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Maj. General David Ngut Kun’s Death Announcement


Nov 7, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The entire Gaguang Community worldwide are devastated and terribly shocked by the passing of their beloved son and iconic leader Maj. Gen. David Ngut Kun Thoal who pass away on Friday 28 October 2016 in Thorow County, Sobat State Republic of South Sudan.

Major General David Ngut Kun Thoal is remembered and honoured as a Charismatic Leader and iconic figure in the society with unique courage and Leadership inspirations throughout his Military Career. These characters are known to those who knew him personally and those whom he led at the battle fields. He always stood together with his people throughout the two civil wars of then Sudan and South Sudan.

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In his role as an Army Commander, he led with integrity and was dedicated to men and women he served. He was well liked and respected by his colleagues locally and nationally.


1 Born probably in 1966 to the famous Father Kun Thol Kuach and Nyakek Lual in Maker Payam, Thorow County Sobat State. His father was famously known as an African Tradition Religious man in Central Eastern Jikany Nuer.
2 In 1987, He joined SPLM/A and graduated with Gojam Battalion. He was commissioned to the Rank of 2nd Lt. in 1992 and was deployed as Deputy Commander, in Lorkur, Longuchuk County.
3 In 1993, following the sudden death of his father, Kun Thol Kuach who was by then Head of Local Customary Court in Nasir District, David Ngut was commissioned to the Rank of Captain and became the younger Nasir District Head of Local Customary Court succeeding his father, a position he had held till 1996.
4 In 1997, he was Commissioned to the Rank of Major and deployed as Commander of 5th Brigade battalion in Kiechkuon, Nasir District.
5 In 2001, while still commanding Brigade 5th Battalion, he was able to deliver a successful counter attack against ThorJikany contingent in Mading where he got wounded in the leg. It was a decisive victory which was celebrated in SPLM/A Control areas.
6 In 2007, he was commissioned to the Rank of Colonel in SPLA and was deployed as Commander of War Veteran and Wounded Heroes in Upper Nile State.
7 In 2011 he was commissioned to the Rank of Brig. General in the SPLA until the tumultuous December 15, 2013 South Sudan’s outbreak Civil war.
8 In 2015, David Ngut was again commissioned to the Rank of Major General in the SPLA/IO till his untimely death on Friday, 28 October 2016 in Thorow County, Sobat State the Republic of South Sudan. He die with natural death.

Maj. General David Ngut Kun Thoal believed in a life of service to the family, community and a country. Giving one’s life for his Country is the highest act of patriotism, his bravely and velour are evident. His death was untimely and a great tragedy to the entire Gaguang Community, Jikany, Nuer and South Sudanese as whole.

He spent his last moment on earth in ensuring that Thorow County is established as separate Admiration from Nasir. As expressions of sympathy, his unwavering contribution will sadly be missed but not forgotten.

He is survived by his wives and kids.

Duol Kun Thian, on behalf of deceased, can be reached at duolkuon@hotmail.com

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