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Toposas’ Raid In Ngauro County Leaves At Least 15 People Dead

A Toposa woman persuades the youth in Kapoeta North County to surrender illegal arms.(Photo: file/Gurtong)
A Toposa woman persuades the youth in Kapoeta North County to surrender illegal arms.(Photo: file/Gurtong)

May 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia ) —— Latest reports from the newly created Ngauro County confirmed that a raid in Ngatuba Boma of the Ngauro county has left at least 15 people dead and 4 others wounded.

Reporting to Nyamilepedia, Augustine Lonyia believes that 14 people died in Ngatuba and another unidentified number were killed in Ngauro by Toposa men who raided the areas on May 18, 2016.

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“The raid at Ngatuba Boma has left at least 14 people dead in Ngatuba and 4 more wounded, as well many more also dead in the raid in Ngauro. ” Lonyia said,

The massive raid has burned many occupied homes to ashes. Augustine believes that people were burned dead in their houses by the Toposa tribesmen.

“There are also reports that most of the deaths occurred in the burning to the ground of the homes with children and family members inside” Augustine said.

“It is also reported that over 6 houses were burned to the ground” he continued.

The Toposa men are believed to have raided unspecified herds of cattle and conducted similar raids in Charit Boma of the same county on the night of May 18,2016.

In Charit, at least one person was killed and herds of cattle were taken by the attackers.

“We must all condemn this acts of violence or atrocities that lead to loss of lives and property. These evil doers must recognize the need for peaceful coexistence in South Sudan. What kind of future our generation will have with these barbaric behaviours towards our citizens?” Lonyia warns.

Ngauro, which is now a county according to Salva Kiir’s 28 states, is also recognized in the constitution as a payam of Budi County of Eastern Equatoria state.

The two neighboring tribes of Eastern Equatoria have had a long history of conflicts with deadly raids between the tribes of Toposa of Namorunyang county(now a state in the controversial 28 states) and the Didinga of Budi County.

The Toposa are purely pastoralist and the Didinga are agro-pastoralists. In the dry season the Toposa drive their cattle to the Didinga Hills for water and pasture until the rains began in Toposa land at a time like now.

In the past, the two communities observed agreements to peacefully co-exist and share resources, however, with more guns in the hands of civilians, creation of 28 states and the ongoing conflict in the country, the relations between the Toposa and the Didinga is polarized.

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