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Malong’s Terrorists Suffered From Stomach Upset After Eating Looted Plantains in Moli

By Nicholas Osobi,

Juba, South Sudan.

Cheif of General Staff of SPLA-Juba, Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: supplied)
Cheif of General Staff of SPLA-Juba, Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: supplied)

May 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Last week’s highway robbery at Dereto, Moli by Malong’s primitive Dinka-haram terrorists have yet confirmed how the army chief of staff and his boss kiir have tactically promoted their tribal born to rule fighters from stealing mangoes to now committing Dinkal-crime on highways.

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The hungry kraal boys attacked a commercial lorry which was transporting plantains (Green bananas) from Museveni’s Land (Uganda) to Juba na Bari and looted it flat before burning the lorry truck. Unknown to the born to rule fighters that green bananas have to be cooked before it is consumed, some of them started eating it in unconventional way; pealing it with their serrated teeth and then swallowing it even without chewing.

According to banana experts, raw or unripe plantains are difficult to digest and can lead to stomach upset since it contains starches resistant (RS2) to digestive enzymes; compounds that inhibit salivary amylase production. The born to rule fighters must have had restless days and sleepless nights due to torrent of diarrhoea.

Even if none have been caught or brought to justice for their dinkal-act, it is believed the raw plantains they ate did its own justice in their tummies. Thanks to their advance stupidity.

In Nimule, some of Malong’s unpaid boys are reportedly moving from door to door in search for babysitting and home guards’ roles in exchange for foods, but so far none have been hired by the natives. This again confirms how common-sense has eluded them. They own the government and yet expect to be employed by people who are victims of their dinka-centric government. Besides that, in Ma’di culture, babysitting is not work of men, leave alone their resume’ being unemployable.

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One business man equates hiring warrap’s boys as guards, to assigning a lion to protect you against goat’s attack. I wish every Equatorians reasons like him.

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