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By Nicholas Osobi,

Magwi County

South Sudan's divided SPLA rolling tanks, fighting among themselves within the capital city, Juba(Photo: file)
South Sudan’s divided SPLA rolling tanks, fighting among themselves within the capital city, Juba(Photo: file)

Jan 04, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The year 2017 has not started well for Warrap Government. All indications are that its pillars are about to collapse. As if the defeat of its tribal forces in Jerusalem, Lelere and Ichaloro yesterday wasn’t enough, information reaching our revolutionary desk indicates that, in Magwi, about twenty-two soldier from the SPLA-IG defected to the IO forces in Magwi.

The defected soldiers were received by a group of freedom fighters who called themselves “the cassava guards”. Our revolutionary desk however couldn’t confirm if all those who surrendered to the gallant revolutionary forces were child soldiers or adults but the unnamed leader of the cassava guards said if there’s any child soldiers among them, they will send them to Pagirinya refugees camp so that they can go to schools.

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“We are aware that most of the government fighters have been misinformed about this current crisis, more especially the young under aged soldiers. As freedom fighters, it is our responsibility to ensure we find conducive place where they can go back to school; Pagirinya refugees camp in Adjumani, may be an ideal place for them”, said the unnamed leader of the cassava guards.

On the 31st of December 2016, also at Amee junction along Juba-Nimule highway, three buses carrying government soldiers and their families felt in an ambush and by report the death toll resulting from the tactical attack could reach up to 100 and it is estimated that about 100 others also sustained injuries.

This is clear indication that there’s no safe haven for Kiir and his minions within South Sudan, and more so in this brand new year 2017 as wherever they tend to go, disaster follows them.

Although it is not clear what triggered the recent defection in Magwi, eye witnesses who have seen the conditions of the government troops in there believe hunger must be the major factor as the government doesn’t provide their basic needs. They were recruited, undertrained and then sent to the frontline without food and medicines. Instead of fighting enemies, they fight to get the plentiful of abandoned cassavas, where they then get quashed by the cassava guards, yet their recruiter’s children live in the cities and study in the best schools.

Our revolutionary desk hereby applauds the defected soldiers for making right decision for themselves, and joining in with the IO forces to uproot the outlaw warrap regime. We also advise those still dying for wrong cause to reconsider their decision and abandon the tribal government as soon as possible.

This government is for Kiir and his minions only. You deserve an inclusive government, that takes your future and the future of your children into consideration.

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary columnist. He can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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