Letio says HIV/AIDS partners urged to cooperate coordinate their activities

Torit, South Sudan.

Everlyn letio, National empowerment of positive(women photo: file)
Everlyn letio, National empowerment of positive(women photo: file)

Sept 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- the Team members from Juba came to Torit with the purpose to hold three days workshop meeting on HIV partners to identify their weakness and how to support their effort.

Evelyn Letio a program coordinator for national empowerment of positive women united urge HIV/AIDS partners to make a change saying people in south Sudan have stigmatized and discriminated people living with HIV everywhere across the country of which she said if not changed people living with HIV/AIDS will not be in peace.

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She added that there was misunderstanding between states Ministry of health and SSAC but now participants new the role of each institution.

“we have finally corrected ourselves for whatever mistakes that was there which made the works being overlapped between the ministry of health and people living with HIV/AIDS, for example the food distributions is the work of SSAC not ministry of health, we consider those mistakes as out of ignorance, as you know this days the funds for HIV/AIDS is limited so we must be accountable to attract donors” Evelyn told government representative from state ministry of health in imatong state.

Evelyn said that women living with HIV are the most affected people in country especially during the crisis, “we in this   forum would like to call on government to allocate agricultural space for positive women to cultivate own food for ourselves and help others elsewhere across the country not to wait for imported food”. She hopes that as being the female minister heading the ministry of health she will make this request possible.

She challenge those international NGOs and UN agencies who are always saying the national NGOs have no capacity to mange funds, “the issue of lack funds some international bodies are saying we don’t have capacity to manage funds, how will know to mange if you don’t provide that fund, so it is very important not take too much on lack of capacity will build then? Evelyn asked.

The statements made during the closing of 3days HIV coordination partners meeting at Dynamic hotel in Torit the capital state of Imatong, attended by community based organizations, faith based organizations, civil society representatives, state government representatives, private sector representatives and among other’s respectively.

Gabriel Atillio the south Sudan AIDS commission director for Prevention headquarters office Juba South Sudan who also is a team leader from Juba urged the national, international non-governmental organization and UN agencies working in the area of HIV/AIDS to cooperate with south Sudan AIDS commission and coordinate their activities so as to know who is doing what and where.

“There some NGOs are became briefcase, they activities are not seen but they produce nice reports, by coordinating our activities we shall know those who are really doing the work and identify those briefcase who are using HIV/AIDS program to raise fund for themselves,” Gabriel said.

James Rondyang the SSAC program manger call on participants from community based organizations (CBOs), faith based organizations (FBOs) not to wait for funds to implement their activities but should raise local funds from community members.

“We are they one to change our communities not international NGOs who are funding our activities, as community we have a greater role to aware our people on HIV/AIDS and break the stigma and discrimination of positive people” James stated.

He said with the few mentioned word “I requesting any CBO, FBO, or CSOs to take HIV issue as a serious concern need to be address by any means throughout the different levels of community settings”.

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Whortti Bor Manza September 28, 2016 at 10:55 pm

This exhausted whore is trying to deviate people’s attention from real issues. People of Eastern Equatoria should not waste time with this rubbish. If all the surrounding areas are closed off, where are you going to implement all these.


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