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Will Both Gawar-Nuer Community in SPLM-IO and SPLM-IG Hold a Reconciliation?

By Ter Manyang Gatwech,

Members of Gawaar-Nuer community performing their traditions dance(Photo: supplied)
Members of Gawaar-Nuer community performing their traditions dance(Photo: supplied)

30th Jun, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) – The reconciliation attempts to restore relationships between difference communities through collective search for truth, justice and forgiveness. The documentation go hands in hand with the truth-seeking which help reconciliation build an inclusive a narrative and shifts national dialogue to reconciliation. Peace without justice is useless within the communities of South Sudan.

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Gawaar (Ayod) are located in Southern part of Jonglie state, in South Sudan with the total population of 139,282 according to 2008 census conducted by South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics (SSNBS). Gawaar-Nuer Community never got any single national Minister from President Salva Kiir’s government since the formation of Government of the Southern Sudan in 2005. The current Deputy Minister of Interior, 1st Lt. Gen: Gabriel Duop Lam (SPLM-IO) was the former Minister of Law Enforcement at Jonglie during Gen: Kuol Manyang Governorship whereas Thomas Duoth Guet (SPLM-IG) maintaining his current position as Director General of External Security (South Sudan National Security Services).

Plus those of (former Honourable ;Timothy Tot Chuol and Honourable, Mary Nyalang Reat Chany both represents Gawaar-Nuer Community in Central Government at the National Legislative Assembly(NLA). Will Tot and Nyalang have a court case to answer in long term? My answer is always yes! The issues of CDF (Constituency Development Funds). The meaning of ‘’term constituency’’ (the group of people who can vote belonging) any of official areas of a country that elect someone to represent them nationally. Tot and Nyalang deserved life sentence in prisons (university of understanding) for 25 years because they killed a good number of Gawaar children who have been rebuff through their right full education and good health care by their representatives in the National Parliament for 11 years by Tot and Nyalang. I would like to request all Gawaar Youth Globally to write petitions to South Sudan High Court in order to sue Hon: Timothy Tot Chuol and Hon: Mary Nyalang Reat Chany for mismanagement the public funds which can built good number of schools and hospitals in Ayod county since the formation of South Sudan(2005-2016)

Back to the big question of today, Will both Gawar-Nuer Community in SPLM-IO and SPLM-IG will hold the Reconciliation? Let me commencement with the Gawaar- in Goverenemt(IG). Gawaar in Government will not permit the national reconciliation to take place in Gawaar land due to many reasons;

Gawaar in Government(IG)

  • Gawaar in Government will fear the national reconciliation because they committed a lot of crimes against humanity in Juba and Ayod.
  • The South Sudan Peace Agreement talk about Hybrid Court for South Sudan(HCSS) to trail those who committed crime against humanity include my people in government (2013-2016)
  • Gawaar in Government will not allowed Hybrid Court for South Sudan to be set up because their boss is accountable for 2013-2016(President Salva Kiir)
  • They cannot go home because they betray the whole community in Juba’ I quote one of my brother who remain with Kiir he said I wish I can be the Dinka tribe in South Sudan because Nuer are useless tribe and horrible tribe according to him’’.

Gawaar in Opposition (SPLM-IO)

  • Yes of course they will allowed the national reconciliation because they are very clean both back home and to the ‘’yes’’ of international community.
  • Their boss (Dr. Riek Machar Teny) did not committed any crimes everybody knows in South Sudan that why he is always advocates for the full implementation of Peace Agreement.
  • They are one who advocates for Hybrid Court for South Sudan to be set up by African Union in future
  • They are enthusiastically to forgive each other both Gawaar and South Sudanese.

Both Gawaar in Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) where 1st Lt. Gen: Gabriel Duop Lam, Deputy Minister of Interior. President Kiir did not appoint anyone Gawar in his side. Gen: Thomas Duoth maintains his position which is not the political post. Gawaar-Nuer Community has good number of army personnel in SPLA-IO but, in Government few army personnel who remain with Gen: Thomas Duoth Guet in Kiir side. My appeals to both Gawaar in Opposition and in Government please kindly, accept the national reconciliation among you in Ayod county.

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Mawien Magol June 30, 2016 at 6:58 pm

You are telling lies. The former rebel leader has committed too many crimes since he started rebellion in 1991. Why are you making cover up?


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