Jikany Community Of Eastern Nuer In USA Elects New Leader

June 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Jikany Community of eastern Nuer in the United States elected new leader in Nebraska State of the United States of America. Out of the

Dak Wal Miyoang
Dak Wal Miyoang

votes counted, Dak Wal Miyoang surged with 67%, Deng Gatluak became second with 23% and Samuel Thok Riek garnered 8% in distant third. Dak Wal Miyoang was declared the winner amidst ululations in well attended conference hall.

Dak Wal Miyoang replaced Mrs. Mary Nyathuok Muon who decided not to run for her second term after the end of her four years first term, she complimented and congratulated her successor.

Speaking on phone with Nyamilepedia correspondent in Minnesota State, jubilant Dak Miyoang said his prime goal is to unite all Jikany community and work hand in hand with Jikany community representatives worldwide.

“The Unity of Jikany community is very important. Our motto is love, unity, peace and development. Without love, no unity, and without peace, no development. Hopefully you will carry on the torch as needed or expected. When Jikany community unite, Nuer community can unite, and when Nuer community unite, South Sudanese can unite,” Dak categorically stated.

Jikany community of eastern Nuer worldwide fully stood behind the leadership of SPLM in Opposition since 2013, the community members were heavily affected by the Nuer massacre by Salva Kiir’s regime who spearheaded the programme of Jieng Council of Eleders, an organization led by NCP remnants. Among the top Jikany leaders killed in Juba Genocide is Lam Chuol Thichuong and his brother Pal Chuol Thichuong, Koang Toang Pathot, Chuol Domach Duach, Wiyual Tilian Thor, Tut Banypiny Chuol, all were American citizens. Lam Chuol Thichuong served in United States Marines Corp and was the office manager of then Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

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