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BREAKING: “Heavy fighting at Morota right now”~spokesman

Dec 7, 2020(Nyamilepedia)Latest reports from South Sudan’s Morota Unify Force Training Center confirm a heavy fighting between forces loyal to president Salva Kiir and those loyal to the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar.

SPLA-IO forces in undisclosed location in Equatoria(Photo credit: supplied)
SPLA-IO forces in undisclosed location in Equatoria(Photo credit: supplied)

According to the military spokesperson of the SPLA-IO, Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng, heavy fighting resumed at 6am, East African time, this morning and lasted for at least 30 minutes.

“It was today this morning at around 6:00AM, East African Time, when Morota the SPLA (IO) military garrison came under attack by the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF)” Brig. William Gatjiath said.

The military spokesman of the SPLA-IO claims that their forces have repulsed the SSPDF forces after 30 minutes of fighting only to return for more offensives at 8am.

“Regardless of using heavy weapons, the merciless forces of the regime have for sure, retreated back by the freedom fighters after 30 minutes in action but leaving behind and facing a huge lost.” Gatjiath said.

“Moreover, the regime’s forces had resumed fighting again at 8:00AM, which led to their complete lost of power and as a result, the gallant forces of the SPLA (IO) under Command of Cdr, Brig.General Peter Wal Chuol, had professionally responded with full energy and narrowly squeezed the enemy into unaccessible directions in the bushes of Morota.” He continued.

“The SPLA (IO) all under command of Cdr. Maj General John Mabieh Gaar, have today shown their victorious sign after they had resisted the series attacks from the regime’s forces.” Gatjiath added.

The SPLA-IO leadership questions the silence of the Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Hon. Anjelina Teny, and the Chief of SSPDF Gen. Johnson Juma Okot.

“Therefore, the SPLA (IO) military leadership has learned with dismay, and observed with sense of astonishment and would like to confirm from the current leadership, especially the Defence Minister, Madam Angelina Teny, and the Chief of (SSPDF) Johnson Juma, as to why do the (SSPDF) which acts as a national army of South Sudan still continue attacking the SPLA (IO) military barracks while we are in peace? And why those who have responsibilities in the (R-TGONU) still remain silence ever since, and even no word of condemnation or asking the perpetrators to stop fighting?” SPLA-IO military spokesman questions.

“The army leadership thought the Revitalized peace agreement should have been on the verge of prevailing peace in the country and should have been ready for an amalgamation process to form one National Army, Security, and Police but things [are] still contrary, and why do you keep silence? Do you think the SPLA (IO) should not have an impact in the peace process?”

According to the SPLA-IO sources, SSPDF is recruiting forces from as far as Unity State and Upper Nile to come and fight them in Central Equatoria but those who are in charge of the military in the national capital remain silent.

“Why do the regime collected forces in a broad day light from both Malakal and Bentiu respectively at your watch and you are still silence, why? All details necessary, will follow!” Gatjiath concluded.

Although the SSPDF spokesman, Santo Domic, was not reached for comments at the time of this report, his recent interviews indicate that the SSPDF is not the one fighting the SPLA-IO forces but armed militias.

The SPLA-IO denies such claims that civilians would know how to operate heavy weapons and fight their forces with the skills they have demonstrated so far.

According to the latest reports of the UN Security Council, South Sudan government arms militias to fight wars that senior government officials deem to be in favor of the government.

The fighting in Morota, which has gone on for almost two months, is the latest violation of the peace agreement in South Sudan.

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