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Open Letter to Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of SPLM/A-IO

By Hon. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino,

Governor- Imatong State

Comrade Oyet Nathaniel Chairperson for National Committee for Mobilization on Left and Comrade David OTim, the Appointed Representative of the SPLM in Opposition Liaison Office -Uganda on right (Photo by Gai Manyuon/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 2, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Cde Chairman I am writing on the questions of enforced disappearance and deportation of;
1. Mr. James Gatdet Dak
2. Mr. Agrey Ezboni Idri
3. Mr. Samuel Dong Luak

Cde Chairman, sincere regrets and heart felt to the families of the trio and tributes to the people of South Sudan as they suffer setbacks in their quest for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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It is immeasurably great lost of resources particularly brains and every effort these members of our society put from the time they invested their lives in the service of South Sudan.

It could have been you, me or any member of the leadership of The movement or civil society organizations. I am reminded that this act of terror and cowardice by South Sudan regime to kidnap its citizens around the world leaves every South Sudanese vulnerable. Cde Chairman no one is safe including you wherever you are.

Now it has become clear that government of Kenya is clearly complicit in this heinous crime and subsequent deportation to face torture and death by these victims . I read one comment by a Kenyan member of parliament telling James Gatdet as he was being deported to juba to greet and kiss Mathiang Anyor if he reaches juba, assuring him of his bad fate.

There is a clique of criminal gangs allied to the regime in Juba made up of members of parliament of kenya calling themselves “friends of South Sudan. They visited Juba shortly after the conflict erupted in July, 2016 to bid the regime political and security support in its crackdown of parties to the 2015 signed compromised Peace Agreement.

Cde Chairman while this is a crime that can be admitted in the ICC or hybrid court, we cannot only keep talking and writing about it and wait for the next victim.

There are things in our capacity as individuals and organization that we can do. I believe in the notion that there are two powers in this world “the sword” and ” the mind” in the long run its the mind that beats the sword

Kenya ?? is a prominent actor in the peace process in South Sudan to the extent that it holds conspicuous role of a rapporteur and special envoy status, a very central roles in the said peace process. Kenya had also sent peace keepers in the country and had held commanding status of the UNMISS forces.

Today kenya ?? has stunned many civilized people of South Sudan, region and the world for relinquishing their legitimate regional roles in order to take part in abating the regime systematic policy of genocide, rape, enforced disappearance, mass murder, abduction, and human rights violations.

The act of Kenyan government in this regards doesn’t permit them to again hold their aforementioned status in any peace process in South Sudan. This must be signaled loud and clear.

For any meaningful political process kenya should be relegated in it’s roles as a peace broker in South Sudan. They have chosen to take part in the conflict they cannot under all circumstances be mediators. We must deal with kenya as a different party in relation to the peace process and this is a legitimate fear and concerns.

There are many countries in the region with good intentions towards the people of South Sudan. They wish a quick end to the suffering the country is going through now. They are not seeking any rent from the sufferings of South Sudanese.

Collusion of Kenyan government and their security installations to exchange human blood for money is not only barbaric but also beats the notion for which that country was established in the first place and the current leadership in Kenya is to blame for this unprecedented wretched of their system.

Thorough review of Kenyan role in South Sudan conflict is a prerequisite. It should not be business as usual for kenya. A farmer can only reap what he has sown. There’s no guarantee that kenya will be an honest broker any more and serve under the humanitarian principles of neutrality in South Sudan conflict.

The lives of all refugees under the prevailing political and security conditions in Kenya is at stake and something must be done about it. it’s our moral and legitimate concern as the representatives of the South Sudanese people to advise our citizens seeking refuge in Kenya to drop their considerable because it is not safe in kenya. The hands of the regime you are fleeing from extends in kenya.

Refugees who are in Kenya should consider options for the third country as Kenyan government has already waved the prima facie considerations on ground of their political allegiance and active support of government of South Sudan.

The cases of the trio should be filed with references to the court proceedings in kenya now with clear individual responsibility in regardless of citizenship with the ICC, hybrid court or tribunals that shall look into the human rights violations in South Sudan.

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JOHN YOAL CHUOL February 3, 2017 at 12:18 am

true advise’juba regime failed to confront the freedom fighters that is why they are doing tourist activities, am absolutely urge my fellow citizen who residing in kenya to leave kenya immediately because kenya become devil to south sudanese right now, and soon kenyan will regret for their fate

JOHN YOAL CHUOL February 3, 2017 at 12:27 am

true advisement regime failed to confront the freedom fighters that is why they are doing tourist activities, am absolutely urge my fellow citizen who residing in Kenya to leave Kenya immediately because Kenya become devil to south Sudanese right now, and soon Kenyan will regret for their fate

koang thok February 3, 2017 at 12:32 am

we must not be friends kenyans again.let them kill us and time will come to kill too.

Beek February 7, 2017 at 12:31 pm

Kenya has the right to deport most of them because they are very corrupt and don’t even care about suffering people. Government of South Sudan is Good,since the government still feeding those who are dangerous and afraid at UNMISS Camps across the country.

Jok Bec MANGON February 9, 2017 at 4:29 am

Don’t worry about the disappearing of the three lairs who having been telling South Sudanese lies after lies about the ongoing war in the country. The three men are at the safe hand in their own country.

Jok Bec February 9, 2017 at 4:33 am

The three men are at the safe place in their own country.


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