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US Welcomes Signing of Peace by Salva Kiir But Does Not Recognise Any Reservations From Salva Kiir’s Side.

US President, Barack Obama, meets regional leaders over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)
US President, Barack Obama, meets regional leaders over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)

August 27, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – The US administration has welcomed the signing of the IGAD peace agreement by President Salva Kiir and called for swift and full implementation of the agreement without any conditions or reservations from Kiir’s government.

Speaking to media the White House spokesperson said the United States does not recognise any reservations or additions to the peace agreement and warned for President Kiir to implement the agreement fully.

“President Kiir made the right decision to sign the peace agreement,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

“The US does not recognize any reservations or addendums to that document.” the spokesperson added.

Salva Kiir has been under massive international pressure to sign peace agreement to end the 20 month of violence and war which has ravaged the worlds youngest nation.

In presences of regional leaders and international mediators, Kiir signed the peace agreement in Juba, however while giving a speech Kiir said he had some reservations in the peace agreement but he would still sign the document.

“The current peace we are signing today has so many things we have to reject,” President Kiir said while addressing the peace signing event.

However the rebel leader of the SPLM-IO released a statement through his spokesperson this morning welcoming the signing of the peace agreement by president Kiir and called on the President to work for it’s full implementation.

“Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, has welcomed the signature of the IGAD Plus Compromise Peace Agreement by President Salva Kiir on 26 August, and calls on him to honour the Agreement and work towards its full implementation” said the statement posted on Riek Machar’s spokespersons social media page.

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Adel Sandrai August 27, 2015 at 11:38 am

What reservations from Salva Kiir? We have many reservations including whether Kiir is the legitimate president of South Sudan or not since his term in office ended in the mid night of 8th July 2015. But because of the desire of the people of South Sudan to live in peace and harmony, we allowed him to continue as the de facto and not the elected legitimate president of the country. He should be grateful that the armed opposition is so understanding to give him a second chance to rule the country based on the peace agreement but not as a right. We need to pull South Sudan out of the endless pit it has fallen into under Kiir’s regime. Any effort to push the country back into chaos will be resisted not only by the South Sudanese but by the international community as well.

GatNor August 28, 2015 at 6:02 am

By signing the peace agreement Kiir acknowledges the need for peaceful negotiation to ending the war and SPLM break ups and accepted to be a partner in implimentations of the content of the agreement that focuses on formation of the transitional government automatically nullifying his old and baseless legitimacy claims in order to becomes the symbolic president of South Sudan. Therefore, the agreement at this point forwad is the legal refernce paper legitimizing Kiir while Dr. Machar as the vice president and his office are tasked by the same agreement to INITIATE & implement all the major and necessary reforms as per the peace agreement through out this intrime period. As for Mr Wanni Iga, he has no choice but to say yes to what King Kiir tells him to say yes to. Like many suspected, Wani will be the 2nd vice president of South Sudan through out the intrime period & Lord knows what his specific duties will be. Perhaps, South Sudan’s 2nd VP Wani will presides over matters of entertainment at King Kiir’s J1 comedy club. Juba has started a war it could not finished but now back at square one where a group of SPLM members and senior politicians where calling for party reforms and leadership restructuring. The only thing incompetent Kiir actually achieved after refusing to have a peaceful dialogue with his SPLM colleagues from that fateful Dec/2013 is mass destruction of lives and properties across the country, quickly put South Sudan in debt, destabilized East Africa politically and economically more than it was, set South Sudan’s millennium development goals decades back. The list is grossly long and it all happened because of the appetite for power and a few more lousy years as leader of an intrime gov without any meaningful powers.

AGUMUT August 28, 2015 at 12:03 am

Signing of the Peace Agreement was very wise and confused and very good. The Rebels are now in Tears like Mabior’s Mum.WEEP your Faces Kindergartens.


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