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Opinion: Condemnation for Pal Chol’s article against Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit

By Agany Geng Ayiei Agany

South Sudan former deputy interior minister Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit (File photo)

July 9, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – On Wednesday, July 06, 2020, Pal Chol Nyan who calls himself a political analyst and a commentator published an article against Gen. Salva Mathok on Paanluel Wel website following an article wrote by Gen. Salva Mathok on the Dawn newspaper on the same day.

Dear Pal Chol Nyan, I would like to sentient you at the first place that Gen. Salva Mathok is a liberator who struggled a lot for the freedom of this country, he invaded many towns during liberation struggle, and he is one of the generals who deserve respect and honor.

He is a man of peace since he came out from his mother’s womb; he had never support neither inter-communal nor tribal conflicts. He is a senior member of SPLM and had never rebelled against the government of H.E president Salva Kiir Mayar, he always rally behind him forgetting that he has no assignment in the government of president Kiir since 2013, most of his colleagues who are left out since that time have joined other parties for them to get employed and he relics as SPLM member.

Coming to point, you said that you are a political analyst meaning you can furnish a good analysis in any political situation then rushing and writes unanalyzed information against liberators/politicians.

In my response to your article as a concern citizen of Apuk Community, I would like to quote what you misunderstood that Gen. Salva Mathok asked a question in his article and made says, “I am not only surprised but puzzled by these eye catching questions raised by the renowned General turned politician”.

What Gen. Salva Mathok meant according to my analysis wasn’t him asking the question, He was the one being asked because he is a security minded leader, as a kind of that person and also a politician, people asked him as he wrote clear in his article that “people asked me, what made Bor and Nuer-Lou unite and moved jointly to invade Murle land”? And his answer was as stipulated in his writings that “In my little research, it seem that Bor and Nuer-Lou each left to Murle area by their own command but not under one command”. He further called for verification from the security elements.

Mr. Pal Chol Nyan, as you said that you are a Nationwide’s political analyst, what criteria did you use when you were passing through Gen. Salva’s article that made you surprised? You need to have well perceptive when analyzing political issues. What I understood here is that you didn’t recognize what Gen. Salva said or someone might have interpreted his writings to you because you might haven’t get The Dawn newspaper where he published his article about Greater Jonglei’s crisis.

To alert you better, General Salvia Mathok was among the committee who went to resolved Jonglei crisis in 2011, when he was the Deputy Army Chief of General Staff, he have experiences in resolving conflicts and that was the reasons of his advises to the Vice President, H.E Dr. James Wanni Igga though you misunderstood that He have doubt in the committee formed recently by H.E the president to resolved ongoing conflict between the three communities of Nuer-Lou, Dinka Bor and Murle.

You also said a word that, “It won’t be long when General will see that what is happening is resolved”. In my response, General Salva is a man of peace and it is his dream to see what is going on is resolved and that is the rationale why he always publishes his peace articles on The Dawn and Juba Monitor newspapers. He writes about ongoing crisis in Warrap, Unity, Jonglei and other parts of the nation where inter-communal/tribal conflicts are progressing.

According to my own sympathetic, Mr. Pal Chol Nyan claims that General Salva is supporting ongoing crisis in Jonglei, and in my response to this, “It is a pure lie, enemies of peace are the one wants to defile him, He is a man of peace”. And to make self claimed and poor political analyst Mr. Pal convinced, Gen. Salva  Mathok is not that a kind of person as you thinks,  reread his article and take the word that he says “I know three sections fighting, Nuer-Lou, Bor and Murle communities, none of them will win the war but will cause massive displacement follows by the sufferings of our people and cause security risk”, in the same article, He also called on the three communities to come up and sit together to embrace peace. If you were a political analyst like others whom I know, you would have quote that word and note that Gen. Salva is always feel shamed when seeing civilians suffering in Greater Jonglei and other parts of the nation.

Mr. Pal Chol, you said something you aren’t attentive of, in the beginning of your article, you asked a question that, “there is a conflict between Apuk and Aguok; what have you done about it?

In my response, I won’t blame you much because you didn’t have a good delve into it when writing your baseless article against peace loving Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit. To conscious you, Aguok and Apuk were fighting each other three years ago, and as he (salva Mathok) the acting Apuk Community leader in Juba and other communities’ leaders from Aguok and Apuk , state government, chiefs , and Division Three (Lion Division) sat and came up with a decision that all civilians must be disarmed and entitled the state of emergency from the president of the Republic, H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, absolutely! President then called state of emergency on the Defunct Gogrial state and all civilians were disarmed till now they are armless and then they seat for the peace talk and got reconciled since 2017 up to now, Greater Gogrial is enjoying durable peace, if you were a political analyst, you would have heard about it as other political analyst knows. I repeat myself that “there is no any ongoing conflict in greater Gogrial as you claimed”.

Therefore, to be sensitive to my fellow country men and women, Mr. Pal isn’t a political analyst because he is poor in understanding and research about political matters. So, I urge you to close the eyes to all he ticketed on peace loving/liberator Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit.

I am also calling on the media houses not to recognize people with such writings as political analyst otherwise their information will cause messes in this country.

Last but not the least, I would like to urge all political analysts across the nation to have good research before analyzing any political circumstances, it is not ethical when political analyst writes like Pal Chol Nyan because such writings might cause disunity among us.

The writer is an experienced journalist and a concerned citizen of Warrap State. He can be reached via aganymalleher@gmail.com

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