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By Ruot George, correspondent:

merry-christmasDec 23, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — On Behave of all my colleges, the media practitioners who remained vigilant in South Sudan before and after the independent and especially those to take carriage to remain writing during the difficult time in the history of South Sudan [Dec 2013 to Date] .

I would like to say Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year 2015 to you and the civil populations of the entire Nation who have been cooperatives in sharing sensitive information, all people who stood up directly and indirectly to speak out both the ill and the good events that were recorded because of your tireless effort.

I would like to thanks those who stood firm with the Journalists during their difficult times in detention to secure their safe releases and regret to remind the relatives those who died while executing their duties. And my massage to all who have chosen the career is that “you will remained alive in the story of your nation if you report on the right side of any event if the media ethics leads you” I thanks your advocates lawyers for struggling to secure you release too.

Especial thank to Nyamile.com for winning the affection of more than 2.8 million readers in one year of its existents over the other online webs, its shows the hard work you have been doing and that what you covers touches the life of the people of South Sudan either directly or indirectly.

I would also like to wish the Souls of the innocent South Sudanese National who were Massacred during the onset of the current crisis especially the Hundreds if not thousands who were killed in the first four days in Juba [15 – 19 Dec 2013] to rest in external peace and be the guiding souls to bring everlasting peace in South Sudan.

I personally thank God for the give of the forth coming New Year. We are reaching it not because we are better than those who died before the New Year 2015 but because everyone has his/her own day.

I finally would like to say to my dear Journalists in South Sudan and across the world that you are “ an Agent of Changes” Never give up you are alive for a reason known best by you and your own God.

Thanks you very much

Ruot George – Former senior correspondent and Presenter for Naath F.M Unity State – Bentiu . And currently a Student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Nairobi Aviation College in the Rift Valley Region of Kenya.

I can be reached at mutgeorge8@gmail.com

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