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Hon. Minister Deng Alor Kuol Visits to Rome To Represent South Sudan At taly –Africa Ministerial Conference

By Amb. Natalina E. Mou,

Deputy Head of Mission,


Former Detainee, Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, on his first foreign mission as South Sudan Minister of Foreign Affair in Rome, Italy(Photo: South Sudan Embassy in Rome/Italy)
Former Detainee, Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, on his first foreign mission as South Sudan Minister of Foreign Affair in Rome, Italy(Photo: South Sudan Embassy in Rome/Italy)

May 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— On the 17th May 2016 the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the TGoNU of the Republic of South Sudan Hon. Minister Deng Alor Kuol arrived Rome to attend Italy –Africa Ministerial Conference that took place on the 18th May, as his first official visit to represent the country in Europe.

The African Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the African Permanent Representatives of the UN and the Ambassadors base in Rome attended Italy and Africa Ministerial Conference that was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy to Strengthen the cooperation and the relations with African countries in the field of Agriculture, Technology and Renewable energy based on the four thematic areas of Economic Sustainability, Socio- Environmental Sustainability, Migration, Peace and security.

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The conference was successfully attended by the Hon. Minister Deng Alor Kuol that retuned back yesterday to Juba. After he held a number of the bilateral meetings with Government official of Italy and met with his counterpart the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International.

Cooperation of Italy in which they had agreed on a number of issues that includes, a formation of a high level delegation headed by the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy to visit the Republic of South Sudan soon to assess the needs and to provide humanitarian assistances to IDPS and the refugees that are affected by the war in South Sudan. The Government of Italy promised to provide capacity building and training for the people of South Sudan in different fields that include Construction, technology, health and education as a package to enhance bilateral relation.
The Minister visited Vatican and passed through the Holy Door into St. Peter’s basilica (The Holly door symbolize Marcy and Forgiveness of God and it is open during every 25 years in a Jubilee year).

On 19th May 2016, Hon. Minister Deng Alor paid a visit to South Sudan Diplomatic Mission in Rome where he met with the staff and briefed them about the recent formation of the TGoNU and the reform process for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The Republic of Italy and Southern Sudan had a good historical relation and cooperation that the Republic of South Sudan should strengthen to enhance future cooperation.

The Sudanese-Italian relations are deep-rooted dating back to the Kush Kingdom and the Roman Empire when correspondence, emissaries, ambassadors and trade were exchanged between the two nations.

They played a big role in education as most of the Catholic schools in Southern Sudan were opened by the missionaries.

South Sudan as a new nation will revive and embark on that already established strong relation for future cooperation and exchange of culture, technology and investments in South Sudan.

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1 comment

Brian Wilson May 24, 2016 at 2:18 am

this is a very important visit by south Sudan foreign minister and international cooperation to visit Italy and improve South Sudan diplomatic ties with Italy and the rest of the World. in politics you must spread your wings and making connections with partners to boost development and humanitarian Assistance plus investments opportunities to South Sudan by the Western World. therefore South Sudan must be stable peacefully in order for investors to trade in the country . For example the case of a Switzerland company making investment in Coffee-The INEXPRESSO COFFEE Co.. in Central equatoria State is beneficial for the farmers and for the whole country at large. it will be much easier for the international community to help rebuild South Sudan economy if we follow the international laws, human rights, freedom of speech , justice, accountability and transparency in terms of money and banking system. The Banking system must be improved and there is need for the World Bank and IMF to rebuild the bank system in South Sudan and hire consultant Economists and Financial Advisory Team who can shape the broken economy of south sudan right now. It is also worthy mentioned about industrialization process must be made available and training on Agriculture and forestry must be made available, building hospitals and schools and to equip them with the Modern world technology. Many hospital in south Sudan do not have just a simple X-Ray machine Neither a small ultrasound. In South Sudan patients have to travel to neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to be screened with a simple Ultrasound Or an x-ray machine. these items cost very little amount of money in the international Markets. even donors can provide to the hospitals if the Ministry of health request them for assistance on these medical devices and equipments.
The International Community is ready to give a helping hand to south sudan government ,but our Government must be willing to listen to them and be sincere in their efforts for developments and services to the People in real life at grass roots levels and Not just on papers files.
I want to say; Good job to the new Transitional government of South Sudan of National unity(TGoNU) and to the foreign Minister . Hon. Deng Alor.
This is a good step and the government must continue to request help and assistance from international community for the development of the Nation of South Sudan.
Namibia in the early 1990’s as a new country (independence from Apartheid -South Africa) was in a very similar developmental new beginnings process with many International NGOs helping them and No real results ; however the Government of Namibia made sure the International community; INGOs and Donors assist them in areas that are needed and through States(provinces) ; Districts and all INGOs were supervised by the Namibia government and the Government must know their Budget and the project must be implemented fully to 100%. That made many rural areas in Namibia to be developed quickly in terms of schools , Hospitals and roads networks and other infrastructures .
Our South Sudan government must emulate some examples in Africa and in the rest of the Globe for the betterment of the citizens of South Sudan.


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