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Omiya Kingdom; Who Was Queen Hohoro Omoro?

By Pentecosta C. Erum | Lopa County, Eastern Equatoria State

The exhumation of the late King Odoko Omoro at his palace (Habwore) in lbonni Centre (Photo; Odura Aoron, 2015)
The exhumation of the late King Odoko Omoro at his palace (Habwore) in lbonni Centre (Photo; Odura Aoron, 2015)

Nov 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In our efforts to set in context the late Queen, Hohoro Omoro; a meat-and-potato question was built from the ground as to who the Queen was? Here she was!

Hohoro Omoro was a princess born to Adwaru and King Ibou (a.k.a Okulang) of the Ifwotu-based Kingdom. Her reaching 18 years coincided with the Anyanya (I) corporal-cum-king Omoro Ayiru of the Omiya Kingdom need for a princess. Thus, the monyie-donge (Syalin Generation: 1934 – 1956) footed all the way to Ifwotu Royal Village (Imokoru) and had her fetched without much ado. And tied (her) in 1951 to King Omoro in a royal way as the monyie-donge (better known as monyie-miji in Otuho language) contributed resources and paid to her (royal) parents as the princess-price (that is why she would be called, bwangani/queen!). With him (King Omoro), Princess Hohoro gave birth to Prince Odoko Omoro (et al).

When King Omoro breathed his last in 1962, Hohoro was installed (in 1963) Queen as she was a ‘bwangani.’ Her reign was marked with unending rains. On the other hand, Her Majesty authorized wars against Ohuli’s Ohutok in 1984, and Maya’s Ohoronyo & Ongelet in 1994 (all under Tuhet II Generation). She also aided the Anyanya (I) military activities in the region leading up to the burning of Ibonni Centre in 1963 and 1965 respectively. Furthermore, her extension of hand in the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) military activities right from 1983 giving rise to the frequent bombings of the kingdom especially in 1997, spoke volumes. What failed her was the drought that befell the region in 1997. It was sizzling! Crops (uncountable) and cattle perished (in large numbers) prompting the monyie-donge to ask her to make way for another (resulting to her withdrawal from the kingdom). And thusly crowned (in 2001) her prince, Odoko as their king.

Of course, King Odoko was powerful. The whole of his reign voluminous rains were registered, much less the Torit Rainfall Contests (in 2008) he, in broad daylight won (and given a car by then Governor, H.E. Aloysius Emor Ojetuk though the car was hidden by the incumbent and toad-bellied Lopa politicians). His giving of a go-ahead on the ensuing war with the Ohuli dynasty (in 2006) also signaled his ‘powerful’ kingdom. When he died in 2013, Hohoro (II) was crowned Queen (by Iboyo II Generation).

Her reign this time round was mouth-watering! Just as her subjects were looking to her, initiating the next generation (after having initiated Tuhet II in 1978, Iboyo II in 2000) purported to be Nassara II (in 2022), Her Highness got sick and later on (on October 18th, 2015) passed away at her Royal Palace (Habwore) in Ibonni Centre, Lopa County. However, months starting from March this year until her demise, there were no rains, but as soon as she was buried, heavy rainfalls have been and are recorded all over the region, a wonderworking that stunned her subjects the most!

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Editorial Team.


Odongi November 29, 2015 at 11:07 pm

Interesting post! There is indeed a lot of interest in the history of our kingdoms as Otuho and Lopit. Our Maya and Hujang kingdoms have been actors in the region a massing a lot of support from their subjects. For example Hujjang Kingdom based in Tirangore bags total loyalty of the Otuho Hide and so is Maya Kingdom based (before at Ohoronyo) now in Hiyala Payam. All in our oral history, these powerful kingdoms fought each other trying to impose supremacy over the other. No wonder why King Ayiru of Omiya Kingdom (in Ibonni) became olongere (the bravest of) Otuho after he downed all the kingdoms in the region.

Odongi November 29, 2015 at 11:19 pm

Pentecoste, a point to put across is that our Otuho and their Lopit kins have to begin researching and put in writing this beautiful history collected by the great kingdoms: Mayya Kingdom, Hujjang Kingdom and Omiya Kingdom, and books eventually be published and taught in primary schools in the Greater Torit! That way our history cannot be lost at all. Our dot.com children are now been born out of their hometowns, and therefore are in quantum danger of loosing this great history of olden rivalry between the Outho and Lopit kingdoms.

Ofere Done January 14, 2016 at 4:48 am

Hohoi Otuho iko Omiya we love our Histroy. Let us work more to devlop Books on these Kingdoms:
Lomiya Kingdom
Mayia Kingdom and Hujjang.

Tomoro our children will read them.

Thanks Erum


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