‘None is better than another’ Evangelist says

Torit, South Sudan.

Leaders of Torit Church and Government Officials speaking after a mass in Torit(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Leaders of Torit Church and Government Officials speaking after a mass in Torit(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Sept 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The Eastern Equatoria State Inter-Church Committee (ICC) chairperson, Evangelist Primo Silvio Oduna, disclosed to listeners during the Sunday evening show over the voice of eastern equatoria 97.5fm that in this world none is better than another.

Silvio added that in front of God, “we are all one, no leader, no tribe, no community, no military, no civilian, no citizen, no individual image is better than another, in front of God we are all the same, as listeners of this radio in this minutes, I want to encourage any of you that, we must love our selves, as Jesus loves us, we need to reflect that love, even though someone somewhere hurt you, I kindly request you to forgive that person and get reconcile with him or her and believe this word, by doing so will make us see peace in the country”.

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Evangelist Silvio call on Military and Civilians not to look at each other as enemy but cooperate, saying military is there to protect the country and its citizens to share information with the organized force for their protection.

“as military and civilians we must be prayerful, as Cornelius a devoted military man in Italian band who fears God with all his household, who always help people and pray for the people, and God answer his prayers according to the book of Act of apostle chapter 10, having said this I want each us to wash ourselves from mistakes and sin that we have committed and ask for forgiveness from God and the those whom you hurt, and hand our live to God for Him to take over our life, our nation and chase Satan from amidst us”.  Said the evangelist.

Callers who called during the Sunday show over the government radio 97.5fm, the voice of eastern equatoria, commended the preaching of Evangelist Silvio saying it is first of its kind of preaching, and asked him to preach the same topic to the military barracks and those who are using guns all over the country to come to understand that no one can live alone in this country.

“we need each other’s support wheather physically or spiritually, or socially, as citizens and military we need to cooperate, and follow our constitutional mandate, contributions from both soldiers from Al-sharkart, Giyada Torit, and civilians from Torit and other counties of Imatong state,” Silvio said.

Many spiritual leaders, like Evangelist Silvio, have spoken out over the fate of South Sudan in the last few months as atrocities and violence continue to force civilians to flee the country for their safety.

According to reports by the United Nations, over 1 million South Sudanese have fled the country to refugees camps across the region, which brings the number of South Sudanese refugees to one of the highest in the world.

The young country gained independent in 2011 in what many people hoped would be a prosperous journey, however, poor leadership under Salva Kiir and his comrades has led the country into a brutal civil war that has never been witnessed in the history of South Sudan.

Many properties have been destroyed and death toll has reached hundreds of thousands although the government maintains the statistic to the minimum.

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