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BREAKING NEWS: Fashoda State Governor, Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony, Forms New Government

August 1, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– A recently appointed governor of the Fashoda Federal State, Lt. General. Johnson Olony Thubo Dak, has formed his new government.

Lt. Gen. Jonhson Olony, the new governor of Fashoda state, during an inauguration ceremony in Fashoda(Photo: file)
Lt. Gen. Jonhson Olony, the new governor of Fashoda state, during an inauguration ceremony in Fashoda(Photo: file)

Lt. Gen. Olony, who doubles as Sector 1 overall commander, appoints Hon. Maj. Gen. Johnson Omar Yor as his deputy governor and Hon. Peter Tipo as the Secretary General of the Fashoda state.

Hon. Olony has appointed five advisers to oversee finance, service delivery, economics, political and regional affairs. He has also appointed an elder as adviser for Traditional and Cultural Heritage for the people of Fashoda state.

The five advisers are as follow:

  1. Hon. Kwofer Edward Amum – Political Affairs
  2. Hon. Salah Ajak – Regional Affairs
  3. Hon. Johnson Omot Pawang – Economics Affairs
  4. Hon. Adwok Arop Ajak – Service Delivery
  5. Hon. Agustino Obeny – Traditional and Cultural Heritage

The military governor and Sector One Commander has also appointed eight ministers to oversee eight secretariats which include finance, mobilization, education, information, service delivery, health, agriculture, physical infrastructure and gender as follow:

  1. Hon. John Pagan Lual –  Mobilization
  2. Hon. Morris Samuel Oraj – Information
  3. Hon. Maj. Gen. Nyidhok Ochol Nyidhok – Education
  4. Hon. Maj. Gen. Taban James – Finance
  5.  Hon. Maj. Gen. Bupuch Kur Papit – Healthy
  6. Hon. Abdarahim El-Noor Ismail – Agriculture
  7. Hon. Daniel Chugo Obul – Physical Infrastructure
  8. Hon. Victoria Arop – Gender

Lt. Gen. Olony further appointed five major and brigadier generals as counties commissioners as follow:

  1. Maj. Gen. Pasqual John Nyikwac – Panyikang County
  2. Maj. Gen. Stephen Aban Kwathi – Makal County
  3. Brig. Gen. Peter Awon Odhong  – Manyo County
  4. Brig. Gen. James Odhok Oyay – Pigi County
  5. Brig. Gen. Peter Juotho Yor – Fashoda County

According to general Olony, these appointment came into effect on the date of his signature dating to July 31st 2017 AD.

Olony is one of the five recently appointed military governors alongside Brig. Gen. Tor Tungwar Kweiguong, military governor of Liech Federal State, Brig. Gen. Koang Rambang, Military Governor of Bieh Federal State, Brig. Gen. Nhial Nyal Ding, the military governor of Adar Federal State, and Hon. Salah Mamogi Mamengi Koni of Raja Sate.

The five federals states are among the strongholds for the SPLM/A in Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Dr. Machar divided South Sudan into 21 federal states in 2014 which was later adopted by President Salva Kiir who divided the country into 28, then 33 and now 36 states.

Both Machar and Kiir have appointed governors to their respective states, however, some of the appointed governors could not establish governments or travel in their respective states if it is controlled by the other warring faction.

Fighting for control of administrative areas in South Sudan is currently one of the major factors fueling the war.

Since the conflict broke out in December 2013, President Salva Kiir has invested heavily in military solution including purchasing of weapons, drones and hiring of mercenaries with hope to crush rebellion; however, the armed Opposition, SPLM/A which is loyal to Dr. Riek Machar has maintained significant control of territories and borders.

Both Olony and Gen. Koang Rambang pledged to regain full control of their territories within 90 days and to protect civilians in their states.

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