Plane caring two Northern Liech Ministers almost crashed in Tharjiath, no casualties reported.

The plane that almost crashed in Tharjiath (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 21st 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A nineteen seated plane caring senior state government officials from Northern Liech state almost crashed after taking off from Tharjiath airstrip going for Juba.

Malual Tap Dieu, Northern Liech state minister of finance and economic planning told the Nyamilepedia this afternoon that the incident took place at Tharjiath airstrip yesterday when their plane almost crashed upon taking off.

“Yesterday, at 08:08 AM, we left Juba heading to Tharjiath in Northern Liech by a 19-seater plane. I was in the plane, the minister of health and environment was in the plane, a representative of the National ministry of petroleum and some engineers were also on board,” he told the Nyamilepedia from Juba this afternoon.

He said they were going to see a oil well said was leaking away some crude oil and they were going to inspect it and fix it as they were taking a technical team with them.

“We were going to see a oil well that we were told by the county commissioner was leaking crude. So we were caring a technical team to go and fix it,” he said.

After they were done,  they decided to return to Juba. While the plane was preparing to take off,  it mistepped and branch into trees causing it to almost crash.

“We got into the plane,  as it was taking off, it went astray into the forest instead and had to return to the airstrip few minutes later and we were almost perished,” he said.

He said no investigation has been carried on as we also observed that the problem was not in the plane itself but from the airstrip itself.

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