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By Nicholas Osobi,

Michael Makuei Lueth speaking to journalists in his office(Photo: supplied)
Michael Makuei Lueth speaking to journalists in his office(Photo: supplied)

August 1, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The basket-mouthed information minister, Michael Makuei Lueth is among the regime’s top figures who simply ascended to the apex of influence through nepotism and backdoor deals, but he lacks every sort of competencies required to serve at ministerial level. According to our reliable sources, basic computer skills such as mousing, window explorers and Microsoft Office are so foreign to him, and that he doesn’t have a personal email address either.

Makuei’s decision to block access to several south sudan’s major news websites such as Radio Tamazuj, Sudan Tribune, Nyamilepedia and Paanluel Wel among others was believed to be a government conspiracy aimed at silencing the media while the rouge regime is on genocide spree.

Although he claimed, the move was necessary to protect the citizens from what he describes as “outlets that disseminate subversive materials” without explaining himself, his allegations lack substance, considering the fact that he doesn’t use computer.

He should have simply confessed that he acted after receiving complaints about some news outlets disseminating subversive materials without being in the picture. But since he is computer illiterate, it is obvious he has not been accessing the websites he claims are broadcasting rebellious information, instead he is the one disseminating lies about news outlets but not the other way around.

However, to prove that Makuei is not competent enough to stifle our highly skilled IT crew, shortly after he announced blocking of the country’s mighty websites, we dispatched our revolutionary crew with laptop computers in an SUV and headed to Makuei’s residence just to access those news websites from his backyard. We had planned to do the same from J1 but our security advisor told us that it wasn’t safe and we decided to cancel the mission.

Generally, the Juba regime is being steered by incompetent people. The likes of former army chief of staffs, Paul Malong Awan who dropped out at primary three, but ended up serving as Army chief of staffs. His human right records will never fade till doomsday. His successor Lt. Gen. James Ajongo Mawut is not any better as he too is a product of junk degree. He was listed among those who graduated from Basoga University without submitting any assignments or course works to the university. We are yet to see if his human right record will differ from that of his former boss, Paul Malong. President Salva Kiir is believed to have dropped out from high school when he was just 16 years old. Until now, he doesn’t know the constitutions of his own country and sadly, no one is making an effort to educate him about it.  

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary Columnist, he can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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