centers have been created by DTRA, their activities are also funded by the Agency.

DTRA contract of a medical laboratory construction in Uganda
DTRA contract of a medical laboratory construction in Uganda

The Agency often sends its military biologists to civilian laboratories within a direct cooperation with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or private contractors.

These contractors are not subject to the US Congress and can go beyond the law thanks to the lack of control. According to the Biological Weapons Convention that was adopted in 1972, the US is obliged to annually share biological defense information with other nations. However, Washington has to provide data concerning the programs of the Pentagon, not private contractors or other government agencies. The challenging programs with bad reputation are usually passed over to the CIA, HHS or other bodies and private contractors.

For example, CH2M Hill Company controls a number of biological research programs that are connected to the Pentagon, CIA and other government structures. The company has a $341.5-million contract with DTRA within the scope of Pentagon’s Uganda bio labs program. 

Such an intricate way of covering the US biological research is used due to strong law regulations; these programs cost millions of dollars. It’s really noteworthy that all the experiments and tests in the United States must be carried out on animals only. That’s why large military centers and pharmaceutical companies conduct covert operations and biological research in Third World countries using the local population for cheap biological materials gathering and testing of vaccines.

US civilian and military bio labs cooperation structure
US civilian and military bio labs cooperation structure …

Is Uganda a testing ground?

Most of the laboratories connected to the US government structures are located in Africa. Uganda is among the countries that the United States display high interest.

Units in Uganda partially or fully funded by the USA
Units in Uganda partially or fully funded by the USA

I have analyzed a number of documents on cooperation between Uganda’s state bodies and Washington and found out that most of the medical research centers, institutes, medical schools, and bio labs (including prisons) were established by the United States and are parts of one big network.

DTRA’s laboratory in Arua city in the north-west of Uganda is located close to the city prison that is also funded by the United States. 

It looks like the American biologists conduct research works of dangerous viral respiratory infections using prisoners with no fear of any consequences. A number of Uganda’s prisoners who are infected with tuberculosis are three times higher than among the country’s civilian population.

Such dangerous research goes unpunished as the African country simply has no human rights activists who can take to the streets of the cities, demonstrate and demand explanations and wrapping of unlawful programs.

The DTRA has other objects in this country. For example, in early 2019 the Agency funded the establishment of a biological laboratory near Namulonge, Central Uganda. The lab is supervised by the National Institute of animal husbandry and has a mission of early detection of murrain, brucellosis, and anthrax.

Biological laboratory supervised by National Institute of animal husbandry not far from Namulonge, Uganda
Biological laboratory supervised by National Institute of animal husbandry not far from Namulonge, Uganda

It is very suspicious that a civilian facility was built and is now funded by the Pentagon. Moreover, very high security requirements from the US and numerous secret animal experiments arouse suspicions among many people living close to the laboratory. 

One of the center’s employees speaking on conditions of anonymity confirmed that there was a strong likelihood that this Uganda’s facility hosts American biological laboratory. It is located in a building with armed security servicemen. Despite the US promises to create jobs and hire Uganda’s citizens to work in the laboratory, the locals are allowed to enter the building as a service staff only. 

It looks like this covert bio lab conducts not only research works safely for people and the environment. The DTRA-controlled laboratory secretly works with dangerous pathogens, conducting tests on animals or even humans. At least I can’t see any other explanation of its presence in Uganda’s Institute of animal husbandry.

If any unknown deadly disease outbreak happens in Uganda killing thousands of people and spreading across the continent in the near future, this won’t be of any surprise. Similar incidents have already taken place before. 

Cycle of creating of US ethical and biological selective biological agent
Cycle of creating of US ethical and biological selective biological agent

History and African interest

In September-October, 2001 a biological terrorist act was conducted in the United States. A number of letters with anthrax spores were sent by mail to a few mass media offices and two Senators of the Democratic Party. The attack resulted in the death of 5 people and infecting 17 others. The American authorities were very much worried as the biological terror act was conducted with a special biological agent aimed at mass killing.

The FBI said the investigation of this case was one of the most difficult and challenging in history. Washington realized that biological weapons can be used against any country and decided to launch a secret program of developing combat viruses. 

For that purpose in July, 2001 the United States unilaterally declined to finish the elaboration of the so-called Protocol, an agreement plan on biological weapons control that was drafted by the inter-governmental group after 6 years of discussion in Geneva.

The document was aimed at fixing a number of procedural issues of the Convention on the Prohibition of Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction (Biological Weapons Convention, BWC). The sides signing the Protocol were obliged to inform each other on their vaccine developing facilities; largest biological defense and genetically engineered vaccine creating objects; facilities working on biological agents’ sprays etc., which can be used as biological weapons agents. A special decision making mechanism was elaborated to inspect “suspicious objects” in the territories of the countries who signed the Convention of 1972.

The United States explained its decision saying that it would be open to the other countries but would not get anything instead, and the transparency can be used by other nations to disclose the US secrets. This way American government showed “who’s the boss” and no one but the United States can control the situation and the other countries. 

The policy of the White House concerning this issue is crystal clear, but nevertheless it remains unclear why the African countries agree to host biological hazardous facilities in their own territories. The thing is that states such as Uganda are in fact controlled by the Pentagon, DTRA and other medical organizations that bribe local officials and use gaps in legislation of these nations. In fact, for Washington Africa is just a testing ground for experiments on humans. 


The United States biological laboratories in African countries are a top secret issue. Any information on their activities is usually very hard to collect, organize and classify.

The analysis of the known facts just proves that under the pretext of vaccines developing, saving people’s lives, countering AIDS and malaria, the American bioengineers collect DNA all over the world and conduct testing of US-developed dangerous viruses on humans, who don’t even know they are used as guinea-pigs. 

The results of the African tests are transported to the United States for further enrichment of medical corporations and the defense sector of the USA (by developing vaccines, combat viruses and agents, infecting people and making money on selling medicines to them).

African states’ governments should consider revising the decisions on hosting American facilities in their territories. And it’s time to take the activities of the American biological laboratories under international supervision and control. 

The author, Moussa Cherif, is an investigative journalist. He can be reached for more information at mcherif4@protonmail.com.

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