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Supporters of Salva Kiir and Paul Malong Delivered Free Live Kick-boxing Entertainment at a Pub in Nimule.

By Nicholas Osobi,

South Sudan youth practicing kickboxing in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credits: Caitlin McGee/Al Jazeera)
South Sudan youth practicing kickboxing in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credits: Caitlin McGee/Al Jazeera)

June 9, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The residents of Nimule enjoyed free live kick-boxing entertainment at a pub in Motoyo Suburb when what was intended to be a friendly contest by a group of drunk soldiers as to who can buy more bottles of beer for the entire group transpired into a brawl.

As per the arrangement, a member who can afford to buy more grogs for the whole group would be crowned as the chairman, and he would have an exclusive power at the event, including the power to invite ladies of his choice to the drinking table, etc.

The competition, however, turned into an all-out brawl when the winner of the contest identified as Garang allegedly belittled the title of a “Chairman” and instead wanted to be called the president of the event, something which didn’t go well with the supporters of Paul Malong as they claimed malong is more powerful than the president and has 113 wives compared to Salva Kiir who only has three.

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The supporters of Salva Kiir on the other hand argued that Kiir met with world figures such as W. Bush, President Obama, Pope Francis I, and has more cows than any other leader in South Sudan. They conditioned the winner of the contest to accept the title of a chairman or else they would not recognise his exclusive privileges. This polarised the group resulting into a kick-boxing.

According to spectators, it was however the friendliest fight they have ever witnessed from cowboys, with no use of weapons but only punches and airborne shoes. The bar owner wanted to involve the police but then feared that those cowboys would turn the case against him by simply declaring him as a supporter of Gen. Martin Kenyi and the true story goes unheard. In fact, in Ma’diland the Ma’dis are reportedly disinclined to involve the police whenever they have issues with any Dinkas because of the Gen.Martin Kenyi’s suppoters’ Master Card by the cowboys’ suspects. If there’s any favour the Transitional Government can do to Ma’di people, it must endeavour to sensitize the cowboys about the existence of Joint Government, and declare the Gen. Martin Kenyi supports’ Master Card as null and void. They MUST start to use the laws correctly so as to promote justice for all.

Although the brawl was fun to watch, it attracted mixed feeling from spectators. Some were sympathising with the extravagance of the cowboys, saying they should have spent the money on food and other essential items instead of booze, while others felt, by spending in whatever ways, they are helping to boost circular flow of income which is much needed for business. The cowboys’ soldiers have been known for stealing mangoes, goats, chicken, cassavas and carrying out highway robberies. It is a great pity to see them waste their little dime overnight just to assume one-off status of New York real estate billionaire, Donald Trump.

Nicholas Osobi is a revolutionary Columnist. He can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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