Press Release

Nuer Community Leadership in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Did Not Meet Salva Kiir

By Mr. puot Dador,

Office of Nuer community in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Salva Kiir and Lol Gatkuoth posting for a picture with unidentified members of Nuer community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(photo: file)
Salva Kiir and Lol Gatkuoth posting for a picture with unidentified members of Nuer community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(photo: file)

Feb 3, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– We are very delighted to renounce to the nuer community worldwide that, there has been misinformation made by individual members of the community that all executives’ members of the leadership as well as sub communities in Ethiopia are supporting or supporters of rotten regime of Salva Kiir.

The defection made by the community leader is personal which has no relation with body of the entire community.

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The leadership of nuer community under the leadership of Mr. Puoch Jal is here to inform the public that do not be misled by insane interest announced by John Jekow who have joined the blood money of your elders, fathers, mothers, as well as sons and daughters and indeed we still holding hope that the our fighting with kiir government is still is ongoing concern until amicable procedures of peace process are attained and implemented with the due process.

The community  is very much taking this as a serious major wish the public to denounce the false statement that was generalized by John Jekow  while we the executive in the leadership knows he defected alone. Mr. Jekow have been sellout the entire Nuer community with only amount of 20,000usd that given to him by salva kiir

The Secretary of Nuer community MR Puot Dador made it to the strong believers of the movement that defection of John Jekow alone wouldn’t affect the usual activities of the community since entire community knows defection far. Those who claimed are the leaders of sub-nuer community are just self-claims, are not members  of this boards

John failed to celebrate all three 15th December under his leadership.

He did nothing and will contribute nothing to the fake side that he has just joined.

The leadership of very community that Jekow made his lie on, is  also here to avail the reaction of all four (4) sub-communities as follows:

1:Chairperson of Jikany community in Ethiopia Mr. Chiok Machan,I would to dismiss that lies from sellout john jekow,we are still under leadership of Dr Riek. We will never abundant our community and jointed that visionless Taban Deng and his genocider regime of salva kiir.

2: On behave of Lou-Nuer community,  TUT GON Ghek the chairperson of LOU NUER                 COMMUNITY,  declared that I do not support the alleging statement says by John jekow saying that nuer community are part of leadership of Salva Kiir which is baseless. We Lou-Nuer Community in Ethiopia are still stand firm in supporting SPLA-IO under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny

3: CAHIRPERSON OF FANGAK COMMUNITY MR WILLIAM Nuor.THE people of the greater fangak and whole leadership would like to dismiss those lies made by sellout john jekow.we are still loyal to leadership of Machar.

4: Chairman of Bentiu community. Mr Matnuar Kang. I would like to inform the public that what has been done by the sellout jekow it’s not true. We are still loyal to Dr Machar Teny. The lies statement that spread by sellout Mr. jekow was not true, we will never joint killer salva kiir who have killed the 20000 innocence Nuer in juba.

Your consideration would be highly appreciates


Mr. puot Dador



For more information, you can reach the author at kingkun7.com@gmail.com

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