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Spiritual Leaders Of Magwi, Unmoved By a Genocide Threat.

By Nicholas Osobi,

Dancing to the Madi's culture in a South Sudan's remote Magwi County(Photo: file)
Dancing to the Madi’s culture in a South Sudan’s remote Magwi County(Photo: file)

July 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– While the directionless and frustrated Jieng Council of Evils’ (JCE) Government of Salva Kiir, which has repeatedly failed in everything is again making another mistake to inflict genocide in Magwi, news reaching our revolutionary desk has it that the spiritual leaders of the land claim they are more than happy to receive the aggressors, a language which seems to suggest that the gods of the land would be on their side in any eventuality.

A source from within Magwi intimated that the spiritual leaders are intending to curse the unnamed Army General, whom they believe is the architect of the anticipated move (genocide) if he dares to proceed with an order to attack the civilians of Magwi.

The General according to the spiritual leaders; stole some of those children from Magwi and other parts of Equatoria, raised them as his own and now want to use them against their very own people (People of Magwi). For this fact, the elders believe the ancestral spirit would hear their plea and divine justice would thus prevail.

The army officer in question is known for fathering hundreds of children, most of whom he allegedly claimed from his spouses’ previous relationships with people of Magwi and now tactfully concealed their identities by giving them Dinka names. Names like; Aliga, Keji, Kenyi, Ihure, Lobajo are all erased, and the recycle bin emptied to seal the assimilation.

However, one Magwi man who claims that two of his nephews were also taken by the celebrated polygamous officer after his late brother’s wife got remarried to him, is determined to bring the children back. Should this happen, the officer, on top of losing the game, would also forfeit his pride as father of hundreds since some of the kids he claimed from his spouses’ ex-husbands but raised as his own would have been reunited with their biological parents in Magwi.

The stories of Dinka men claiming children of their spouses born in previous relationships is not uncommon. Several Equatorian women who had kids in the previous relationships/marriages have been claimed by their new Dinka partners. Sadly, some of the ex-husbands were deliberately murdered so that their wives and kids would be taken over by the new Dinka husbands without much impediments.

By reports, a lot of AK-47 riffles have been distributed by the directionless regime of the illiterate warrap cowboy to his fellow Dinkas in Nimule and other parts of Ma’di corrider, supposedly for self-defence. Probably his mentor President Museveni of Uganda, whose military is disintegrating over South Sudan issue forgot to educate him about existence of ICC at Hague where Whisky is not allowed behind the bars.

The Warrap man would find it all at once.

Nicholas Osobi is a Revolutionary Columnis reachable at Email: nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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Log July 23, 2016 at 9:46 am

I have always been so much against my people for letting our girls and women marry devils like Dinkas for all they think is money not knowing their will be consequences. Now that thing have turn to us, what are going to do about it, Acholi


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