Australia Peace Process Press Release South Sudan

A Protest Letter To The Chairman Of JMEC In Condemnation Of Implementation Of 28 States

By Stephen Khor Wal,

Dear Mr. Chairman

Head of JMEC Committee, Festus Mogae.......
Head of JMEC Committee, Festus Mogae…….

Jan 02, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- With utmost somber sentiments, we the Nuer community in Australia unreservedly condemn the autarchic decision taken by President Kiir and his tribally-constituted organization known as the Council of Jieng Elders (JCE) – the de facto body that runs the Republic of South Sudan.

Mr. Chairman,

The creation of the 28 states through a decree issued by the President Salva Kiir without recourse to constitutional authorization is manifestly illegitimate and unjustifiable. This unilateral balkanization of South Sudan into mini-states has been designed with the intention of Land Grabbing as well as creating inter-ethnic rivalries and conflicts or technically speaking, ethnic cleansing, in the entire South Sudan by the ruling Dinka monocracy in Juba. This pathetic move would inexorably enable the JCE to institutionalize its tribal monopoly and rule in the country to the detriment of all the remaining 63 tribes living in South Sudan.

Based on this palpable reality and on behalf of the Nuer sub – communities and the main the body of the Nuer community in Victoria, Australia, the leadership of the community would like to severely condemn the tribal government of South Sudan for the forceful amendment of the Interim Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan in order to implement the divide and rule State-entrenched tribal policy. The creation of the 28 states is damaging for the existence of our communities for many reasons inter alia:

  • It is a clear violation of the CPAII which was signed based on the existing 10 states with power sharing ratios between the warring parties.
  • If implemented it would affirm Kiir’s self-rule for eternity over the country. South Sudan has become officially one man rule, no constitution nor parliament.
  • The Re-division of states and counties boundaries. Re-division of boundaries that was created since the British colonial era without the consultation of the concerned citizens would create internal conflicts amongst the communities. This has already resulted in clashes in many areas including Aweil and Raja, Mayom and Abiemnom, Fashoda and Akoka just to mention a few.
  • Annexation of oil rich areas into Dinka territories. Parts of Northern Unity State Nuer land, has been annexed to no borders counties of Dinka Parieng and Abiemnom. Adar oil rich areas of Nuer on Upper Nile has been given to Dinka community of Malut.

The Nuer community leadership would henceforth with like to call upon the International communities and partners of the Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA2), namely the; IGAD, TROIKA, AU, CHINA and RUSSIA to condemn and block such a precarious move the genocidal government of Salva Kiir and his JCE.

Mr. Chairman,

As the chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), you should earnestly advise President Kiir to exert more effort towards the implementation of the Peace Agreement, albeit the JCE runs the country in the name of the President. Hence, it is incumbent upon your wise stewardship as a recipient of a Prize for good Leadership in Africa to ensure that the whole Peace Accord is executed accordingly, which would in turn earn you a further place of honour on the African continent.

Appended is the new map of South Sudan containing the 28 states designed by the JCE and proclaimed by President Salva Kiir in a Presidential decree on 2nd October 2015.

Stephen Khor Wal is the current Chairman of Nuer Community in Victoria, Australia and can be reached through chouldenggai@yahoo.com

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Peter Gai Manyuon Web


Beek January 2, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Keep barking,but our 28 States have to go ahead for the next generation.

davidshang705 January 2, 2016 at 8:23 pm

Beek!! Notice moron, your Dinka tribal Council of elders had failed South Sudan beyond description and repair. They shamefully made it failed State number 1 gkobally in 2 years after secession from Sudan 9 July 2011. What a thuggery and lack of vision or leadership skills. Our history show that whenever a Dinka man comes to power country split . The live example was that of Abel Alier during Southern Sudan High Executive Council in 1980s whereby Southern region was split into 3 regions namely Upper Nile , Bahr el Ghazal and Equatoria regions . Second, during the rein of Dr John Garang in bush, the well established 8 years Anya Anya Two split in 1983 as well as in 1991 due to political differences over the main objectives and principles of SPLA / M. Finally, is the disintegration and genocidal ethnic cleansing egineering by President Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual nicknamed “Mayardit ” himself. What a country running by bunch of foolish majority as put it by Dinka Bor South of Kuol Manyang Juuk and big gossiper Br.Gen Malaak Ayueny Jok and liar Makuei Lueth. Those 28 imposed states wouldn’t work unless upon our dead bodies as put it by some critics of tribal goverment under puppet President Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual .

Iual deng January 2, 2016 at 9:31 pm

You are illiterate that is why you can not understand any thing because everybody in south sudan dislike the creation of 28 states is too risk and will bring choas in community for example shulluk does not like ideas because Malakal is located in area where Dinka are majority and the same thing in Bentiu and Raga so no one like your creation the tribal states where kirr grabbed others tribes land. This nation will bring more fighting against Dinka and hatred toward them.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 3, 2016 at 5:42 am


you are already cornered exactly the way you cornered your cows in the mura. Follow the news and recall what Clement WANI KONGA said. That is the voice of the whol GREATER EQUATORIA as well as the voice of all non jenge abu arian. Do not be behind the world all the time. I tell you in advance tha there will be a meeting on 6th Jan, between Festus Mogae, the galant SPLA/M-IO, SPLM-DC and the G10. Please wait for that hot day before opening your toothless mouth by writing one line of 13 words and falsey happy that the 28 triblistic states are going to be establised. Non of them is going to be establised.

Are you running out of words or it is a language problem or your agressiveness for always agressive people do not know how to write or talk. They depend on taking things by force. Please old stone age behavious are not longer tollerated. The presence of the SPLA/M-IO in Juba will still force you expose your toothless mouth to the world by giving you a hard kick. Am here in Juba, kicking your batacks very hard in a politcal way. You could have realised this by the way the international community talk to you. Dr. Riak and comrade Alfred Lado GORE will be in Juba very soon. We are here in Juba to stay and burry the evil jenge plan of the 28 states. Wait and see what will the bright future of this country mean to you……………………

Tolio January 3, 2016 at 9:00 am

It is plausible to write protest letter to JMEC but impractical to reverse the decision that has already been made with the constitutional,judicial and parliamentary approvals.

There is no body who knows what JMEC is and its significant in most states that are welcomed. The time alloted to compose this letter was a waste of time and that of resources.

Your next strategy is to write persuasive letters asking the people who have accepted their new states to give them up and return to their old ones. I am sure I will not give up my one even though others give up their new ones in your favor.

Discontentment of Nuer Community and their tribal political party with the creation of 28 states doesn’t serve the interests of those who have welcomed their new states.

Tribes already know where their borders ends before they see their other neighboring tribes. Nobody needs a colonial partitions of districts to determine where their borders and frontiers lie in South Sudan,unless you were born overseas in which case it is meaningless to even make some reasoning out of it.

The Nuer Community and the SPLM-IO can have their power sharing ratios in ten states while they should have none in 18 new states that were additionally created.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 3, 2016 at 12:14 pm


good to see you understanding today. you said you will not give up your state which is one of the 28 trilbal states. You keep it my poor friend, actually this is what we want. And do you know what governing system will give you that rights? The answer is FEDERALISM. It gives you the right to hold your state, I do not know which one of them but I believe it could be Lol or somewhere in warap. We people of GREATER EQUATORIA and other non dinka tribes really want you to be in your own states so that you mix yourselves with your cow dung as Lado GORE once put it.

Follow me here; in GREATER EQUATORIA, we do not want to be divided at all. Let me give you a very unique reason why we want to retain to be people of CENTRAL EQUATORIA. These tribe is one family with their origin from JUBA known as BARI tribe. As the family grows, some move to TEREKEKA which is the MUNDARI, some move to LAINYA, which are the Pojulus. Some moved to YEI, MOROBU, KAYA and LASU, which are known the KAKWAS and some moved to KAJO-KEJI, which is known the KUKU tribe. Who is kiir or jenge council of awirin to divide us? who are you tolio to talk about dividing this great family of GREAT CENTRAL EQUATORIA? We know you have been planning for this for many years and let me tell you that we have been following all your evil plan and we are not going to give up our UNITY as sons and children of one mother and one father.

You might have read what the former CENTRAL EQUATORIA GOVERNOR said yesterday. We people of Central will never be divided. Have you got me right. I repeat, you can divide yourselves in dinka land but never divide us in the whole of GREATER EQUATORIA LAND. We know all your evil plans. You want to take up Juba as a dinka city. This is not going to happen. Ramcial is the suitable place for the future national capital city. I think you know about that. Do not dream to divide us.

In your last paragraph you said the NUER COMMUNITY and the galant SPLA/M-IO can not have any share in your 18 new tribal states. Are not really exposing your triblism agenda? Now you make every body to know that you created the new states to shut out the majority of other South Sudan tribes from entering them. What do you expect from us?

Foolish tolio, we will shut you out of GREATER EQUATORIA, do not joke with fire ya poor tolio. You have already read that the MUNDARI YOUTH have blocked the road to warap. This is the result of you 28 states. Why do you want to shut out the MUNDARI not to be part of JUBA SYSTEM, while you know very well that they are from this same family call JUBA. Are you trying to call yourself son of Juba denying me my own BROTHER THE MUNDARI, THE KUKU, THE KAKWA and the POJULU. I do not want a dinka to be my brother. No and never mr. tolio, you are not my brother. Be careful, do not force us to reach to the worst. Wait for Lado Gore, he will explain to you very well…………….

Tollio January 3, 2016 at 11:24 pm

My explanations are as clear as crystal.

Keep your Equatoria the way you like.

Don’t tell others to disagree with their new states.

By the way all tribes you mentioned don’t stem from Bari tribe.

Iual deng January 4, 2016 at 11:37 am

Dingit Na

I think you read the mind of jieng or Dinka very well,they were planning their grubby work after independent of South Sudan because they try to use Arab tactic by dividing one community in order they will not understand each other and they will keep doing their grimy work by stealing all country resources and grab other community land. That is a way Dinka are all the time.

Goweng Torbaar January 3, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Kiir is the next target for America just watch!

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 5, 2016 at 4:00 am


no body sees your comments full of agressive words as a crystal explanation. I am in the opposition and in the frontline of explaining you evil agenda to all non dinka and you the dinka. I am working for better future of this country. FEDERALISM is the goal. I have gone beyond, almost the people I talk to hates you and this motivates me doing my work.

you can even see in the comments from different people, it is only you poor tolio, poor amen and poor beek who are still living in lies


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