Changson broke away from us: spokesman

Logo of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (File photo)

September 21st 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – The holdout groups who refused to sign last week’s peace agreement said they are the main stream of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance led by Changson Lew Chang and that Changson and other SSOA leaders were defecting from the group.

Emmanuel Aban, the spokesman of the SSOA told the Nyamilepedia this afternoon that he will not be even surprised to hear about the admission of the NAS splinter faction led by Khalid Butrus into Changson’s faction of the Alliance saying they have something in come which is the return to Juba.

“I am not aware of a report where Changson intent to admit the NAS splinter group led by Khalid into the compromised SSOA camp. But I will not be surprised if such rumors turn out to be true,” he said.

“Those of Khalid and his splinter group have met Kiir when he was in khartoum and they have expressed their intentions to go and work with him in juba. So they and the compromised SSOA group have something in common and that is going back to Juba and being integrated into the corrupt and dictatorial regime of Kiir,” he added.

Asked whether they are ready to join the peace deal signed last week,  Aban said they are for a durable peace that will end the ongoing conflict and not a recipe for another violent.

“We want a lasting and durable peace for our people and the country. We want a peace agreement that will address the root causes to the current conflict in our nascent state. Our country has many convoluted political, social, humanitarian and economic ills that can’t be address through the microscopic lenses of elites power sharing,” he said.

“We didn’t break away from Changson but Changson broke away from us,” he said.

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