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Rights Activists Congratulates IGAD-PLUS For Standing With The People of South Sudan, Calls on Salva Kiir To Withdraws His 28 States!

By Gatluak Michael Diew,

Gatluak Michael Diew and Mr. Balemba at a UN workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)
Gatluak Michael Diew and Mr. Balemba at a UN workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

Nov 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the people of South Sudan in the Country; Neighboring Countries, and in the Diaspora for the signed Peace! We also sized this opportunity to thanks the IGAD-PLUS; especially the three mediators on their tireless effort to bringing PEACE back in South Sudan.

We are much pleased for the supportive role played by UN, Troika, AU, EU, China, and IGAD Countries throughout the times of the negotiations from January 23, 2014 up to the 3rd of September 2015. Our office applauded the leadership that has been demonstrated by the warring parties Negotiating Teams to bring Peace back to our war torn nation. We appeal to the warring parties to put letter in to action and implement the agreement faithfully.

NCHRDA is calling on IGAD-PLUS and the international community to closely monitor the full implementation of the agreement. There MUST be a server punishment for any party that violents a single clause on the agreement!

We applauded the AUCISS for the credible work they have done on the investigations of the crimes committed in South Sudan. The AU team demonstrated leadership and neutrality. Congratulations!

The NCHRDA is calling on President Salva Kiir to reverses the decision of the creation of 28 states because that violates the signed peace, transitional constitution, and undermines both Legislative Assembly and the Council of States. It’s also against the will of the people since the decision was taken by the president unilaterally without consulting any organs of the government and the citizens themselves!

NB: The unilaterally decision has already created fresh rebellion and clans fighting specially in Upper Nile Chollo Land and Warrap State that had left dead more than 100 civilians. The created states were decreed-out without feasibility study or census. It’s also annexed ancestral lands of other communities to their neighbors almost in more than 25 of28 states. We are hereby calling on IGAD-PLUS and the International Community to put forth more pressure on Kiir regime to immediately reverse that decision.

May God bless South Sudan!

Gatluak Michael Diew

National Center for Human Right and Democratic Advocacy

Pagak, South Sudan

For Contact; gatluakmichael.nchrda@gmail.com/ gatluakmichaeldiew@gmail.com

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