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Three Mathiang Anyoor Terrorists Dead After Eating “Sacred Cassava” in Moli, Magwi County.

By Nicholas Osobi,

South Sudan SPLA-IG Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: file)
South Sudan SPLA-IG Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: file)

May 30th, 20917(Nyamilepedia) —— President Salva Kiir’s hunger-beaten Mathiang Anyoor fighters are mourning three of their fellow “brothers-in-crime” who croaked in an inexplicable circumstance early this week in Moli, Magwi County after consuming sacred cassava from a shrine. Their lifeless bodies were found lying in a nearby cassava field, with no bullet wounds or bruises to suggest that they were shot or physically assaulted prior to their demise.

Only the true sons and daughters of the land are allowed to consume the sacred cassavas, but not vagrants and invaders such as the Mathiang Anyoor who have defiled the land to its core, says one traditional land owner who attributed the incident to the wrath of gods of the land.

“When I saw them uprooting the sacred cassava, I knew they have signed their own dead warrant, and it has happened exactly as I predicted”, explains the unnamed traditional owner of the land.

This incident coincides with a prophecy uttered by a tortoise which allegedly appeared to some two teenage boys at the creek last year when they had gone out to look for some food. The tortoise promised to wipe away their tears and deal with those who have made their land (Ma’diland} desolate. Among some of the punitive measures outlined by the tortoise were; death by choking from cassava and untold sufferings on those stealing properties of the natives.

“………… Whoever it was that took away your cassava, shall surely choke of it”, and “whoever it was that took away your sheep, too shall face my wrath” the tortoise had warned last year.

After its stern warning, immediately about five outlaw soldiers of the regime who stole abandoned goats in pageri were involved in a fatal car accident while travelling to Nimule. Their car overturned at Gordon hill, and rolled several times, leaving all the criminals dead. Within the same week also, in Mugali, three dinka soldiers also died after eating some abandoned goats.

The Mathiang Anyoor group were founded by the former army chief of staffs, Paul Malong Awan, and have been responsible for death of tens of thousands of non dinka ethnics across South Sudan. Most of them were brought directly from the kraal and have been indoctrinated along tribal line.  While they [Mathiang Anyoor] are devoted to protecting the tribal regime in Juba, their own miseries are indescribable. To survive they must loot and steal from the locals since the regime cannot afford to pay them any pennies. Last year, their former boss Paul Malong advised them to rape women to supplement their salaries, and since then cases of rape increased in all the government controlled areas. The latest cases of rape were seen in Pajok when the Mathiang Anyoor terrorists raped under-aged school girls in front of their teacher, and then murdered the teacher later.

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary Columnist, he can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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