BREAKING: Another High Death Toll in South Sudan Capital, Juba

  • More than Forty three Civilians have been killed in Juba and its surroundings in the last five days

JUBA, South Sudan.

Piles of dead bodies, women and children, killed by the government troops at a UN base in Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan in April 2014(Photo: supplied)
Piles of dead bodies, women and children, killed by the government troops at a UN base in Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan in April 2014(Photo: supplied)

Nov 07,2016(Nyamilepedia) —— At least eleven people have been confirmed dead and sixteen others wounded when a gunman in South Sudan Capital, Juba, opened a sustained fire at a group of people watching English premier league game on Saturday evening.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia Press, an eyewitness, Martine Jacob, said the incident, which he narrowly survived, happened at 7:30pm on Saturday evening.

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Martine was on his way to a nearby public bathroom when he saw five gunmen, whom he identified as Dinka tribesmen, hiding behind the football match hall at 7:30pm.

“it is really God’s protection on me that about five armed men were standing behind the football match hall at 7:30pm on my way to public toilet just within club premise. They are members of mathianganyoor with Dinka tribal marks on their foreheads ” Martine said.

Although Martine did not collapse, he locked himself in the toilet and remained there, panicking and shivering, while shooting went on for minutes in the hall.

The incident left 11 dead and sixteen others in critical conditions.

“Eleven dead, sixteen severely wounded in the club in presence of many soldiers along Gudele and Gurei Highway” He continued.

Martine blames the nearby police garrisons and army barracks not only for delayed response but as to why no suspects were arrested.

“why such incident did happen without any arrest made” he questioned.

The incident took place at Gurei residential area in Juba along the Lurit SPLA Tiger Battalion Headquarter.

No suspect has been apprehended since the incident took place and no group or persons have came out to claim any responsibility for the attack.

South Sudanese National Police Service spokesman, Justin Daniel, regrets the incident and said security forces have launched joint operation in pursuit of the suspects.

He called on the residents of Gurei residential area and the entire Juba town to cooperate with the security forces in provision of any security related information, particularly, of people suspected to be involved in suspicious activities in residential areas.

The motive of the attack remains elusive, however, these incidents have been mounting in the capital for the last three years. No officials arrests have been made so far.

The police in collaboration with military intelligence and National security service said investigations are ongoing.

In other reports officials from Jubek state accused the SPLA IG Operation in the area of having killed at least thirteen civilians in Jubek State

“Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in-Government (SPLA-IG) operational searching let dead of thirteen civilian residents in Kuli-papa area in Jubek state on Monday.” Said a state official on condition of anonymity.

The officials accused presidential militia, MathiangAnyoor, of terrorizing civilians to silent disgruntled Equatorian populations within and around the capital, Juba.

Other reports, under investigation, confirmed that a grenade attack on a party at Mangaten suburb of Juba last night [Sunday] has killed one civilian and left ten others injured.

South Sudan conflict began in December 2013 and attempts to resolve the political struggle have failed so far.

A peace agreement that was brokered by the region and the international community has collapsed, and calls to resuscitate it are still being debated as TROIKA [USA, UK and Norway] is giving up on sponsoring another prolonged negotiation.

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